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    With that first single? Absolutely not. And the quality overall just wasn't there - very phoned-in work. Now, I think when All Nite hit, the album would have definitely had a spike if the controversy had not existed- similar to when Together Again dropped from TVR. All Nite was just begging to be a big hit - literally everyone I know (non fans) that heard that song, loved it.
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    whoever wrote that to you claiming you dont see color, doesn't know you at all should we bump up the reintro thread ?
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    Oh I do see color...I believe I saw a BROWN boob with a SILVER plated sun nipple ring attached at the end of it. What was not present was the RED lace that was supposed to stay on...that white privelege is sneaky I tell ya
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    Also DJ isn’t trash 🙄. It’s a cute summery album with bops galore.
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    Thank God it was Justin's idea to go on stage and reveal an article of clothing. I'm still wondering how he talked Janet into that.
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    When all else fails...blame the Super Bowl or Gil or Jermaine Dupri. It's never the music or Janet
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    Uhm... How exactly was she on a decline? All For You gave her two (!) #1 hits and a #3 hit on the Hot 100 in her mid-30s! The success of All For You was probably why Damita Jo was predicted to be a success as well. Then the Viacom-boycott started (also in large parts of Europe!) and everything changed.
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    All for You could’ve easily outsold TVR had Janet not canceled her tour. That being said, it’s not hard to assume (with the super bowl + SNL + world tour + regular Janet style promotion from Virgin) that DJ would outsell AFY
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    Janet was on a decline to begin with. I would have never assumed, between 2002-2004.. pre-blacklist, that her next album was going to sell more copies than her previous and greatest album of the 2000s
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    I understand being somewhat caught up in the middle, because most of the apps gays are on are geared towards sex. Not everyone is looking for meaningless sex, but as men we have needs to fill too. Im a romantic very much so but you gotta see things as they are not as you want them to be. It's a lot of not so bueno shit going on in the gay communities. Its some good shit too, but these dudes the things I read, see and hear, its like fuck it Im gonna be single forever
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    But you'd think it would have yielded a stronger chart position *shrugs* Though the singles performed a little better abroad, it just didn't do enough to warrant Janet perhaps investing more into those market. Despite the backlash, the US was still DJ's most successful market.
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    How can something that wasn’t released be expected to sell x amount? Predictions mean nothing.
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    Madonna didnt regain momentum until Ray Of Light..she hadnt seen critical and commercial success like that in years. Ray Of Light for her was what Emancipation of Mimi was for Mariah.. A successful reboot
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    I've only had bareback 4 times in my whole life. Two times was with someone I loved. Another out of being wreckless. The 4th time I was drunk and he took advantage and slid the condom off me. I was so glad I was on prep the next morning. Could of been life changing. Smh
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    I'm often astonished at the effortlessness of your obtuseness. It's almost shocking. Game, how do you think epidemics arise? They have to start SOMEWHERE. That's what you're not understanding, or willfully ignoring for the sake of standing firm in your position, despite it having the strength of an octogenarian with muscular dystrophy. If you want to deal with facts, as you state, the product on website even states kidney failure is a KNOWN side effect. It causes 05.% in cases by your own admission, which means it happens. Your parallel argument of fast food is weak and didn't help your argument whatsoever. Side effects should be a concern for anyone taking a drug powerful enough to stop the spread of a three decade long medical crisis. We aren't talking about taking Tylenol PM here. Stop this tomfoolery sir.
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    Honestly, it’s hard to determine the possible successful trajectory of Damita Jo outside of the immense backlash she faced. All we know is that the album would have sold more and had greater hits if not for the campaign by the media to keep her music from playlists, radio, MTV, etc. Then again, “Confessions” was so freakin’ huge!!! It sold over a million its first week n it’s second week sales were still bigger than Janet’s first week sales of DJ. I honestly don’t think Damita Jo had a chance either way. 😳🤔 I could see the album selling maybe over 9 million worldwide and getting a hit or two but let’s be real, even All For You’s first week sales were over 600,000, her biggest first week sales ever!! Maybe Damita Jo could have sold close to 800,000 its first week at most but sales would have steadily declined in the US where as a Confessions was BIG throughout the year in sales! Who knows really??? 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️
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    Take a walk on the wild side Normy. Last night I got off to a vid of a guy pissing on another guy, licking up the piss off the floor and the guys feet and then sucking his dick. It was hotttt.
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    Because the singles from DJ are trash... JALW, IWY, AN(ds)... 🗑 The era you described didn’t have too many cooks and created the classic Janet sound... DJ went outside that scope and not in a good way
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    Do you mean felching? I had to google that, you is nasty.
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    No. No they’re not. They just can’t get HIV. No wonder black men are leading newly diagnosed HIV. They believe commercials over facts
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    It’s not about R Kelly the person, it’s about black society as a collective. Kelly is merely a proxy that will be used to railroad black men. If Kelly is guilty, he’ll pay the penance. All this jumping up and down negroes are doing is extra. Weinstein, Epstein etc. still walking amongst us though
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    this is exactly what needs to be seen and spoken on.....the fact we have negroes out here throwing R Kelly to the wolves real quick.....you didnt see white folks doing their people like that...anybody seen Matt Laurer? anywhere? Naw?


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