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    I wouldn't say it would have been the best selling album that year, but the incident that shall not be named put a halt to any kind of success she was seeing. I remember hearing JALW on the radio and then the dark cloud rained on anything DJ.. You have to give credit to Janet for still promoting the album, but it was too late. Rnb Junkie was the hit that got away. Slolove could have been big internationally. Oh well.
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    she would have gotten more hit singles under her belt point blank period.....album was all over the place though
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    All I'ma say is in season two, the episode called "Never Knew Love Like This Before", is EPIC. What an episode and my favorite of the SERIES so far(and they have several great episodes).
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    THANK YOU. Plus, Janet would have 2 diamond albums as well, but she needs to certify her albums. @Jay1230937
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    This was about overall IMPACT. Janet wins this one, hands down. There are people out here still sampling her songs, still doing her iconic dance routines, still using her performance platform. Don't get me started on her visuals. Younger artists like Normani and Teyana Taylor still name checking her as an influence. Whitney is impactful, but not as impactful as Janet(the whole spectrum of entertainment).
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    Djdnf I meant barbs but the autocorrect changed it to carbs 😂😂😂
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    Very out of the box indeed! Them kids is off the chain. I wasn't doing 1/4 of the sh*t they are doing. I have to watch this show when everyone is asleep.
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    I just discovered this show and I love it! Maddy and Kitty are my favorite characters. Nate has the most interesting storyline tho. I dislike him but feel sorry for him at the same time. His Daddy is good looking but also the reason why Nate is so fu*ked up. I'm mad the season is almost over. I need more!
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    Euphoria is kinda everything right now ❤️
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    They stay being hypocrites. I like ruthless June. That ho was marked for death the second she let loose she was the one that tattled. The Lydia backstory was very interesting finally seeing how someone could travel to the depths she is now. If that principal had just dicked her down real good she wouldn't have gone off the deep end maybe. I was so hoping she got shot in her face at the end I was ready to get all my life.
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    Bob Burgers newest episode: Gene asks his mom “Didn’t you want to be Janet Jackson when you grow up.. I know I do” (paraphrased)


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