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    I find it amazing at how u criticize her artistic choices. She clearly isn’t and wasn’t pressed and didn’t need to come out swinging Bc no1 came close to taking her spot. If any of Janet’s top albums were released after the Super Bowl, they would’ve flopped. You cant get and hit songs on the radio if you are being blacklisted and vilified
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    Friends???!!! Who needs friends when you have followers...just make sure you like, comment and subscribe.
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    All I will say is I'm definitely over clubbing, tho that's more an age thing. Saying that I always have a check of the nightlife when abroad. Festivals/bars have potentially taken over. A lot of popup nights to or events where a venue like a warehouse is hired for the night. But people going to same place every week club wise in kinda dead
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    A few years ago Jagged Edge performed their hit "Promise" which is my favorite song from them and at the end they covered a bit of Queen Janet's "Come Back To Me"
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    I just watched two minutes and I didn’t hear CBTM


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