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    Amazing performance. I never seen her perform barefoot. That opening and the production value was on poinT. Her understanding of using the whole stage is unmatched. I love how unique Janet's fashion is..she doesn't conform and she wears what she wants...a big problem to some of her fanbase(when in reality it's just clothes). Anyway, the AFY part was off. Janet didn't realize she had background dancers and proceeded to make them look like amateurs. She continues to fuck that breakdown up. I'm shocked she's still pushing MFN.. Haven't seen this much promo for a single since forever. I'm happy to still be amazed at Janet..such a gift to be riding for her going on 30+ years now.
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    What? ? that tribe doing laps around her private plane
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    ^^ i like watching the bare feet moving and the fabric and her arm movements.............serve us !
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    The girl who got in her feelings when Blu Ivy stopped her parents from clapping for her. Chile Something about her I don't like and I don't see it for her. Speaking of not seeing it...Janet just posted clips of her performance to IG and that ALL 4 You breakdown is absent
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    I havent posted in mutha fuckin ages so hiiiiiiiiieeeeee. Awesome performance last night. She really killed it. Gave me the feels i used to get watching her as a kid. I did not like her outfit at all but her set was so on fire it really doesnt matter.
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    you know what, I watched that part of the AFY breakdown and read the comments here, and I swear to me it looked like she was moving at her pace and they were all on point at a different pace, so what you're saying sounds like a more plausible explanation than her dancers being "off beat"
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    Took me a few different views but it's a very solid performance. Absolutely loved the production value, the theme and how it really didn't just sit on her past work and they used it as a platform for MFN. Only 2 gripes is the BDSM outfits that keeps popping up in a lot of her performances for awhile now and I think Fallon performance captures the essence of the song better and would have translated to a full stage and set 100x better... But loved the performance. Glad to see she is still bringing it!
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    But that’s not what was said. She said she gets goosebumps thinking about We Belong Together it’s success because it came at a pivotal moment in her career. She did not say she gets goosebumps attempting to recreate it. Don’t listen to Game when he talks about artists that aren’t Janet, Justin or Pink. So your comment was still wrong. Research then comment. Thanks x
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    that's exactly what I figured was going on. I know she looked at it later and didn't like it but the crowd loved it and she still slayed
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    I literally just started watching this show. All these years i've been hearing about it. Thank goodness for Netflix lol
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    The closest i've seen Janet was when I was about 5 rows back at a small venue but I was on the right side of the floor. We did sneak right up to the front and stood up and watched her for a little. The best view i've had was 9 rows back right in the middle at her show in Fresno where I met up with another Janfam member from the boards. Next show i'm definitely getting front row. get mtv lol. JK but you might be able to get a live stream from twitter if they broadcast it there. Other than that you may have to subscribe to a streaming service or do a 30 day free trial. I'm gonna miss it cause i'll be at work but i'm sure i'll see it online somewhere. Even youtube
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    I love that her and Nicki will be sitting right next to each other!!! lol
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    I just saw Austin aka Mr. Wonder just tweet Janet's backup dancers were off during the AFY breakdown smh
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    i'm disgusted! lol She gonna look at that when she get home and she gonna get on their asses like she did the 20 Y.O. dancers
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    I was shook when she snapped her head forward and that cape flew off!!!
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    She wasn’t wearing pants and she’s not and shouldn’t going to take fashion Advice from someone who don’t know what louboutins are
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    I’m lost. Why you say “what the hell”
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    Ok so as i'm watching the performance for the 10th time i'm just now noticing it seems like Janet is singing in another language. Instead of singing "Made for now, not tomorrow" she's singing something else instead of the "not tomorrow" part.


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