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    Wow. Lol i didnt know it was ppl that didnt care for Allison like that. Ive been indifferent with Janet's dancers since the A4U era up til now. Pretty much interchangeable imo. The only 3 eras where her dancers were "standouts" were RN, janet. and TVR era. Since then they have been juss accessories
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    I agree with Free regarding SOTW. Outside of Vegas, I’ve only seen Janet in LA and I’ve been seeing her consistently since 2008. It doesn’t matter what city I’m living in, I will fly to her show in LA. When she did SOTW the first go round, I was living in Dallas and I was telling a coworker I was going to go see her in LA. As soon as I mentioned it he told me his friend and his wife went to the concert and they were STILL raving about her dancing and were calling it a comeback. That was one of the few times I’ve heard someone off the cuff talk about her like it was 1994 at work. And when I went in LA I knew what he was talking about. Sometimes when you’re giving me that kind of energy, and Janet moved like she had something to prove, IDGAF what your production looks like. She was a beast and that’s why that particular tour stands out to me when I think of post-prime Janet. What she lacked in production, she more than made up in energy to me. I would say her least memorable to me was probably #1s and I went to see her twice on that one as she did a few nights in LA. What stood out to me was being able to meet her family.
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    I’m 31 today. I don’t feel any different, but maybe it’s been a more gradual change this year.
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    I've tweeted Jimmy that a few times years ago. My thought on Made For Now is that I don't think it would've been successful. It didn't hit your ears like that. It only sold 20,000 copies the first week of release and that ain't good.
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    Oh absolutely agree. I originally asked for remastered albums on CD, but we got what we got. And the YT situation is ridiculous. I don't wanna pop in a DVD every time I wanna watch Together Again for example. The TVs nowadays scale it down to a messy looking lq video anyway. Rhythm Nation deserves an official remastered CD + Remixes CD release. Hell, throw the RN Short film in there too. The concert is on YT but a blu ray release bundle with the CD would've been epic too.
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    You are lying to yourself if you think production does not help Janet's performance. Janet is a visionary so I expect her to do visionary type tings....I've never been okay with basic Janet, I accept her but she does leave a bad taste in my mouth AND that's why I don't like Damita Jo. #Boom Lets debate hoes!
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    Looks like this SF show was a billion times better than the Minnesota show!!!!!😭😭🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
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    Janet has become the 1st female artist to sell out the new Chase Center Arena in San Francisco! Capacity 18,000
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    Exactly. A control tour with the previous albums wouldn't have been a good idea. Janet herself said she wanted to wait until she had more material. This was a smart business move on her part, as it added to the demand to see her live.
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    i'm late to the party but Happy Bday love
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    If the album is coming in 2020 I would just add it on
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    Happy Birthday! Also happy birthday to you too John aka Roc but I already said it to you on facebook lol
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    Happy birthday Italiano!
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    Legend celebrating Halloween and my birthday.
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    I mean those moments where you have seen J live or watched a performance and there is one part that snatches your soul. It could be the smallest thing and maybe no one else will get it but I it don't matter...I wanna know! I'll start. Ive only seen her live once for Unbreakable and its a night ill cherish forever. For me it was: 1. The opening - the birds and the silhouette took my breath away 1. Burn It Up...from the chorus through to the end of the breakdown I was fucking HYPED when I saw that! 😦 2. The blinky box during TPP - the whole place went dark and seeing her thrashing around, slinking out and dripping down the wall...I could watch over and over 🤤 Rockwitchu Tour - her strutting down the catwalk in Control, then the jet flumes whilst she does some kinda moonwalk into WHYDFML 😫 MetaMorphis - im getting into my feels that I wont see You or The Knowledge live because what I saw online gave me chills 🤒 Honorary mention: Glastonbury - The hairwhips during Throb and the breakdown where there all on the floor rubbing themselves
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    I remember this song getting massive airplay when Chingy’s second album dropped. All of a sudden, stations just abruptly stopped playing it. I’m sure Les Moonves/Nipplegate blacklist had everything to do with this. Could’ve been a hot 100 number 1 hit.
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    Honestly, I think one of the reasons there’s not as much of a synergy between the fans and dancers is because Janet’s outgrown the years of making her dancers her friends and a “thing” back in the day those dancers were not only in the music videos they were on the songs...they were in her interviews with her...they were more like her entourage. Now these dancers, while she treats them amazing...she’s more like their “auntie” if you will. There’s a separation between artist & crew, before it was more family oriented. I always felt overall, her 20YO dancers were very lackluster, as well as #1s.
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    Im not saying they arent talented dancers. I have seen other things they have done..and their abilities.. And youre right maybe it is bc of the the more "toned down" choreo. But they juss arent connecting to us like the RN janet. and VR kids.
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    I agree with the bolded part. She does a lot of gestures for a lot of her performances that I just don't care for. I like seeing footwork most of all.
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    Voodoo. I aint dealin witchu today 😂😂😂😂😂😂 And at first i felt yall overhyped Denzel's sex appeal...but after following on IG this last year. HOMEBOY CAN HAVE ALL OF THIS
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    Allison is great! I saw her backstage in Montreux this Summer and she was super nice, but honestly, she's not better than the other Kids yet the audience seems to give her a louder applause, because, well, she's a big girl.
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    Allison gets standing ovations because she's a big girl. Let's not pretend we all don't know this. Secondly she's never been excellent and you can clearly see that in the "Dammn Baby" video where she's supposedly pop lockin' for those few seconds. It was a no ma'am for me. She can dance but "excellent dancer"? Never
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    Absolutely!! That’s exactly what I’m saying. Janet performed SOTW with a vengeance. And when she went from baby weight to fighting weight, & came out in body suits and moved like she was in the best shape of her life the entire tour felt electrified. I loooove a multi-faceted production. Absolutely love it, but it is nothing without Janet’s energy. You can tell when she’s into the show & performance vs. when it’s obligatory. This is her JOB so everyday of every project does not feel like - her passion. It shows. SOTW thru & thru felt like hers. It’s like when a woman breaks up with a man & she bounces back in a way that is a huge level up. At this point, Janet is no longer doing it for the IM BACK energy she’s doing it because she’s working.
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    She may not be there when you need Her, but She's always right on time.
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    No surprise. What happened to her partnership with BMG? What’s the TEA on that?
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    One difference I will say Janet has over Madonna is that Janet's influence lives on in younger artists more than they cite Madonna as a influence. There have been way more tributes, shout outs, and interviews from next gen artists for Janet.
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    Absolutely! I think we just have to remind her team all the time haha. I send them tweets asking for these things once every few weeks, so hopefully one day.
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    I actually agree with showmanship and production. Wholeheartedly. I feel there’s times where she’s had both or one or the other.
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    I dont think thats the case at all. You say "the times we're in today" .. production has always mattered but how a performer presented their show was always about their taste level. Somebody like Madonna who has limited talent but her production value has always been STELLAR which is why Madonna has always had sold out shows becus pll KNOW the visuals is what she has to offer. Madonna is crafty and artsy like that. I always said Madonna and Janet needs what the other one doesnt have. If Janet showmanship as a performer had the production value of Madonna...JANET WOULD BE IN A LEAGUE THAT NOT A SINGLE ARTIST COULD TOUCH IN A MILLION YEARS. PERIOD
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    Billboard 2006, VMA 2009, Xfactor 2009, American Idol 2010, and EMA 2018 were all cool Rock Witchu and SOTW win for tours hands down.
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    We all know Janet can perform, but visuals can add to the overall excitement level and can help with the theming of a show. Since Janet's shows have become scaled back, it feels like she's just going through the songs with her dancers. With these series of concerts being branded as a 30th anniversary for Rhythm Nation, you'd think that she could create a show based around the album's themes of injustice by IDK... performing the entire album in full and doing other songs that could relate to RN's themes like "Shoulda Known Betta," "Black Eagle," "New Agenda," and "Free Xone". Instead, she did a show with no real overarching theme in street clothing. We all love Janet, but it's just not a good look.
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    Ms. Dayz, every so often you serve freshly brewed tea, and this here? The finest of China teas.
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    Janet actually danced her ass off on that performance but the way it was structured was all wrong. The problem wasnt Janet lacking energy or nothing cus she was ON IT ...the way the medley and choreo was put together was disjointed and quick...it seemed rushed and thrown together. Its soooo much she could have did to make that performance celebrating her #1s ...special.
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    I didn't think the outfit was that bad, even for 2009 standards. She's done worse. It wasn't that Janet wasn't putting effort into the performance, it was lifeless where her head a clearly somewhere else.
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    They played “That’s the Way...” at work again and it was cool how my co-worker instantly started reminiscing and told me about when the first song came out and how HUGE it was. Everyone couldn’t help but play it as they were cruising down the street. #Legend #ImpactStillThere
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    The crowd was AMAZING!!!!! thank god yall werent a dead crowd
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    She was definitely on fire today. SF gave her so much love. It felt like I was at the all for you tour with a sold out arena and the screaming audience. And no I didn’t care for her pj ensemble but hey Shes comfortable and don’t give a fuck. I can’t be mad at her. She still was a beast on stage. It was a real good show
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    Seeing how the last show was handled, what remains to be seen is how she will handle a larger venue. A celebration tour should be heavily focused on the theme, message, album, & journey.
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    Agreed. Isn't there a solo version without Daddy?
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    If she's going to include MFN on her New Album I believe she should do what she did with Doesn't Really Matter and do an Alternate Version/Extended Version of MFN to coincide with the New/Freshness of All New Material
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    Yes it was unfortunate but Janet played a role in it...that's all I'm saying. She also played a role in releasing mediocre music when you had everybody and they momma pretending to be you and beating you at your own game. Jlo, Britney, Beyonce and the birth of Ciara were all present in 2004 and you thought it was cute to make an album talking about how calm and relaxing it is to be on the beach listening to waves...Chile...she needed to come out swinging and she didn't. Damita Jo was lazy and then 20YO happens and Ciara and others perfected their Janet impressions and well she wasn't needed anymore and the fact that she was being blackballed didn't help BUT if that music was undeniable...there is no way you could have silenced her.
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    Normani on Janet. What performances, albums and/or singers have had the biggest impact on you and your career? Janet Jackson. I will always remember what impact the Scream music video has on me. I remember walking around with a key for an earring thinking that I was Janet. Janet has paved the way for artists like me. She’s just one of the greats in my book because my list would be entirely too long. https://www.ebony.com/exclusive/normani-talks-mcdonalds-idolizing-janet-jackson-her-lifes-mission/
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    Laugh it up. How does Someone to Call My Lover, Go Deep Missy Remix, You Ain't Right, You, All for You, Come on Get Up or Velvet Rope stems sound like and what treats do they reveal? You'll never know. Unless I choose to leak parts of them which is not gonna happen. Xxx.


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