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    EXACTLY!!!!!! Im like if anything this is the time where you do all your iconic breakdowns..you do them for award shows and random performances but NOT THE SUPERBOWL??? JANET AND GIL...LIKE WTF?????????
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    Yeah like I'm cool with having the album out this year and having the tour postponed because the album will give hype for the tour.
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    Just noticed almost Janet’s entire videography has been uploaded to VEVO in widescreen/HD. Definitely her teams plan in get potential new fans into her legendary visual career as well as the new era!!! Here’s the link to the channel that has all of them: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCoE3u6nJZxswFpe9mOvfivg/videos
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    The 80 greatest albums of the 1980s by Rock Hall Inductees 9. Janet Jackson – “Control” (1986) If you posed the question "What is Janet Jackson's best album?" five, 10, even 15 years ago, hands down the answer would be "Rhythm Nation 1814." But as time goes on, those songs don't stay with you as much as the ones from Janet's coming out party "Control." Jackson's third album overcame a lot. It made people forget about its two lackluster predecessors and effectively removed her from the shadow of her famous family. More importantly, Jackson (along with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis) reshaped R&B into a pop and dance driven format that would lay the groundwork for New Jack Swing. By the 1990s, everyone, including Janet's big brother Michael, was jacking her style. 58. Janet Jackson – “Rhythm Nation 1814” (1989) Because it was such a creative leap forward, "Rhythm Nation 1814" is often considered Janet Jackson's most iconic album. The concept focused on social issues with Jackson proving herself a formidable commentator. R&B and pop had never quite seen an album like this; not with its dance grooves that helped establish New Jack Swing. https://www.cleveland.com/life-and-culture/j66j-2020/03/dab97c695a9775/80-greatest-albums-of-the-1980s-by-rock-and-roll-hall-of-famers.html
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    True. Luckily, The a Black Diamond primo was just only a week so far which will leave PLENTY of opportunity for Janet to continue brushing up on the rollout plan (Not to mention, more time for to workout n rest while taking care of Eissa!) Honestly, after things die done n begin going back to normal, people will b even more eager to relax and have fun aka go to a concert! The album is already complete at this point (for a while now! Who you fooling Janet??), the only thing is postponing the tour til the fall most likely. I’m Janet will enjoy the extra time for a break, especially with this virus pandemonium going on and will be even more ready to perform since she’ll be dying to again!
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    Ever since she let her bestie take charge it started to go downhill. One more thing I forgot to point out is that I hated how she made "Rhythm Nation" sexualized. IDK who's idea it was but I hated everything about it. From the S&M bondage outfits to the sexual choreography. Just thinking about it makes me roll my eyes.
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    🖤💎🙏🏻 I'm not ignorant though. There is a big big chance the tour actually WILL be postponed. As long as we get the album this year.
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    Take Care (“At home, I’m so alone, I’m wishing you were here...”) I Get Lonely (“I get so lonely, can’t let just anybody hold me...”) And I think a reworked version of outtake Clap Your Hands (called Wash Your Hands) is necessary for these times. 😉
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    That finally uploaded So Excited HD and that looks flawless
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    The RWU Tour should have been Gil's exit statement. She could really use someone new.
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    Towards the 5 o'clock hour DNICE dropped that's the way love goes. MC Lyte comments - let me try to get Janet in the club! And Janet comes on and now he is doing a Janet medley giving the queen her FLOWERS! DNice on IG live. It's going up!
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    Opening acts? Let's worry about if they gonna open the doors first.
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    id actually agree with him there. I hated the A4U suit in particular
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    Because Janet is chanting with the melody. It was an ok cover..more soulful than Janet's obviously, but Janet's delivery>>>> Another reason to leave Janet's songs alone tbh.
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    Just checked her out and she is really good and will totally push the bondary for Janet without losing her essence. I forgot to tell yall that there was this one time I was on Gil's live some months ago and he had asked what performances you wished came back for her new concerts and said Alright with the Zoot suits becuase that was just a whole iconic era for Janet. He responded Ew nope never (or something along those lines) I was like Arwww😭😭😢
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    I rarely get on snap but i'm always on twitter and fb. Twitter is where I find out entertainment news and what's trending lol. I used to rarely get on IG but I use it more than snap these days although I barely post pics but I do post stories.
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    Well lets be honest.. Its VEGAS!! You almost HAVE to bring production and take it up some notches cus the bells & whistles is what helps sell a vegas show. Im almost sure that the artist and the creative director also collabs w/ some sort of "Vegas creator" as well to bring it all to life..cus they have experience in actual vegas shows and needs to be incorporated. I doubt it was juss Janet and Gil who put that together. I dont wanna beat a dead horse by dragging the Gil thing out cus we know he is very hit and miss.. I juss wish she would step away juss to see how DIFFERENT her show would be with fresh new energy and new ideas.. Thats all. I juss want her to get a taste of sum "freshness" if u will. Nothing against Gil.
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    But... didn't he direct Metamorphosis as well? I mean, Meta was pretty innovative, right?
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    Sigh. At this point, every major sporting, music, movie event, etc. around the world has been either canceled or postponed. Such a shame; you could tell Janet was looking forward to this era more than she has in a long while n it showed!!! 😳😱 Looking timeless and glowing!!! You could tell she was about to knock our socks off with an explosive rollout (multiple singles, more live performances throughout the year, more amazing music videos like “Made For Now”, a shocking first single, tidbits about the album and it’s visuals, etc.) sigh... At this point, I think Janet should just make announcement about pushing the project n tour back to September and leave the caption “I promise. I’ll be worth the wait” followed by her icon giggle!!! 😏🤔👀
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    My thoughts exactly! After all this lock down stuff and we hit summer hopefully things are back to normal then ....Summer 2020 is gonna turn up
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    I'm afraid she will postpone the tour. The rest of the dates weren't released yet which is good so they can't be "cancelled". She really has bad luck when it comes to touring in Europe! It never seems to work out for the last 20 years for various reasons. We don't know what's going on but her social media has been silent for awhile. She's probably devasted herself about what's happening. I think a new album or tour is the last thing on her mind atm.
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    Isn't the tour still 3 months from now. I would still be rehearsing and play it by ear
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    Janet needs to be like the Fast and The Furious and postpone everything until next year...we want the maximum coins. Y'all will have to wait...shit
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    if she can't promote it and tour, I honestly think she should just wait, right now we don't know how this is going to turn out or how much further down the rabbit hole we will go
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    I think they’re waiting it out right now, but it’s not going to get better any time soon. The response from the government has been negligent. It’s going to get much worse. The tour will most likely be postponed.
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    Listen! You are lying to yourself if you think Ms. Corona ain't put a Damper in Damitas plans. It's real outchea
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    You CLEARLY missed what i said about Janets performance and what it could have incorporated minus advanced technology. Me and Joe both were talkin about how she didnt even do any of her iconoc breakdowns..so it was alot of missed opportunities for some dynamics in her performance and if u felt what she did was the best she could have done then youre discrediting her capabilities bc we all know what janet is can do. We're not juss talking about PRODUCTION...Keep up n3xt time before you quote somebody
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    Chile apples vs oranges. Again, Janet in comparison to Superbowl performers governed before Pepsi took over slays. Madonna did the Superbowl in 2012... Almost a decade after Janet. Of course technology would be better. I would not compare the MTV era to the Pepsi era. For Pepsi production Madonna's performance is not on the level of Katy, Beyonce, JLo/Shakira, or Gaga. It is more comparable to the earlier Pepsi era - like Prince and Black Eyed Peas.
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    I rather the album be bundled with tickets
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    I dont even think most ppl caught on tbh
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    Denzel dances with every part of his body. I just know he's good in bed.
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    Been said before... janet is taurus, familiarity is her comfort zone. Madonna is leo, always wants to be at the top of her game. That being said, i do very much hope there will be at least a new setlist, new coreography and theme... I believe the album will be fresh but with the tours she likes to do the same old.
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    I agree with you. I would love if she did full songs instead of just medleys. I feel like most of the fans that will go to this tour, have seen her before. So it shouldn't be a problem to have a different setlist.
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    Nah its time for fresh energy. Im starting to not like when Janet stay w/ crews for too long. A new creative director and dancers would be IDEAL for me for this new tour...
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    Ima have to agree with you here! I thought she would have tons of dancers on the field and no joke when she was doing Rhythm Nation I was really anticipating the breakdown and she didn't do it. I was like "huh?". As for "If" idk why tf she cuts the breakdown out of so many big events. She didn't do it for Superbowl, she cut it from her 2006 Billboard Medley, I haven't seen her do it on MTV since 1993. I didn't mind her doing All For You since it was her most current hit and last no.1 but when I saw the choreography I was like "Oh no baby, What is you doin'?" I don't know why she let Gil have her switch to that ugly choreography and then have the nerve to not even do the breakdown She did none of her iconic breakdowns when that was the largest audience she'd ever be able to expose herself to in this lifetime SMH
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    I posted my setlist a few weeks ago here, and it has several Damita Jo songs on it and 2 from Unbreakable. 😄
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    Don't like her make up at all..all that brown around her forehead and cheekbones
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    The Invisible Man. I give it an A. It was good, loved the plot and it had a good ending. Made me jump a couple of times too. I love suspensful movies.
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    I couldn’t agree more!!! It’s almost criminal how huge and expensive Madonna, Gaga, not to mention, Beyoncé’s HT shows we’re. Janet deserves her own solo Half-time show with that kind of budget and scope!!! Maybe in 2021?!? 😳🤔😞
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    she could've and should've. One thing I did hate is that it seems right after she was done that the next year or 2 is when the NFL started adding way more production and technology into the halftime shows. It would've been amazing to see what Janet could've done
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    I always lowkey felt Janet could have done WAYYYYY MORE. WAYY BIGGER
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    I hated this performance tbh. Janet deserved to headline the show by herself. Not just Justin, but everyone there should not have been there. Kid rock sounded terrible. Jessica Simpson was totally unnecessary. Nelly and Diddy came and went, etc.
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    So there back in the mid 2000s to early 2010s there was a very popular weekly music quiz show here in Australia called Spicks and Specks. It finished up in 2012/13 but last year the core cast returned to film four special episodes to air throughout 2020. Tonight they aired a 1990s themed special. One of the games had local comedians come out dressed in the touring costumes (or replicas of) of popular artists and the teams had to guess the artist. Anyway a comedian called Denise Scott who is in her mid 60s came out dressed as Janet from the opening part of the Janet tour. Gotta say they did well with the costume!


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