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    Family and money mix together like illegal substances and 80 pop stars*^ Thats a better example than ammonia & bleach Prince fucked up. Don’t blame his family for making that money ? He shoulda had a will or get help for his substance abuse ??‍♂️ Since he didn’t. Enjoy his music on commercials and movies $$$$
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    So we gone talk about it and not give links or anything for the ppl who werent aware... Like tf ?! ?
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    A better way of putting it.. each layer of a song separated from each other. Producers usually share them with each other for making official remixes. Example... Stem 1 - Lead vocal Stem 2 - Background vocal Stem 3 - Bass line instrumental only Stem 4 - Piano instrumental only Stem 5 - Violin instrumental only Individually they are only one sound, but layered on top of each other they make the complete song. Of course when you have the stems you can rearrange all the elements and create a total different record. No one does that anymore though. This generation just adds a rap verse and call its a remix ?
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    He should have thought of that before taking opioids ??‍♂️


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