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    I honestly don’t get how artists like Justin Timberlake, J. Lo, Kanye West, even P!nk got this award before Missy?!? She should have gotten it during her peak in 2001-2005!!! I swear MTV seriously forgot and she recently remembered like “oh yeah!!! Missy!!! Oops!” 😳😱👀🤦🏾‍♂️
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    Keep being antagonistic and you'll find yourself on the outside looking in. The act is getting tired. There are lots of songs /albums where I’ve disagreed with the general consensus of the fans, yet there’s no need to be disrespectful. Your act is tired.
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    It was packed. I was in the fourth row and she was AMAZING. I just got back from the meet and greet and I could hardly talk because I didn’t want to burst into tears lol. She was very complimentary of my hair.
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    ...if you have not seen Janet's Vegas Show you have FUCKED UP BIG TIME!!!!!! LET ME SAY. That fucking show snatched my fucking soul and anything left that I thought I still had in me. Youtube clips did that show no justice. EVERYTHING from the setlist to the arrangement to the segue ways to the mixes to the choreo to the sound to the fucking special effects to Janet attutude and fierceness.!!! The youtube clips made u think Janet was being kind of pulled back dancewise.....when i tell you SHE WAS NOT FUCKING PLAYING. That show was a gazillion times better than i was expecting. Sitting in that audience and juss the energy in the building from her to every single body in that room felt like a fuckin religion. It felt spiritual!!!!!!!!!!!! That PRODUCTION PRODUCTION PRODUCTION PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!! I can not tell you how long i have waited for production like that from her. It def had HIGH PRODUCTION value...i might be tempted to say the closest in production she has had to this show is the Rock Tour...but this shit??????? Im on a high i dont wanna come down from...i was in a trance. And juss when u thought she was winding down the show...it was juss hit after hit after hit after hit. The audience was goin INSANEEEEE!!!!! This show literally reminded me why i LOVE THIS WOMAN SO MUCH as a performer and an all around entertainer. This show needs to be seen by the masses. It was a complete show stopper. I SWEAR TO U. Aight im done had felt compelled to share my experience with yall...cus i know its always so many assumptions and this and that...but i was THERE and witness far beyond wtf i was expecting. PERIOD!!!!!!!! I cannot for the life of me understand how they put that show together in juss 5 wks. It looks like somethinf that would have took at least 6 MONTHS! This goes to show u how much of a complete BEAST she is. We are not worthy. We juss are not! The nay sayers and debbie downers can go cry under a rock somewhere or something..shit idk go kick a couple of em while u at it..cus u havent even seen the show to TRULY judge the experience of the dynamics of the show. This older black lady who was about 60 something years old kept yelling "one of the originals!!!!" I. Fucking. Loved. It.
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    This forum won’t be the same. He was a pain but he was my pain. I’ll miss him here. The end of an era.
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    "Iconic rapper Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott will be honored with the 2019 Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award at this year’s annual MTV Video Music Awards on August 26. The four-time Grammy winner will be the first female rapper with receive the award and the fourth rap artist to be honored, following LL Cool J (1997), the Beastie Boys (1998), and Kanye West (2015). Elliott’s music videos, which could feature anything from her sporting a voluminous, trash bag-esque ensemble to breakdancing children, are often held up as watershed moments in pop culture, hailed for their innovation when it came to concept, fashion and aesthetics. Legendary music video directors Hype Williams and Dave Meyers were frequent collaborators, but it was Elliott’s confident, funny and dynamic spirit, so evident to her fans, that were present in the visuals as much as her songs." "Elliott took to her Twitter following the announcement on Monday that she would be receiving the award, thanking her fans for their support throughout the years." It’s been an auspicious year for recognition for Elliott; this June, she made history when she became the first female rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Elliott’s performance at the 2019 VMAs will be her first since 2003. https://time.com/5650222/missy-elliott-video-vanguard-award-mtv-vmas-2019/ She deserves it!
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    we didn't see all the styling on her leg looks cute
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    She would have gagged putting her on the spot like that 😂😂😂😂😂
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    This is a good one. Visually, I prefer MFN but overall? RWU. Outstanding video and I prefer the song to MFN.
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    So, I won’t and do not want this to turn into a bash fest. I will say say that it’s been a decision that I wrestled with for some time as he wasn’t always breaking forum rules but was teetering on it. I had to take a step back as I read MANY threads (some reported and others at random) to see what kind of environment his behavior was creating. Some of it was how he behaved with other fans and others are the way he voices his displeasure with Janet, especially music that didn’t come from AFY. This is just a small instance of repeated behavior. He definitely is a huge fan of Janet’s, but, I also need to recognize that I’ve banned fans of hers before so I couldn’t keep letting that be a reason to keeping him around. I know this forum will never be as active as the main board used to be, and I’m fine with that. What I’m not fine with, is the continuation of a toxic environment because of a difference of opinion.
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    It’d be a ban that was almost 18 years in the making. Most of your assessments and opinions are illogical, half baked, nonsensical and add no value which is why you resort to the tactics you employ to unsuccessfully distract from you obscene lack of reasoning and critical thinking skills. It’s almost borderline abuse to have to keep subjecting forum members to you. It’s about time I recognized you as the court jester you are.
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    And I echo the sentiments on the production value. She really stepped it up with this residency.
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    Well, she's not obligated to. Right? Actually, I listened to 20 Y.O. a couple of times this week, and it's a fun album. It's a good album to dance to and overall, I think it's better than Discipline (but not better than Damita Jo).
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    U bitches must be bored cuz no way should this topic be over 3 pages, especially as its been done to death in different forms.


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