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    That's because there's no analysis. We can talk about the success of the album eternally, but that doesn't necessarily validate its importance. These videos really need to actually discuss the album as a body of work, and what it did for music and culture. These videos are just too overly reliant on stats and commentary from others on the album. I just really need the fabricating to stop. Because you never know who is fact checking.
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    The part about RN1814 selling 2 million. It didn't. It sold 1.8 million in 4 weeks. https://www.nytimes.com/1989/10/25/arts/the-pop-life-039889.html This is a receipt I found during my research years ago. This also tells me that whole sector of the fan base still pedals through the old threads I did, which I honestly don't mind because that's what they're there for and why I try to keep them updated when I find new stuff. Also, that the Tokyo Dome show had 55k ppl. It didn't. The press release from 2008 says 48,000. http://www.emol.org/music/artists/jacksonjanet/2008witchuconcerttour.html At most, 50k as reported by LA Times that was written at the time of the tour http://articles.latimes.com/1990-05-18/entertainment/ca-489_1_janet-jackson I just don't understand the need to fabricate when you have the receipts to support your claims. Also, Lamont, after all these years, still feels the need to point out where Janet bested Madonna in something. Instead of mentioning other artists, he could've spend that time focusing on how Janet's success was significant, and what the era meant for the progression of popular music. But let's point out that Janet bested a Madonna chart achievement on a niche chart. ? The video also could've benefited from better organization. It should've started with the back story of the album, the success, and then the lasting impact coupled with the discussion of significance. From there, viewers wouldhave a better understanding of, and could trace, how the pop music landscape began to change because of that album. But with RRHOF noms next month, this video is right on time.


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