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    The days of older acts having hits like Cher did w/ "Do You Believe" (1999) and Aretha Franklin did w/ "A Rose Is Still A Rose" (1998) are gone. Streaming done kill't dat chance for da elder. A new age, day and time. Yall expect too much when the odds are (clearly) already set in stone. Janet's in her 50s..there wont be anymore "hits".. Stop being hopeful and foolish ppl.
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    You mean the iconic track from Unbreakable?
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    I dream about Janet quite frequently. Since she postponed the European leg of Unbreakable I dream about seeing her at least once a month. Not kidding. Best dreams were when the lights went out at the venue and the crowd starting SCREAMING like crazy (the moment the show starts). That's always the moment I wake up... Lol.
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    Jan is definitely doing an album. I think. Nothing's gonna be released this year. Early 2019 it is!
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    Weren't those final dates in September/October just part of SOTW2? I mean, it were just a few more shows. Europe will be SOTW3.
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    I miss Mariah’s corny album titles. No “Fairytale”? “Pixie Dust”? “Sprinkle”? ☹️?


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