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    I was there opening night and it was legit an amazing feeling to be in the venue with every and having every song, every outfit, every special effect be an absolute surprise—completely unknown—and when she pulled out the Jacksons dance moves I lost my mind... she’s in this stage of her life where she’s doing what’s comfortable with doing and living her life the best way she knows how.... she knows she’s a walking corporation and her choosing to do this show, or any show for that matter, is her willingly choosing to provide dozens and dozens of people jobs that provide each of them the opportunity to say that they were able to truly live their dreams.. the show is amazing, the crew is amazing...and she is amazing! looking forward to her SF date in September when I’ll be there with my 10yo daughter and my best friend for the last 15yrs (who I just convinced to go!)
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    https://www.queerty.com/20-albums-essential-shaping-lgbtq-culture-20190610 The Velvet Rope The icon’s sixth studio album was so explicit in its exploration of queer themes that it was banned in Singapore. On “Free Xone,” she sings of gay and lesbian couples who are “free to be who you really are” and her mega-hit “Together Again” recalls a friend who died of complications related to AIDS. Some tracks even had listeners questioning Jackson’s sexuality: on “Speakerphone,” she has phone sex with a lady friend and her take on Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night,” in which she doesn’t change the song subject’s gender, suggests losing her virginity to another woman. She shrugged off the rumors, stating, “Am I curious? I think every girl has wondered, more so than a guy. A girl can go there. But I never have.”
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    I really take these net worth estimates with a pinch of salt, the only people who truly know a persons monetary worth are themselves and their accountants.
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    you ever have one of those moments when you think to yourself, "ohhhhh this is gonna take up a lot of my time" If AFY (video mix) TAT FHTF TPP WHYDFML Spending Time With You ANDS Feedback The Knowledge TTWLG What About 12 aint enough hell I went from album to album and it's more than 12 that I would call essential songs I love I didnt even get to "Unbreakable"
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    It's about PERSONAL favorites. 💁🏻‍♂️


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