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    As someone who JUST got out of the hospital from battling Covid and her respiratory demons for almost a month.....fuck a tour! I'm here to tell you, take this shit seriously. Its already getting worse. And don't take breathing for granted ever again. I can barely walk to the kitchen without getting winded....I was 6'1, 175-180.....now I'm 6'1 140...shit ain't cute yall. Worse part is that I have an appetite BUT my taste buds are fucked because of the medicine I'm on. #miserable A bitch really want a lemon pepper wing. But seriously.... Stay safe!
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    I say this becus its more than evident at this stage the way Mariah and her team handle her status as a legacy act is unmatched and in turn Mariah has not only the respect of the older audience but also of the young generation becus her team has a way of keep Mariah visible in a way that makes everyone knowledgeable of Mariah's achievements, success and records that she has broken and still holds. So this makes Mariah name thrive and sustain through this new culture of social media junkies. For instance w/ the Verzuz Battle..Mariah's name keeps coming up and everyone is saying "Only Mariah can go against herself cus no one has as many hits as her" and WE as Janet fans know only JANET could easily go up against her cus Janet is the only other legend today (besides Madonna) that is packed with hits for days n days but its interesting that no one is bringing Janet's name up to go against Mariah becus its almost like ppl arent either knowledgeable of how lengthy janets catalog is and/or they janet juss isnt fresh on nobodies mind cus she is so tucked away. I juss wish Janet's team would kinda push Janet's legacy more cus its kinda getting lost in the shuffle. Hell, you even had SwizzBeats acting like he didnt realize how monstrous Janets catalog was..and he is KNEE DEEP IN THE INDUSTRY!!!!!!!!! ..like what??????!😐 but yeah....something clicking. Even that 18yo boy who went viral and was talking about how Janet is one of the best selling, biggest pop stars of all time but no one from his generation can name a Janet Jackson song. This is disturbing to me..her legacy is not being handled well.
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    I’m fine with the dragging. And the weird thing is that this statement was said months ago but it’s now viral. But whatever. Toucan Sam deserved it.
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    Her social media posts, namely Twitter and IG, are just embarrassing. I've had to mute her on Twitter because her posts are just annoying at this point, and whoever is running her account is not doing her any favors. It's been ten years and she still hasn't properly adapted to social media, and will continue to get left in the dust if she doesn't. With new music coming out, now would be the time to be promoting herself, but the team would rather give 15 mins of fame to random ppl. She's really useless on social media. Like why are you here if you're gonna be boring?
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    Dont be fooled despite Janet being bashful about her accomplishments she has ALWAYS cared about album sales & figures hence to her always saying "Im extremely competitive with everyone including my brother" ...and she also told oprah she wanted to outsell "Thriller". Janet didnt care as much once she got past her prime understandably. I think her being honored with artist achievement awards give her a false sense of her legacy flourishing but thats only through the scope of the industry..what about the streets? Kids hear about Janet being a legend but they dont know what for cus they arent familiar wit alot her work. Her and Mariah are playing the legacy game differently. But hey, thats all janet. If she thinks her legacy will thrive on...coo..but i dont want her to be one of those forgotten icons once she passes..thats my only cconcern.
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    Yes its very frustrating. Girl release some b-sides for ur fans
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    This list will change again a in a few years. So I'm not bothered. I knew Control was gonna be added, but TVR and RN1814 should be in the top half. The top 200 is outright laughable. Imagine thinking some of those artists have better albums than Stevie's classical period.
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    I think what's key as allies is taking the back seat and supporting. Listening. Amplifying black voices. As Brittany Packnett Cunningham (@mspackyetti) keeps saying, "We Save Us." What we as allies can do is continue to educate ourselves and our non-BIPOC friends and family. Donate to causes and as I said before amplify black voices. Also, taking care of mental health right now is SO IMPORTANT. I feel like even the most "solid" people right now are feeling this strain, let alone people affected by anxiety, depression, etc. You're right that this is not something we "move on" from and it's important to continue to stay engaged and keep supporting this movement. That being said, I've been reading it's healthy to limit your social/news intake to a designated time and cap it off so you are not incessantly refreshing your feed and building more and more anxiety.
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    I'm here. I'll always be here.
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    Even though we are not all as active this forum holds a special place in my heart. Thank you Angie for keeping it running all these years, that fact most of us have been posting together for at least 14 years is crazy to think about.
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    "Everybody for this next song, I want you all to turn on your high beams......remember that special night"
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    For me, if its true ...we have seen tons of shit that has showed her rise to superstardom.. I would want that aspect of her life to be secondary..and what should be primary is the obstacles and struggles that only US fans know about. Casual Janet fans and non Janet fans dont know this woman was hopping in her car in the middle of the night to go search for her drug addict husband in dangerous areas who would call her to come try to find him cus he's not even coherent enough to kno where he is. Stuff like that would REALLY make a story cus the common person looks at Janet as a beautiful woman who was lucky enough to be born into fame with a silver spoon in her mouth. Alot of ppl dont know stuff like Janet being on tour and needing emergency eye surgery becus she scraped her cornea with a magazine and after her surgery she was in her hotel room suffering and crying through the night of healing while her husband (Rene) was nowhere to be found. I think stuff like this would show how common and relatable her life is despite her name being in bright lights.
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    she could've and should've. One thing I did hate is that it seems right after she was done that the next year or 2 is when the NFL started adding way more production and technology into the halftime shows. It would've been amazing to see what Janet could've done
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    Already more promotion than the entire Unbreakable era. Her team is on fire! Hope they keep on doing this promotion THIS well. Still praying for Carpool Karaoke...
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    Absolutely. No doubt about it, if you notice it she’s promoting it with what’s called nostalgic marketing - “with a special performance of RN”. She’s appealing to those who remember her highlight years. The “with new music” is to say btw I’ll be making some music too. But truth is I’m sure beyond it being a number 1 there are low expectations for sales. A win will be a sold out tour & a number 1 title. When you get to the show it will focus on her catalog and sprinkle in new tracks as she’s been doing. You likely will not get more than 2 videos. The marketing budget is best spent on the tour in these years. It’s not to he pessimistic but this is the experience of falling in love with an artist who ages into legacy.
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    I love that she’s explaining the meaning behind Black Diamond right out of the gate.Giving me Velvet Rope vibes, in the way she’s finding a deeper meaning and symbolism behind an item and running with it in an artistic/inspiring way like only she can do. I bet she goes deep (ha! Didn’t even write that pun on purpose) on this one like she did on The Velvet Rope. But while TVR was, for the most part, largely introspective, I bet Black Diamond will still pack an emotional punch, I bet it’ll be more celebratory because she’s at a stage in her life where she’s prob way more confident than she was in her 30’s and has overcome so much shit. Got me so excited. (Couldn’t help myself with that one.) This is the only thing I’m going to say about the RN1814 part of this new tour. If she really wants to make it a special celebration of that album, she should sing “Lonely.” That fan-favorite deserves a moment in the spotlight!
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    Soooooo..she has the name of the album title..so that means at least something is coming very soon. She needs to release the album so I can know all the words by the time I see her July.
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    Yeah, I’d imagine it’s the name of the album or at least a new song. I’m hoping that will be revealed tonight. OMG HURRY UP MONDAY!
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    It's been rampant as of late. I don't agree with coming for her because you lack the ignorance to see her contributions to music. Shit her own "fans" be doing the same thing. Also, Janet is silent and inactive. So that's that on that.
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    nah we did enough and that ass got dragged every which way. All the way from him cheating on his wife to Alicia's last hit 8 years ago. All these hoes gon learn to keep Janet's name out they mouth💁‍♂️
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    This! I also definitely believe there was a time where Janet got cocky, just like most artists when they are huge, and thought her name alone would sell records, tickets, get good ratings, etc. which in part was true but that's not all that will work for you. For example, here's something that in my eyes started during the All For You era, Janet knew she was still hugely popular and that her album would do good numbers in sales worldwide whether she toured overseas or not. She had no interest in resuming the tour for her fans overseas so she didn't even when it was safe. We head on over to the Damita Jo era and still no tour for anyone, not even for her fans overseas. Then we go to the 20 Y.O. era. Once again no tour for anybody in America or overseas. Let's go to The Discipline era. It's now been 7yrs since you haven't toured for your fans. I think when the numbers for her tickets sales came out it showed her that although she's a Legend and Icon that her name can only do so much and ended up cancelling the tour. Now we're in 2010. By then her Legacy diminished so much she had to resort to going on American Idol to show the world she was still a bad bitch. The world seeing how great she was ended up buying her American Idol performance so much that it shot to no.1 on Itunes. Let me say it again, a performance on a tv show shot to no.1 on Itunes. I'd never heard of it before but Janet did it. Her and her team made a smart move which was to start a small intimate tour. We know it was done small on purpose to see how those tickets would do and rebrand her name and legacy. By the end of 2011 she ended up having a sold out tour that started with 35 dates and due to demand ended up with 71. Her legacy was up and running again. I'ma make this paragraph short. 2015 no Unbreakable tour for her fans overseas after cancelling. 2017 resumes tour with now new name "State of the World" and once again leaves her overseas fans out of the picture. We get to 2019 and we get the "Rhythm Nation 30th Anniversary Tour" and sorry but once again our fellow overseas fans are left out. 2020 and here it is about another Decade of her overseas fans not seeing her. Most of them gave up on her. Sad but a lot of them have stated so.😞
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    I honestly haven’t seen the footage. I just heard about it because I don’t have the heart to see it. It’s just like with Elijah McClain. I only read about his last words and it was enough to seriously upset me. I just need a break from having that imagery in my head. And yeah, Chadwick’s passing moved me. I really appreciate what he did to leave an imprint in such a short period of time.
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    Hey guys! Long time no see, huh? So... During this social isolation days, many fans from many artists are descovering HD UPSCALING tools. If you look online, you'll find entire videographies and tour releases uspcalled to HD from artists such as Michael, Kylie, Madonna... It's a way too make older SD footage look a bit better on current devices and TVs. It's not the same as having the original film converted or scaned to HD formats, but its better the 480p footage off DVDs. I used A LOT of my free time to try upscaling Janet's Live In Hawaii DVD and here's the result. Like we all know (no idea why tho) the Hawaii DVD quality SUCKS. I have no fucking idea what her team did with this, but both sound editing and video quality are not that good... The Velvet Rope DVD and VHS are 4 years older and look so much better! Anyway... This is is best result I could acheive upscaling the DVD .vob files. Hope you guys like it! And if you enjoy it, I can try upscaling the TVR tour next. FULL PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmd6E3sBg_iSDGT_nDhe05IT-R32pYG_E
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    I pretty much like you, and in that I am a lone wolf. I missed seeing my family but my parents are over 60 and I didn’t want to risk getting on a flight and potentially exposing them. I went outside for my own sanity. I will say that I’m grateful to still have a job and not going out has helped me to save money so I’m appreciative of it. With all of the killings, I was doing a great job of compartmentalizing but Breonna Taylor’s killing was the first major crack in my facade and then George Floyd was the final tipping point. It’s really hard to work when there’s such a huge burden weighing on you. Last week was really rough and I didn’t know how much I was holding in until I was on a conference call and a senior leader brought it up and I started to cry. Thank goodness we weren’t on camera because I cried really hard for about 20 minutes. I called my brothers and sister just to talk to them and check in on them and I had a really difficult conversation with my mom. I am a huge supporter of the protests and while I’m saddened about some businesses being destroyed that currently serve underserved communities, I’m a supporter of the movement. As a Black woman, I just get so tired of waiting for justice and to be seen as human. And this last couple of days, tensions have been high at work and I finally told someone off because there are so many bigger things on my mind than a number on a PowerPoint chart. The violence has been scary, admittedly. I live 0.25 miles from a really nice street in Chicago that was looted. I couldn’t go outside and I had to have a couple of backup plans just in case they got to my apartment building. I will also express my sincere gratitude and appreciation of my nonblack friends and acquaintances intentionally reaching out to check on me. I’ve been very moved and I remain hopeful.
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    I appreciate this thread... it's hard talking about this. I know everyone is struggling and I just never go too far in depth because I don't want to dwell there or add to their worries by worrying about me. Covid was/(is!) 1 thing... the isolation had taken a slight toll on my sanity but I've been able to soldier through as I am more of a lone wolf anyway. I was able to keep hope alive that the world would emerge wiser and forced to change for the better. What's been happening recently... it makes me feel there is no justice, and no hope. I feel I need to stay informed but I realized how unnatural/scarring it is to see so much real life violence playing out, so I've been starting to put a cap on how much I'm looking at. It's been really fucking me up, and I can't imagine how my black friends must feel. It's just sick, and evil, and it's honestly giving me a phobia of people in this world and what they are capable of. How are you holding up Angie?
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    Selz managed to find a fundraising thing that his family set up last year if anyone wants to donate https://paul-drummond.muchloved.com/
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    I’m fine with a 2021 approach. I absolutely do not see her doing the SuperBowl. I think we need to accept that she’s stubborn and is going to do what she wants. She wrote the SuperBowl off after 2004, and isn’t looking back. And I don’t blame her at all! If there’s anything she’s hoping to happen numbers wise, I could see her trying to get another #1 album. She’s good at that and it’s a new decade so it would extend her streak. She also has a fan base that could help pull it off. I don’t see her gunning for a top single as she’s a legacy act now. And that’s perfectly fine. And 2020 is complete and total trash. I should’ve known when Kobe died this was about to be a year of bullshit, but wow... this exceeded my expectations. I’m grateful to still be employed and to be safe. I hope y’all are safe as well.
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    https://reuters.screenocean.com/record/895048 At around 2:20 janet starts the if breakdown and additional tour footage from its local news reports
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    EXACTLY!!!!!! Im like if anything this is the time where you do all your iconic breakdowns..you do them for award shows and random performances but NOT THE SUPERBOWL??? JANET AND GIL...LIKE WTF?????????
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    I will share my ultimate setlist tomorrow, but i need her to do 'Better Days'... 😭
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    I’m sooooooooo glad she participated in this segment! Highlighting her live vocals is a great drive toward the tour.
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    You better promote sis. Janet is out here trying. She must be feeling her puss.
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    Because touring is a bigger sell for Janet Jackson in 2020. The album is like awe nice, but outside of her core fans...the tour is the value. Bc most ppl feel Janet doesn’t really perform heavily even though her fans know she has been in recent years. She has a brand of being one of the last elusive celebrities left. Sooo most aren’t waiting for an album but always want to see her.
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    So it’s official!!! Janet’s 12th studio album is officially called “Black Diamond”!!! 🖤🤍🖤 Can we say absolute BEST album title since “The Velvet Rope”?!? Bar none!!! 🤩🤩🤩😭😭😭
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    'Special Performance of Rhythm Nation's is an eyeroll But I like that she gave a reason for her album title, that's interesting. I'm excited about the new music. Dis cute
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    Just like how they removed the original purpose of that channel?!?! 😳😱💀
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    Janet's opening song for her Vegas show was "Empty" .....that was not a coincidence. "China Love" was in the show.. That was not coincidence...these all have been album tracks that the janfam community have been praising and janet was listening to her fans and started putting these fan fav album tracks in her show. Unbreakable album is a great album but doesnt carry as much history as her previous albums in the janfam community bc its her newest project. All of this is so obvious...how could you have missed it? The "Unbreakable" album juss doesnt carry as much weight...we havent been in love with it long enough for it to just yet.
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    Just saw her tonight at Sydney (now my second time seeing her). A M A Z I N G My roomie who came with me (first time seeing her) literally said ‘that is the best thing I have ever seen on stage’.
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    Janet has been cute these past few days on social media.
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    Wow. Lol i didnt know it was ppl that didnt care for Allison like that. Ive been indifferent with Janet's dancers since the A4U era up til now. Pretty much interchangeable imo. The only 3 eras where her dancers were "standouts" were RN, janet. and TVR era. Since then they have been juss accessories
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    I agree with Free regarding SOTW. Outside of Vegas, I’ve only seen Janet in LA and I’ve been seeing her consistently since 2008. It doesn’t matter what city I’m living in, I will fly to her show in LA. When she did SOTW the first go round, I was living in Dallas and I was telling a coworker I was going to go see her in LA. As soon as I mentioned it he told me his friend and his wife went to the concert and they were STILL raving about her dancing and were calling it a comeback. That was one of the few times I’ve heard someone off the cuff talk about her like it was 1994 at work. And when I went in LA I knew what he was talking about. Sometimes when you’re giving me that kind of energy, and Janet moved like she had something to prove, IDGAF what your production looks like. She was a beast and that’s why that particular tour stands out to me when I think of post-prime Janet. What she lacked in production, she more than made up in energy to me. I would say her least memorable to me was probably #1s and I went to see her twice on that one as she did a few nights in LA. What stood out to me was being able to meet her family.
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    I know this forum isn’t as active anymore. But I wanted to check in to see how everyone is doing with what’s going on in the world today.


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