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    Im not reading all that, corny hit songs isnt new now and wasn't then nor before, 'Baby Got Back" ring a bell? All that's really being said here is the standard and the bar Janet set for herself as evidenced by her previous work was far greater and higher than DJ delivered
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    Ya'll trashing Janet and other credible artists when the #1 song in 2007 was Girl Shake That Laffy Taffy 🙄 Let's not act like art and good writing was a priority in the wake of the digital generation. A lot of songs that have been hits since then have been out right corny, and are not deep in content at all. Pretty basic in comparison to anything on Damita Jo, 20YO, and Discipline actually. By 2010 Beyonce and Usher were dumming down their music to fit in with the young kids. "Surf board" and "Everybody wanna be like me" is what this generation likes so it doesn't matter how much Shakespeare Janet or anyone else adds to their music. Ratchet is in, poetry is out. The only "artists" getting credit are white singers mimicking black sounds. Yes what Janet put out in 2004-2008 was lackluster (For Janet standards). But in terms of what was put out in the overall music industry they slay. I remember Kelis put out a great album, of course it didn't chart but it was still a good album compared to hits on the radio.
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    some of ya’ll and your tragically poor tastes. Janet. has its issues but it’s thematically more about love, it’s also about her maturity into womanhood and exploring her sexuality for the first in full. Even Jimmy himself says “Damita Jo “was about virtually nothing and Janet had absolutely nothing to say when she started recording even asking Terry to write the songs this time. His lips, not mine! 😳👍👀🤦🏾‍♂️
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    you my dear are a LOT of things, but certainly not basic
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    Definitely not basic there’s better things to do than spend money at a shitty club
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    Yep. Announcement 2 hours from now. Its already Friday morning in Australia!
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    ^^^ all truth, I hated Janet being on a contract to push albums out that she didnt want to make or have anything to say when thematically that was her "niche" her albums came with a theme a purpose a statement from Control and independence, to the messed up world in RN, to feminine exploration and sexual liberation in Janet. the albums came with something to say
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    I just gave DJ (including the bonus and unreleased tracks) a listen, it’s better than janet. janet. was even more all over the place than DJ, and both had the same theme.... love DJ actually sounds like an evolved janet.
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    Wow!!! The first new album news in a while!!! Ty Dolla $ign is actually still relevant and VERY popular, not to mention worked on Caution with Mariah on “Caution”, with was one of the best songs on the album. I wonder if that Bruno collaboration happened as well as another artist “ possibly bigger than Rihanna”???! 😳😱🤔
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    Portugal. It's the IT destination for tourists in Europe so every single club is even more packed than usual I LOVE IT Just drink a few, get on the dance floor and get loose oh it's EVERYTHING and more. I'm about to stan Zendaya for that show alone
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    But the fact is that Damita Jo didn’t get the treatment it deserved. Had Janet not been blacklisted, toured, and outsold A4Y... you’d be singing a diff tune
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    I wouldn't say it would have been the best selling album that year, but the incident that shall not be named put a halt to any kind of success she was seeing. I remember hearing JALW on the radio and then the dark cloud rained on anything DJ.. You have to give credit to Janet for still promoting the album, but it was too late. Rnb Junkie was the hit that got away. Slolove could have been big internationally. Oh well.
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    This was about overall IMPACT. Janet wins this one, hands down. There are people out here still sampling her songs, still doing her iconic dance routines, still using her performance platform. Don't get me started on her visuals. Younger artists like Normani and Teyana Taylor still name checking her as an influence. Whitney is impactful, but not as impactful as Janet(the whole spectrum of entertainment).
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    Omg I feel like now I understand why people had to stay off the forum and Janet pages for a while. theGreatDepressed can be overwhelming
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    Janet has the most fickle, ungrateful, and all-over-the-place fan base. There are only a few people that make sense when it comes to Janet and her all encompassing career.
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    You’re mostly speaking for yourself with most of what you said Minus the influx of Wackos ten years ago, Janet stans are definitely the most diverse.. age range, race, sexuality... of the stans
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    Whitney has accumulated nearly 50 weeks on billboard 200 albums chart, Janet couldn’t. Whitney is the most awarded female artist of all time. Whitney is the only artist with 7 consecutive #1s Whitney is one of 3 black women to win Album of the year Grammy She’s the first female to be awarded Diamond certification. She has 2 diamond albums. Janet has none


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