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    Sometimes I wonder if Janet actually looks over these photos before they're released
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    I just don’t get it. That’s the thing...there’s such a better way to tie in a metamorphosis. This was just odd to me. I feel like the Icon performance with the multiple outfits from her past was more of a showing of her journey. Some themes from SOTW visual. These weren’t her most flattering looks. They could have repurposed images from the past never before seen & blend them together to make one photo of her today. She could have done a much more youthful vibe & had her photos from the past like a timeline on a wall & her in front of them. Used Eissa’s handprint & a love note written to him from her next to the hand print or just his hand. This feels random & disjointed & unflattering. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to be the case of the RN show in SF.
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    It wasn't. It was released in December, peaked at radio in January, and peaked in sales in February.
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    So what exactly was the theme here.....?
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    That shit legit pissed me off tho I love Janet too but stop lying. Damn!
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    That is what irritates me more than anything...Janet looks sooooo much better without all that makeup. It takes away from her beauty. I can't with her fans gagging over that plaid coat pic on Instagram, I reported all of their pages for slander.
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    I don't mind any of them but the 3rd one makes her face look weird. I think it's all in the lighting. When the light hits in certain areas it shows her rhinoplasty in a bad way. I think we're all seeing that but we know she's beautiful in full on lighting where it shows all of her face and not just some highlighted areas.
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    And it’s not even the styling. These are all just very unflattering to her face.
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    Is “yuck” one of the show’s themes?
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    Preston is back on notice for that makeup with that red plaid coat and bad wig. What was he thinking?!!! She does not need all of that makeup! I like all of the other shots though. The one where she is sitting down with the African print dress is ca-ute!
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    Love queen but These ain’t really cute


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