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    I actually play the album more than AFY. I felt that AFY had stronger commercial appeal on a few tracks but I preferred DJ as an album.
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    Heard the good news! Had to drop by and celebrate a bit
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    I held back on how toxic I found his presence because I knew that was the response he wanted. I'm not sure of how much of an act it was...the fact somebody would put on such an act to be a troll (which he confessed to), well that's something in itself. I don't think he was expecting to go like that and considering how much time he spent here (even daily), it'll probably affect him more than we think. That Son of A Gun knows we are talking about him and he's Moist at the thought of it.
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    I honestly don’t get how artists like Justin Timberlake, J. Lo, Kanye West, even P!nk got this award before Missy?!? She should have gotten it during her peak in 2001-2005!!! I swear MTV seriously forgot and she recently remembered like “oh yeah!!! Missy!!! Oops!” 😳😱👀🤦🏾‍♂️
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    And I echo the sentiments on the production value. She really stepped it up with this residency.
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    This was about overall IMPACT. Janet wins this one, hands down. There are people out here still sampling her songs, still doing her iconic dance routines, still using her performance platform. Don't get me started on her visuals. Younger artists like Normani and Teyana Taylor still name checking her as an influence. Whitney is impactful, but not as impactful as Janet(the whole spectrum of entertainment).
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    Random, but cool: https://metalheadzone.com/slipknots-corey-taylor-reveals-the-rare-moments-he-had-with-janet-jackson/
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    I just recovery .... This was simply THE BEST SHOW.. her personality and she danced!!
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    So, I won’t and do not want this to turn into a bash fest. I will say say that it’s been a decision that I wrestled with for some time as he wasn’t always breaking forum rules but was teetering on it. I had to take a step back as I read MANY threads (some reported and others at random) to see what kind of environment his behavior was creating. Some of it was how he behaved with other fans and others are the way he voices his displeasure with Janet, especially music that didn’t come from AFY. This is just a small instance of repeated behavior. He definitely is a huge fan of Janet’s, but, I also need to recognize that I’ve banned fans of hers before so I couldn’t keep letting that be a reason to keeping him around. I know this forum will never be as active as the main board used to be, and I’m fine with that. What I’m not fine with, is the continuation of a toxic environment because of a difference of opinion.
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    Friends???!!! Who needs friends when you have followers...just make sure you like, comment and subscribe.
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    Uhm... How exactly was she on a decline? All For You gave her two (!) #1 hits and a #3 hit on the Hot 100 in her mid-30s! The success of All For You was probably why Damita Jo was predicted to be a success as well. Then the Viacom-boycott started (also in large parts of Europe!) and everything changed.
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    All for You could’ve easily outsold TVR had Janet not canceled her tour. That being said, it’s not hard to assume (with the super bowl + SNL + world tour + regular Janet style promotion from Virgin) that DJ would outsell AFY
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    Kick off in Europe and just stay here and Asia...I know it aint gonna happen but I feel like being a petty bitch
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    I’ve been to both. I think her choreography was great both times. There was a certain fierceness in her during SOTW where I felt like she was channeling her anger from her marriage into her performance. There’s a different sense of “I’m here” in her residency. I will say that I’ve probably sat in similar positions both times (center stage, fifth and fourth rows) and I can’t take my eyes of her when she performs. She’s mesmerizing. The difference to me is the higher production value in her residency compared to SOTW. And I think the choreography was equal. For instance I definitely LOVED her choreography for IGL during her residency. I also preferred the choreography for TTWLG at SOTW compared to her residency. Either way, Janet did that shit.
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    Whew just finished Handmaids tale. The last episode was pretty good. But, they literally cannot have more than 1 more season. To go any longer they have to dramatically broaden the scope of the show. Invasion of Gilead by the rest of the world or something. Its the only way they can possibly scrape more than 1 more season without being redundant. The acting is great, the direction, cinematography etc. But they are pushing it with straining believability with lucky escapes and huge coincidences for storytelling. I'm ready for Mindhunter season 2 and Elite Season 2
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    Unbreakable has 16 songs. 💁🏻‍♂️
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    Because she’s sooooooooooooo impulsive. So many people have died/gotten in trouble because of her inability to think things through. I also don’t want them to do anymore close ups of her face. I can’t take it anymore lol. But it’s a great show lmao
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    Lol yeah. I was just gonna say "well, if you pay", but i just couldn't say it 😂👀
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    Thanks for the review! I’m going Friday. Where did you sit?
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    Oh I did, thus proving my point n why I had to read u to filth! 😔🤪👍 It doesn’t matter how many great albums Janet gave us, she’s STILL Janet muthaf$&@in’ Jackson and the reason why she’s a legend is because her discography is unmatched, unparalleled and unanimously the most emulated run of classic albums that artists still inspire to and emulate on their own discography to this day! Would you buy a Prince album with some “good bops”??? 🤔 Just because Micheal gave us “Thriller” and “Bad”, he shouldn’t have tried to continue making good music??? 😳🤔Even Madonna stans are still recovering from albums like “MDNA”!!! 😂🤣😂💀💀💀 I’m sorry, but if you’re looking for just “good bops” because “she has nothing to prove anymore”, Ciara just released another uninteresting record called “Beauty Marks”. You should check for her as mama definitely needs it! 😉 We get excited for a Janet album because of albums like “Control” and “The Velvet Rope”, NOT for albums like “Damita Jo” and “Jermaine’s Greatest Non-Hits”. 🙄 I swear if Janet continued making more bad albums after “Discipline”, you wouldn’t be so gung ho about what came before, let’s be real. Those albums were NOT great! End of story! Periodt!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤪👍
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    He only said Janet sent him a song. He didn't say anything about what kind of song.
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    But that’s the thing! Janet shouldn’t have to sacrifice her art for a couple of “good bops.” So you’re pretty much saying, “I don’t mind if all her albums are great, I’ll love it anyway!” Huh??? I would think a fan n especially a stan would expect the best from their idol every time. Jimmy had every right to say what he said because he KNOWS Janet musically and as a person more than anyone! The reason she started working with them was to produce her music her own way and write about what’s going on in her life at the moment! Jesus, even Janet said verbatim, “That’s the only way I know HOW to write.” Accepting mediocrity from Janet is part of the reason we got “20 Y.0.” And “Discipline” as follow-ups. She was anything but inspired n that’s why she stopped making music by 2011! Not to mention, dropped all material she had started working on in 2009. Janet wasn’t feeling it anymore and was extremely tired of having “nothing” to say. I’d rather wait 4-5 years for another masterpiece like “Unbreakable” than every 2 year for a generic ass album that any drake artist can make. Isn’t that why we love Janet in the first place or am I wrong??? 😳🤔
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    I’m so fucking happy Been 8 years
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    Portugal. It's the IT destination for tourists in Europe so every single club is even more packed than usual I LOVE IT Just drink a few, get on the dance floor and get loose oh it's EVERYTHING and more. I'm about to stan Zendaya for that show alone
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    All I'ma say is in season two, the episode called "Never Knew Love Like This Before", is EPIC. What an episode and my favorite of the SERIES so far(and they have several great episodes).
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    1. MONEY - The average bar owner is over the age of 40. Young Millennial and Generation Z grew up during the the Great Recession of the late 2000s. They don't have the coin to pay $13 a square foot for a building, plus liquor license, machinery license, music license, food license, renovations, fire codes, safety, employ staff, DJ, and security. Stock their bar. You're looking at $30,000 JUST TO LEASE a property the size of a three bedroom apartment. Especially in the LGBT community where the older gays sold out or didn't pass down their establishments to the younger movement. 2. MUSIC INDUSTRY - Downloading, Streaming, and Youtube. People have access to technology now to hear whatever they want, whenever they want, as many times as they want. They don't have to restrict themselves to a DJ's playlist at a bar. That's why concerts, festivals, and live performances are doing better. When I'm promoting and say $5 Cover, the first thing people ask (Especially gay clubs) is "Are you having a show?", "Strippers?", "Artist?", "Drag?". They want to know where their money is going. They want an "experience", something to Snapchat and Instagram about. Drinks and music ain't a reason cause they can do that at home. All these stripper and drag reality shows aren't helping either cause RuPaul has commercialized it, so now your local talent is suffering. You don't have to go to clubs anymore to watch drag. 3. DIVERSITY - Every place is the same and caters to white people. There's a lot of racism in nightlife and people of color have few places to go without the "hip hop crowd stigma". Fear of their venue becoming "too urban". That means more bars closing at midnight and more college house parties playing Cardi B. 4. HEALTH MOVEMENT - Everyone is a vegan, fitness nut, and alcohol conscious 🙄. Juice bars, brunch, and day parties are the new thing. I don't even bother hosting events anymore if the kitchen closes before 1am. Food trucks have been my saviors. Or I bring a caterer that wants to sell plates. Once someone has to leave your party to grab a slice of pizza they aren't coming back. 5. AGE LIMIT/LEGALIZING MARIJUANA - Cities started banning 18 plus venues. You need young people to keep your dance club going. Point, blank, period. In Massachusetts they legalized weed. I went to the hookah bar a month later.... it was dead. I'm not sure why, I just know smoking lounges are suffering because of it. 6. THEME - Where's the glow lights? Where's the nice leather seats? Where's your stage? Why is the Lifetime channel playing on the TVs? Why isn't it dark and sexy in here? Why does your bar look like a trailer park? 7. MOBILITY - This generation doesn't drive. Public transit ends at midnight. Uber is great.. for rushing to work.
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    It's clear that you and I have a difference of opinion, but now Im being called out for criticizing her artistic choices....are you new? That's all anybody on here does I will always reject mediocrity, even if I love and adore you...that's just how my DNA is set up, that's the frequency that I am on, but your current frequency of understanding is equivalent to that of an adolescent restricted to a diet of an infant and your thought process is so dysfunctional and deformative that you have not yet matured by eating applesauce and crushed pears. The fact that you thought it was cute to label me an 'Uncle Tom' only proves my theory and for that I no longer wish to engage with you. And as a black gay male that is his own avatar...that's 'Aunt Tom' to you. Bye!
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    Clubs were a place to go to get dick. You can find that online now or becoming a member of your local LA Fitness...whew Chile...I swear its a club atmosphere up in there, ain't nobody working out. #ATL Kickbacks are the rave now anyway. I'm not paying for overpriced alcohol and loud music...I've conditioned my voice to be barely audible like my fav, it adds character so I can't be bothered
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    But you'd think it would have yielded a stronger chart position *shrugs* Though the singles performed a little better abroad, it just didn't do enough to warrant Janet perhaps investing more into those market. Despite the backlash, the US was still DJ's most successful market.
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    Wasn't Just A Little While projected to be a possible #1? Plus, Janet had #1s on all her albums from Control til All For You, and Damita Jo could've easily had 1 or 2 number one songs on the Billboard Hot 100 as well.
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    Interesting, right? Dvd? Netflix? Rhythm Nation 30th Anniversary Special?
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    No. No they’re not. They just can’t get HIV. No wonder black men are leading newly diagnosed HIV. They believe commercials over facts
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    I still can't stand that three track sequence on AFY
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    Yep! I saw it. And so many others. Janet looks great here. Her smile can light up the world. So beautiful.
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    RWU unquestionably takes the cake. It's really the only 00s/10s video that can sit with Janet's 80s and 90s stuff.
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    I've been on it almost a year now. I still use condoms and I don't tell guys I'm on prep usually because they feel it means we can just have unprotected sex for no reason
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    Her son Wiccan is super gay powerful sorcerer. And his twin brother has his uncle Quicksilvers powers basically super speed. Both part of Young Avengers. And since Hawkeye is training Kate who is also a Young Avenger. And Antman's daughter is supposed to be Stature in Young Avengers.
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    Hawkeye isn't a movie. Loki, WandaVision, Hawkeye, Falcon and Winter Soldier are all the Disney+ Tv shows. Hawkeye is him training Kate Bishop. WandaVision supposedly leads right into Dr. Strange 2 where she stars with him. Loki picks up right where Loki took the tesseract when they went in the past in Endgame. They also announced Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, and that there will be Fantastic 4 movie. Dr. Strange seems like a good place to get mutants in if they are dealing with the multiverse. Shang Chi should be good if they get some great martial arts people. There's no reason with Disney backing it shouldn't have the best Hong Kong straight up martial arts movie people. I don't care about WandaVision unless they go ahead and make her have the twins.
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    It’s not about R Kelly the person, it’s about black society as a collective. Kelly is merely a proxy that will be used to railroad black men. If Kelly is guilty, he’ll pay the penance. All this jumping up and down negroes are doing is extra. Weinstein, Epstein etc. still walking amongst us though
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    Omg I feel like now I understand why people had to stay off the forum and Janet pages for a while. theGreatDepressed can be overwhelming
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    nope that's the same video that's always been there. What were you seeing?


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