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    When A4U is strong its REALLY strong... When We Ooh, China Love, Trust A Try, Better Days. But UB just works better as an album for me.
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    Doesn’t change who I am, doesn’t change who I love... ?
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    Chille them early reaches peoples was makin bout UB make me Kii everytime Yea I could see Love Scene being a PERFECT fade into WYM....in fact more so than the dialogue open to WYM,
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    It was still a very good album, her best reviews, and it was cohesive, I love it and Im hoping she gives us more focused music efforts like UB
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    Truth is actually engaging throughout. AYF is the long, drawn out, repetitive, boring one that should have been 45 seconds shorter.
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    Love Scene & Broken Hearts Heal both would've done better as 2min interludes, I swear it's a rare occasion when I get to the end of both, and I really like both, but both totally forgettable in the tracklistings of both albums.
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    there was nothing, no way, and then came one now I have money and gas last night I didnt have either but I did have MFN on blast so Janet can pull me thru
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    I've came into some money today..and it's all because of Her. Since I couldn't be there for Global Citizens(and she knew I wanted to go), She has blessed me in my birthday month.
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    Literally every Mariah Carey video of the 2000s
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    "And Vibeology called the name of that place Janhovajireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen." Janhova Jireh, a provider.
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    I’m not sure why they locked Bill Cosby up when you could be getting fingered like so many other mysteries we will never know


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