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    This is the last cd I ever purchased. I remember also buying it off of iTunes and being nervous about listening to it because it had been so long and I was worried about my expectations. I was on a flight to Boston for a vacation (which is ironic considering that’s where I was when I heard Discipline for the first time), and I decided to listen to it. Once I listened to “Night,” it was over. I met up with a fellow JanFam member/former JJ.com forumer and we got to gush about the album. A few weeks later I got to see her live. It was a really good time in my life. I played the album a few times today to celebrate. Happy Birthday!
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    Doesn’t change who I am, doesn’t change who I love... ?
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    UB DB NS Night 2 B Loved Lessons Learned I don't even really listen to this often. Black Eagle ? TMA are probably the only ones I wouldn’t skip immediately skip on shuffle
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    I might even be able to 30 tracks that are better than what's on UB. AFY is just a little disjointed as an album. UB works better as an album, but it's individual parts are not that strong. The only real standouts on UB are BE, DB, and Night.
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    Of all songs you choose UB against Truth? What are you, mad?
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    there was nothing, no way, and then came one now I have money and gas last night I didnt have either but I did have MFN on blast so Janet can pull me thru
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    I've came into some money today..and it's all because of Her. Since I couldn't be there for Global Citizens(and she knew I wanted to go), She has blessed me in my birthday month.
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    Black Eagle remains SUPERIOR. Human rights be damned.
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    UB is the better album, but AFY has stronger individual tracks, if that makes sense. There's nothing on UB seeing Truth lyrically, aside from maybe BE. TAT, COGU, and YAR are some of the best tracks Janet has ever recorded. There's nothing on UB I would put in Janet's top 20.
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    Stop it lol. You know I love you.
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    They put "Carmen a Hip-hopera" over Poetic Justice.......over Poetic Justice......in what universe, and it's not even a Beyonce dig, it's a "That was a mess & nobody talks/thinks about that mess" dig. Janet deserved top 3, she's a better actress than Whitney but The Bodyguard is brilliant in that it's selling you Whitney's best asset her voice, and her appearance throughout the whole movie, so based on that I can see why it's 2nd, but um Poetic Justice was legitimately a good movie, and though Janet's performance I don't think owned the movie (she shared best performance with Pac & Regina easily, if anyone says they think either of them did better than Janet I always get it), but the movie is legitmately a better & more iconic movie than most of the rankings on the list period. Diana's #1 is as deserved as that Oscar nomination tho
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    I've worn this mother out! I wore my first copy out and then bought one for the house and another for the car. This is the album that shattered my Janet album rankings and things have never been the same again ? Sept 15 2015 I got to see her for the first time and it was one of the best nights of my life ? I'm still waiting on my postponed London date ?
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    The HELL it is!!! ?? “Unbreabkable” has strong vocals throughout while “AFY” finds Janet briefly heading into her infamous “whisper” territory at certain parts of the album! “Love Scene” and especially “Would You Mind” are lackluster lyrically and especially vocally! ??
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    Unbreakable is the better album. It’s vocally better, lyrically stronger, and she covered much more ground lyrically and sonically. That album genre-hopped while still being cohesive. Something janet. tried to achieve.
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    Who cares best selling album globally >> best selling album in America They could have saved this "info" . Next
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    I don't know why I haven't posted on this yet, but I'm a huge Janet fan and I joined this site in March of this year after looking through the whole place for about a week. I love reading, writing, video games, Popeye's and just about anything that's fun. I was born and raised in Canada; my parents' background is Ghanaian. I'm thinking of majoring in political science in Uni and minoring in writing/literature courses. Then I'll probably apply to law school.
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    UR ALL MANIACS!!!! ???????? I’m officially done with this thread!!!
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    Add Well Traveled and yup subtract LL bc that’s another meh ballad


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