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    As someone who JUST got out of the hospital from battling Covid and her respiratory demons for almost a month.....fuck a tour! I'm here to tell you, take this shit seriously. Its already getting worse. And don't take breathing for granted ever again. I can barely walk to the kitchen without getting winded....I was 6'1, 175-180.....now I'm 6'1 140...shit ain't cute yall. Worse part is that I have an appetite BUT my taste buds are fucked because of the medicine I'm on. #miserable A bitch really want a lemon pepper wing. But seriously.... Stay safe!
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    Hey guys! Long time no see, huh? So... During this social isolation days, many fans from many artists are descovering HD UPSCALING tools. If you look online, you'll find entire videographies and tour releases uspcalled to HD from artists such as Michael, Kylie, Madonna... It's a way too make older SD footage look a bit better on current devices and TVs. It's not the same as having the original film converted or scaned to HD formats, but its better the 480p footage off DVDs. I used A LOT of my free time to try upscaling Janet's Live In Hawaii DVD and here's the result. Like we all know (no idea why tho) the Hawaii DVD quality SUCKS. I have no fucking idea what her team did with this, but both sound editing and video quality are not that good... The Velvet Rope DVD and VHS are 4 years older and look so much better! Anyway... This is is best result I could acheive upscaling the DVD .vob files. Hope you guys like it! And if you enjoy it, I can try upscaling the TVR tour next. FULL PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmd6E3sBg_iSDGT_nDhe05IT-R32pYG_E
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    I would be sooo happy if she is still releasing this year. Tour next year. Makes sense.
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    the summer is popping if you out here in dez streets I just heard GTIG LOUD as hell bumping from a truck with the windows down driving by as I walked back from the store, I mean PUMPA BOO! PUMPA!.........dat shit was LOUD!!
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    I remember her driving a SUV somewhere, thought it was ATL...when she was on Tyra's show. But I have been genuinely wondering if she has driven since being in the UK...and I honestly thought she wouldn't! The busy streets and on the reverse side? Hell no! Then again, roads have been much calmer than preCov. Also, she has Lil E so a bigger car for him and all his presents makes sense. I love driving. Had my last car for a solid 10 years until it broke down last month. She was not worth fixing and I'm not in a position to buy another right now. I do have a new bicycle though, which has been a beautiful experience using. There is a whole new cycling revolution over here at the moment!
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    The Perfection - B- Bizarre, implausible but i watched to the end so 🤷‍♀️
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    I often see resemblance to Jermaine in her. Something about the mannerisms and the mouth area. Anyway, I'm more stunned she is driving, on the other side of the road...and her car is black 😱
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    I’m so glad you kept your sense of humor lmaooo. I did get tested because I felt a sore throat but luckily I didn’t have anything. However I no longer travel to keep myself safe. I may see family if I start to see the curve flattening but I’ve been living very natural. I had a colleague almost lose a spouse and he’s still recovering so it’s very sobering to hear stories.
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    Omg!!! I’m so sorry to hear that boo!!! Just glad ur one of the survivors!!! This year has been terrifying but hang in there. 😳😫😭👍❤️
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    I’m not going to lie. I tested up reading your post. I’m sooo grateful that you’re still here with us. How are you feeling? I know of a people that have had a long road to recovery. And you’re right: this is not to play with. I haven’t seen my family yet because of the spike in cases and I’d hate to either get it or get my parents sick.
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    I saw a security guard at Court today with a Janet mouth/nose mask. It was the closed eyes Unbreakable cover with her pinky at her lip. I busted out, "Ohmygawd, it's Janet!"
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    I did some research and Ozark (yes it exists) is a known hub for White Supremacists, the area is accurately portrayed
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    Ozark got better, it was leaning towards some redneck bullshit, but they got better, and the show is really good too so, I watched all of it. I needed a Black character or even a Mexican on the show that was more than "furniture" in a room of white folks
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    Would Danja lie? Well kind of since HER influence knows no gender.
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    I wish... But the upscaling only works if you have a good source material. I can try, but that LQ leak we have won't look so good 😕 that was compressed and recompressed a few times. If we could find who owns the original files and leaked it in the first place, maybe it would work better!
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    This was great! Thank you! She looked so beautiful and this tour was amazing! I never got to see it live cause she had to cancel the Euro leg... But this made me nostalgic about the old days... 🤩
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    🤗 I wish for a fast and wonderful recovery.
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    Glad to hear you're doing well. Take it easy
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    Scary shit. I'm so happy you're feeling better now. Yeah... and things extra crazy out here.
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    Glad you made it thru and didnt lose your sense of humour!
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    Glad you're out and recovering. I hope you start feeling better soon.
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    Yes chile. It was tricky because I have bad allergies around this time...so it started off with me just coughing a lot in the middle of May. I would pop a Claritin and things would be better. Had no fever or anything. Towards the end of May, the coughing got a little more aggressive (so I thought I might be sick)...and I started getting chills and a slight headache...I was like okay...I'm getting tested tomorrow...( I had to jump through all these fucking hoops just to get a test....that pissed me off)...anywho, they swabbed my mouth and told me I'd get the results in 5 days....so I tried to be patient and wait but by that 3rd day....she was on my ass, muscles were weak af, could barely get air in my lungs...that was Sunday the end of May I believe...told my friend to call the sirens...its an emergency. I literally just got out yesterday lol. It's crazy because they had a feeding tube down my throat, so I was knocked out most of the time when I first got there and finally when I'm coherent...I see all these Black men still being killed by police, people rioting, looting, chaos....I almost told them to put me back under. Da fuq going on out chea. Smh
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    As a long time hard core fan, I can try to tell you somethings as I believe them to be and if you add them up it all makes sense: 1. Janet is a mother, that's her first priority. 2. Janet's a great legend act and she's done more than many will ever do, having said that her best days are past her now. 3. Some Janet fans truly expect these long drawn out album promo campaigns with 4 music videos and singles. Refer to #2 4. Did you know there was a global pandemic? That thing stopped a ton of projects in progress. For example, Janet was making the rounds early this year, she did The View, Jimmy Fallon, announced a new tour with a new album. I don't think Janet's NOT doing when she can be bothered. Speaking of when you've done as much as Janet you've earned the right to do it on your time. 5. So much got cancelled and pushed back, I saw Wonder Woman promo Doritos bags at Walmart, problem there is WW2 didn't happen yesterday I was at the store and looked at the Sunday paper, it was thin as hell, Sunday Newspapers are usually bulky with ads etc. I was told by someone they dont even have a TV guide in them anymore because new shows aren't being rolled out.
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    I just wonder if the album will be reworked to reflect all the current events with 2020. I'm here for a RN meets Velvet Rope album
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    She wouldn’t be the first artist to do this. I’m 100% sure Beyoncé went on tour in 2013 months before she dropped her self-titled album. It’s not new for artists to phase it in while on tour. It could be a myriad of reasons: not having the album finished yet, still working through a promo schedule, etc. Those things could’ve been in work while touring.
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    I was speaking musically the song Pillow Talk has some Island Life vibes in sound. As for the vocals, I felt "Pillow Talk" could use a vocal arrangement akin to that on "Island Life"
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    the vocals here are not doing it for me at all ✋
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    Pushing the tour makes sense and I do think releasing the album in Fall is a good idea.
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    I just wish she would hop as a feature on someone's track by time. Like a summer walker's album or migos album. Set the atmosphere for the coming of her album. I also lowkey wish she acted and did the soundtrack for Black Panther 2. HER AND DOJA CAT needs to collab with Janet
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    new leak of stems.... enjoy everybody Download
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    As far as the music goes, Black Diamond as a concept would be an ideal project for right now. She could discuss any and everything from her unjust treatment and surviving it, to her motherhood & concerns as a mother, to the movement & her support of the movement & being a Black woman. She can literally create a very elevating & timely piece of art right now. Ultimately it would be for her core fan base but it would be something she could really stand on.
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    Has she said anything about the cancellations yet? Is it cancelled or just postponed? It's too bad but there was no other option at this point with all that's going on. The State of the World tour was about what's going on right now. I wonder what she had in store for us with the BD. I hope she releases the album this year with some great new tracks... Something fresh and hopeful. Yes, hope, that's what we need right now.
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    It’s a banger for sure. Love it. I’m just spoiled when it comes to dance videos because of Janet. I don’t like to watch non-dancers dance in pop videos. Can be a little cringey.
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    Got my cancellation notification today. Totally understand why. I hope she puts out a statement though.
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    I'm here. I'll always be here.
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    I love ya’ll too, I’ve been talking to you in some form or another since I think 2005 when I first started living on my own. I don’t post here much anymore but I do see many of your stories and posts on FB, Insta and Twitter. Even though you don’t look at mine 😒😂😂
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    Let me be frank , over the years this whole bit has gotten well "dated" now that is not to say that the founder of this forum aint on her shit, cause this place trumps pretty much every other forum, I started out on Miss Janet, back in 1995ish, I remember it was through AOL, who remembers thats? long time ago, it was different then, Janet would sneak in on us and we had no clue, Rene would make his presence known. So much has changed. So much hasn't, It's been one hell of a ride over the years, from Henry, Pie, LoveProfusion, TheHiltonSuite, ThatOtherFan, Mr. Together, Jodie, Matt, sooooo many I cannot name. I do miss the days we had over 40 people on at one time, but things change, and we keep moving, or should, because whether we do or dont the world moves on regardless. Hell I've written an entire autobiography here I paid my respects to Paul because even though he and I butted heads often, I still liked that guy, he was one of the fam. as is Game I still speak to him, when I can be bothered I tried to give 18.14 to Paul but shit man the US dollar aint $18.14 in British pounds
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    1. You're not selfish for wanting to enjoy music from your fav. 2. Janet isn't any of those other artists who I dont think has had a huge reception necessarily anyway. 3. If you view the Black Diamond era as a project, its not any different from a ton of projects both musical and motion picture that have been pushed back. 4. Janet's role, or principal in the business is to entertain, she can address the fans, or she could say stay safe and thank the healthcare workers as she has done. In this case it's best to not speak, let the situation handle the PR itself, Janet's been on the camera side saying "sorry u guys" enough Aint a good look sis 5. IMO, I am still very grateful that Black Diamond did not roll out beyond a title, she can save her album and tour ideas for a time when she can maximize her exposure and return on reception/development/production/distribution. .....in conclusion you're not selfish, but we ALL gone wait also Janet has a child to care for, which is her first priority!!
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    when Janet said she cut rehearsals in half, that's when we should have known, she wont be coming like dat, although at least on the BB awards she gave us the full "If" breakdown, I mean we hadn't seen her use her arms for that since what? "Rock Witchu"
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    That performance lacked energy to me 😂, but if you mean in terms of executing moves then of course
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    I’m fine with a 2021 approach. I absolutely do not see her doing the SuperBowl. I think we need to accept that she’s stubborn and is going to do what she wants. She wrote the SuperBowl off after 2004, and isn’t looking back. And I don’t blame her at all! If there’s anything she’s hoping to happen numbers wise, I could see her trying to get another #1 album. She’s good at that and it’s a new decade so it would extend her streak. She also has a fan base that could help pull it off. I don’t see her gunning for a top single as she’s a legacy act now. And that’s perfectly fine. And 2020 is complete and total trash. I should’ve known when Kobe died this was about to be a year of bullshit, but wow... this exceeded my expectations. I’m grateful to still be employed and to be safe. I hope y’all are safe as well.
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    Because Janet is chanting with the melody. It was an ok cover..more soulful than Janet's obviously, but Janet's delivery>>>> Another reason to leave Janet's songs alone tbh.
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