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    ...cuz bitch ass Mikel can’t take a joke. and it’s not letting me create another account. anybody know how I can do that?
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    for nudes I can teach you my ways i was banned for the second time this year Those mods are so bitter
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    To join Justin.. which should have happened but she was being a recluse
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    Yep she sure did! I believe they asked her to perform and Janet turned Justin down. She wasn't about to let them use her. This shit just makes me love Janet even more. She's been through so much and she still comes out smelling like roses.
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    I dont think you can, I guess my question to you is how important to you is it? I have an account but I am never there ...it's always Mikel he has issues, not that we all dont, but some of us get help ?
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    I, Tituba ....did not need any confirmation on a white man making it his business to destroy a powerful woman of color...I am proof of that. Fuck him and his descendants.
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    Fuck Mikel! What did you say? I'll help you whoop his ass in person if need be. It's on sight when I see his ass again anyway.