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    That person doesn’t care about facts. They had a point they wanted to prove.
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    I knew that would strike a nerve. Your current frequencies of understanding outweigh that which has been given for you to understand. I don't participate in racism. I don't participate in the black community. I hate all people collectively and equally.
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    Janet was speaking in the perspective of being black and being a woman. Before her performance, she took a pic with Janelle Monae and used the hashtag blackgirlmagic....I mean HELLO...but the HOTEPs always want you to be extra and slap whitey on stage to prove you down... Chile bye!
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    Very interesting statement. Before you get attacked I want to engage this. Personally, while I think Janet has literally made a footprint for all the current “hot topic” issues currently - in the most recent years, she has not directly been as vocal out her own mouth for things like Black Lives Matter. In her interviews she makes black culture a priority & speaks from a genuine space on its defense, respect & recognition...but right now, and maybe even more so based on where her personal life is - women rights AND black women at that is a personal position for her. I get it might feel a little more comforting to Black women who feel even MORE marginalized to hear Janet echo - women & add the specification black women to her stance. I can get that.
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    Black Lives Matter is sooooo 2013 boo. MeToo is the new wave... Janet did and said what was needed to get her trending and promote that tired ass single and you will DEAL. I kid...I like Made For Now
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    I've heard that people have seen it already and it was really bad so they pushed it back to make some revisions. Judging by this trailer, I'm still not sold. I just hope when Kevin gets his greedy hands on the property ...Storm gets the respect she deserves. They do my girl dirty. Did they really have my girl under an umbrella when she controls the weather.... Chile
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    It was a nice thought though. Looks like it's Maroon 5
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    she has way too much money to be looking like a trailer park mom from Wisconsin
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    @ “grassroots” Cute that you think these videos matter weird how other fan bases don’t have to release propaganda videos for their winners/nominees. A video with 2.5k views at you bringing up the Super Bowl as if Janet doesn’t trend every year. What does trending on twitter have to do with anything. And What did that day even bring? NOTHING. Nothing for Justin.. nothing for the NFL.. and most importantly, Nothing for Janet I hope Janet gets in because she deserves it and not because you think these “grassroot” efforts actually work. Please sit down.
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    Sources would suffice. Even if they added it in the info under the video. The accuracy isn’t a huge concern to me especially since they weren’t over-exaggerated
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    That’s not the same as a YouTube video that is not going viral There’s also no proof that Mike’s letter was the determining factor but I can see how you would make that assertion
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