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    I don't think this post was aimed at me but for me personally, my point is that every country in the world goes against what she stands for. Right now America, especially, is anti-woman, anti-black, anti-immigrant and you get the point lol. Yet she continues to tour there ignoring a whole other continent (that is just as bad when it comes to anti-immigration). Her most "neutral" place so far has probably been that cruise ship .
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    I made an unboxing video of the Metamorphosis coffee table book! Did you guys buy the book and what are your thoughts? 😀
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    This. No country is free from corruption. People need to either be consistent in their anger or shut up and enjoy the music.
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    So I went on a date today with someone that attended and he said he saw my Instagram post of my Janet vinyl and started showing me his Glastonbury videos. He was in the second row. After what he said, I think i’ll Ease up on her 1) sound was definitely the main issue. Not her fault. No artist sound checks at Glastonbury and they literally have engineers fiddling and tweaking as the artist is performing but they struggled to get it right 2) she was late on stage because they couldn’t get her soundboard fixed at the beginning but she apparently got tired of waiting and just went on 3) due to the bad sound the audience wasn’t really feeling it. They could not hear her because Peter gave too much bass and was drowning her out. 4) due to 3 it seemed like she was miming everything but she was actually live for a lot for it, go figure 5) despite the crowds lack of enthusiasm during, when her van drove off they all shouted “we love you Janet” etc (this was as she left the main stage and drove off to Stonehenge) 6) with all of the above people actually felt sorry for her and were praising her. They clearly knew it wasn't her fault. It was the same with Lauryn Hill (who swore at the sound guys whilst performing) Sigrid, and Years & Years. The set list still largely sucked though.
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    We have concentration camps in our country soooooooo Janet should cancel her Vegas and September gigs because shitty fans are butt hurt is the logic I’m following Hate crime is on the rise, we have a racist AND alleged rapist as president The Great Depression need to medicate... and FAST
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    I don’t know what y’all talking about but I think we can all agree that men are trash. Straight or gay
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    Shes performed in America for years. By the senile and flawed logic some of the oldies are displaying in here she shouldn’t perform in her birth country either since they want her to not perform in problematic countries
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    Just to make sure there was crotch grabbing??? 🤪👍
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    Judging by those outfits, she pocketed the wardrobe budget.
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    it's kinda like having all her tour books into one really nice package a coffee table book which I'm feeling so thanks for showing that because it makes me want it. Ive got so many items from over the years, and I'm kinda tired of keeping them, I've got tour books , magazine, Miss Janet Fanclub items, I kinda want to just consolidate my admiration into a coffee book
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    I would love to have it 😍 thankyou for sharing
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    Idk why this just cracked me the fuck up! 😂🤣😂 Again this was just an unnecessary drama filled move for Janet and she didn’t need to do the performance. BUT I have to give it to MANY of the people who argue that the USA is literally guilty of these same crimes & no one protests as strongly. Literally just 2 days ago Eric Garner’s murder was ruled innocent of any charges against him. We have concentration camps for people who are fleeing for a better life. We have the poisoning of many people of color and low income individuals in Flint Michigan with their 4 year water crisis, and their elected official was fully in the know and OKAY with it. We have families being broken up and children separated from their parents we have soooo many egregious acts happening in this very country & she has a whole residency here. So it’s a bit hypocritical. The media/America has a great way of throwing the rock & shifting focus on who the villains of the world are when they’re truly a devil. Thats the truth.
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    All this arguing, while she's probably there in rehearsals right now.
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    Nothing is impossible but that is HIGHLY unlikely because in some of those types of countries there’s laws against speaking out. It could result in the arrest & even violence against her team if they all were collectively arrested. While many may disagree there’s something Americans have to understand - when you enter a country you are a guest there, it is not your right to impose yourself or your practices on them. If you disagree strongly with their practices you have the right to not go, but when you enter their customs you abide by their rules.
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    For me the issue at large isn’t the terrible politics of SA, it’s the fact that Janet seems to be taking gigs from places she recently spoke against when it comes to their ideology AND she just didn’t need this random ass gig. When she posted on Twitter about the airline making that statement about women & then the SOTW whole concept. When I say it reads as desperate it’s just not a performance she needed. I actually agree with the statement we have our own issues here & don’t have the moral high ground to judge any other country AT ALL & America is a travesty…that’s a very true statement
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    Gurl!! They BIG MAD Meanwhile in the United States, Trump’s kkklan just chanted “Send her back” during his racist group rally But go on telling us how Janet collecting royalty from the Middle East is an issue. Go on ignoring the children in cages and faking outrage... y’all still gonna listen to her. Y’all still going to support her and buy her shit... but go on
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    Honestly this performance reads as very desperate for Janet. I’ve had quite a few disappointments on the way she’s been allowing her regime to be ran and influenced by ppl who have no right being in those positions. That’s not a theory, that’s a fact. I actually feel for many of the fans who are holding to the shreds of hope their “freedom fighter” fave is going on a mission. This isn’t the case. I don’t condone anywhere mistreating women, but I also understand cultural context means different ideologies apply in different regions of the world. Janet didn’t need this check. Janet could have booked herself in many other places a few times over to make this money. If she speaks out it will be the most dangerous thing she’s done, being in their country & attacking their principles under such strict laws/regulations. I’m sure she will do her job and leave and never address it. America? Sorry had to, 911 was an inside job through and through.
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    Yeah, but lets be realistic here. Wissam is from Qatar which is basically right next door. You think Janet is that misinformed about Saudi Arabia? At the end of the day that is the heritage of her own son. She has every right to want to perform there, make change, and educate her child.
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    Holy damn Norman pickup on subtext my dude lol.. I’m actually agreeing with you.. obviously the SOTW intro montage had everything to do with Janet Jackson because of her history of philanthropy and humanitarianism, not to mention her RN1814 album and the themes she conveyed throughout that project....... which is why.... she shouldn’t be doing performances in Saudi Arabia! How don’t you understand that? When in reality I know that you DO understand that but you’ve already said why you’re ok with it—$$$. Sure, let fucking 50 Cent go and perform In Da Club and BTS can go and do whatever it is they do, but Janet “Rhythm Nation” Jackson?! That goes against her brand.....at BEST this is a stumble for her. It’s ok Norman to admit that. 🙄
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    I love the fact that y’all bitching over this but silence when she performed in Dubai... silence 🤷🏾‍♂️ What that gotta do with Janet Jackson?
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    Now they know GOT can only win for costumes, effects, cinematography....cause no ma am on the writing
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    But I’m also about that cuddle and talk life. If make a great husband
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    I don't play games. Holler at me x
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    I saw some clips and was not impressed. She's done better and she's in worse shape than she was during SOTW. Sad to see my fav fumble like that on such a major stage, but if she likes it I guess I'll (pretend to) love it!


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