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    I wonder, only because I think Janet looks back on the SB as a moment she would rather forget than reminisce on. This is not to say I wouldn't be game for a solo full half time show from Janet but I just don't see it
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    Moonves is OUT at CBS, effective within the next 24hrs...and we’re just shy of a couple weeks before the NFL typically announces who the Superbowl Halftime performer(s) will be.... STAY. WOKE. ?
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    There’s no reason why Feedback shouldn’t have been a billboard hot 100 hit
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    He posted an IG from DJ Aktiv that showed his passport and at first he hashtagged JanetJackson and then Aktiv edited his caption and removed the JJ hashtag and so Mikel posted and alerted folks that the caption had been edited and for everyone to not read much into the post now and then I commented something sarcastic like “thanks for the accurate info Mikel! ?? Always posting everything we need to know haha” and then he DMed me and asked if I had anything I needed to say to him and then I messaged him back (sarcastically, again) something like “yes thank you! Ugh it’s just this new common core math homework my daughter is bringing home every night...got any tips?!” And then an hour later I was banned.. he’s a dummy
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    To join Justin.. which should have happened but she was being a recluse
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    Yep she sure did! I believe they asked her to perform and Janet turned Justin down. She wasn't about to let them use her. This shit just makes me love Janet even more. She's been through so much and she still comes out smelling like roses.
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    What really grinds my gears is fans now have a name to place the blame on (like Gil, JD, etc) and not Janet This douche may have blocked Janet’s career but what blocked her creativity?
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