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    I just needed her to say while opening... 'Life! strange!...one day your adored, the next day scorned...i know a place that lifts the fog and made for now' Come on reference.
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    Amazing performance. I never seen her perform barefoot. That opening and the production value was on poinT. Her understanding of using the whole stage is unmatched. I love how unique Janet's fashion is..she doesn't conform and she wears what she wants...a big problem to some of her fanbase(when in reality it's just clothes). Anyway, the AFY part was off. Janet didn't realize she had background dancers and proceeded to make them look like amateurs. She continues to fuck that breakdown up. I'm shocked she's still pushing MFN.. Haven't seen this much promo for a single since forever. I'm happy to still be amazed at Janet..such a gift to be riding for her going on 30+ years now.
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    Oh she made sure that shit came off. She bucked hard af.
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    I think Janet can do Japan. Out of all the markets outside of the US that was always one of her strongest and she clearly loved them which is why they always had the best unreleased/additional tracks on her albums.
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    It has alot of replay value. I've watched 20 times already
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    Everything was dope. Many different style of choreography. The outfits were lit. That intro was fire. It was a bit surreal to watch Janet in the cell phone era with their phones up. The production had good value, like a mini superbowl.
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    I work at a lot of concert venues in London and have been genuinely thinking which would be the best venue? Somewhere where the stage is big enough for the full SOTW visual and not so big that it doesn't sell well. Loved the performance and definitely to be watched a few more times
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    She’s not pregnant ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ Jesus
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    I definitely felt the "production" vibes, it does seem like you have to watch it more than once to feel its full impact
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    I thought it was great! I loved the island influences in the performance. I also think someone is getting their ass beat for AFY part with a headset because it wasn’t clean. One of my favorite things about Janet and her performances is that she and her dancers move like a unit more so than any other artist: clean lines, in sync, etc. But overall I really liked it.
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    I havent posted in mutha fuckin ages so hiiiiiiiiieeeeee. Awesome performance last night. She really killed it. Gave me the feels i used to get watching her as a kid. I did not like her outfit at all but her set was so on fire it really doesnt matter.
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    you know what, I watched that part of the AFY breakdown and read the comments here, and I swear to me it looked like she was moving at her pace and they were all on point at a different pace, so what you're saying sounds like a more plausible explanation than her dancers being "off beat"
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    I liked the intro a lot. Really liked the production & drums & all. Wish she chose a different outfit...but hey. I love she’s out performing and killing it.
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    okay after watching it yet again the opener snatches YASSSS!!
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    Every thing about this performance was amazing. These youngins better take notes
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    bitch as fucking hilarious as you are, how the hell am I supposed to forget
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    how much of the routine have you decided to incorporate into your next sexual encounter? As I recall one time you decided to do Trust a Try things didnt pan out so well ..heres a helpful hint keep the fabric intro when you enter your bedroom
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    I think I would normally pan the outfit, but in this case Im going to give her a thumbs up its cute sis, it's definitely something I can see Janet picking out
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    I was waiting for the fabric to not release
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    Fair, but maybe I should rephrase. She had to build up her touring brand & trust, in general. Just show that she will and does commit to days and pulling it off. Everything will be interesting to see.
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    It’s good promo but it definitely shouldn’t be her only promo for the tour. She’d really benefit from going traditional. Do a few local interviews etc like she did in America. It’s the perfect season too because it’s talk show season. Go on Graham Norton, or Jonathon Ross etc. She sold decent for Unbreakable without anything. With that little extra push she could do so respectably well.
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    It’s no disrespect to Janet literally none, but Janet didn’t just “abandon” her international fans. She had to build herself back up amongst the international base - especially to do a large scale arena tour. Now we might see, & MAYBE could have always, seen her do “hot spots”. A couple dates in London, do MAYBE Paris. Hit Japan if she can. Janet would love to have the international dollar as much as the American dollar but I don’t believe the sales were really there.
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    I agree re. Prince...I meant more to Janet. I don't recall Janet being vocal about such matters
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    She look pregnant but could be my eyes lol ... finally a production !
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    nobody really cared for her outfit but I think it was a more afrocentric vibe so that's why she wore it. I did hate those harem pants. She needs to stop that shit but anyway she was amazing. How does everyone at Janet.club feel about it?


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