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    Her international tour needs to be All small venues for it to work in Europe
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    Logically that should follow. But we can't rely on Janet and her team to make sound decisions.
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    http://www.mtvema.com/live https://fansided.com/2018/11/04/2018-mtv-emas-live-stream-watch-online/
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    I figured it out.. Mtvema.com/live good lookin out tho! ??
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    What she needs is promotion. And performing at the EMAs is literally the smartest thing for her to do. Millions of people are watching. There wasn't big promotion like this with the Number Ones Tour or Unbreakable Tour. Jan could sell out bigger venues with this kind of promotion.
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    But that’s not what was said. She said she gets goosebumps thinking about We Belong Together it’s success because it came at a pivotal moment in her career. She did not say she gets goosebumps attempting to recreate it. Don’t listen to Game when he talks about artists that aren’t Janet, Justin or Pink. So your comment was still wrong. Research then comment. Thanks x
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    European dates are being released right after I've been hearing. Probably Monday/Tuesday. It's the only logical thing as well. EMAs reach hundreds of millions of viewers and Europe is watching. ?
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    The days of older acts having hits like Cher did w/ "Do You Believe" (1999) and Aretha Franklin did w/ "A Rose Is Still A Rose" (1998) are gone. Streaming done kill't dat chance for da elder. A new age, day and time. Yall expect too much when the odds are (clearly) already set in stone. Janet's in her 50s..there wont be anymore "hits".. Stop being hopeful and foolish ppl.
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    Both of y'all gon quit playing in Janet's face Oh it's gonna happen! Janet knows she fucked up abandoning her international fans for what, almost 8yrs now? I know her and her team ain't that stupid. Plus she's older so i'm sure she see's that her and Madonna are pretty much the only older acts that can still sell out arenas and stadiums.


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