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    Have you all noticed the promotion for this RN celebration is some of the BEST PROMO ive seen from Janets camp in yearsssssss. This RN anniversary concert is plastered on buses and subways n shit ....im like...oh so her team is SERIOUS ABOUT THIS! ABout damn time we see heavy promo again..finally!!
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    I'm over the RN stuff unless he performs "Lonely". She hasn't released the tour dvd in 30yrs and i'm tired of waiting for it cause it seems like it's one of those things that'll be released when she's no longer with us
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    I believe a RN document/celebration show could be released, it would be a perfect time! But then again, I have no idea. I do wonder what all that material was used for - from the old Jackson family home etc. She has been rehearsing and performing so much lately in different places so I'm very skeptical about new album in the near future. But what do I know, many of her moves have been random in the last years, so I guess everything is possible. I hope she releases new music before possibly doing a major world tour.
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    I hope she gives her something like “Before I Do” 🥴
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    To Those who legit went to S.o.t.w. tour and the residency did the choreographies translate well live like as we saw it on youtube? Also did the residency outdo sotw in terms of choreography? btw i agree with the professional performamce of at least one song.


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