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    KAKXHRIDUSBJ Mutha fucker... I quit last Friday and let me tell you!!!!! My attitude is not the business
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    Kii hoe I’m in my second week of not smoking ? I quit and as I tell myself Rome wasn’t built in a day so exercise is down the road
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    Wow so none of you fat fucks run typical
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    They mean quite a bit when folks try to diminish an artist’s impact in the industry.
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    I've always wanted Janet to collaborate with Stevie Nicks. That would be such a treat to say you have a song with Joni, Carly and Stevie ...the girls wouldn't be able to deal.
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    I really hope that Janet gets in this year NOT for her sake but for her fans. Y'all care way to much about this shit.
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    But What are all those fans gonna do who made dem videos and screen names Watch em take credit for it ? No my first name ain’t baby... it’s Game... KING GAME IF YA NAWSTIE
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    You’re literally not someone who has any reputable opinion on RnB & to some degree music at all. Your opinion is usually catty and uninformed. Jimmy & Terry’s contributions are not significant enough to the point where they’re seen as lead producers. Period. Lastly HER just performed to a crowd of 10k people. RnB is very alive and well. You’re very detached and live in a bubble. Nonetheless, an ep makes complete sense for her strategy it doesn’t make sense for you because you can’t grasp how it works.


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