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    HERE IT IS, BEEEEIIIITCHES!!! (YOUTUBE) (DOWNLOAD) http://yourlisten.com/channel/content/106847/LyricalLesson_Forum_Awards_Song_(update) LYRICS LYRICALLESSON - JJ AWARDS SONG Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to announce The nominees for the 2011 JJ Forum Awards But before we get to that, I want you to sit back in your seats And listen, to the opening, messages (VERSE 1) Welcome to invisionzone, uh uh Planet Janet 2011 Forum Awards, gosh dammit Cheers to Angie & TE cuz they planned it Suprised ya ass, cuz you thought the queen canned it But it's back with a vengence, so just sit back and listen Watch the chaos commencing, you don't need no convincing We here to party y'all, it's a fiesta So if you don't attend, I'ma snatch ya head bald like Uncle Fester Art and TOF, J.Bailey, Andy Roc and Henry, Lexus and Austin Angie, Overit, Selz and Hotboy Boi, Switchblade, Voodoo, Ralphie Effrem, Xternal, JoeJoe, Jodi Pie and Shawn and Bu and TwistedElegance CND, Reyna, Escapade Idrag4MJ and Mr. Dayz (CHORUS) Put ya hands together, you invited to the show It's the JJ Forum Awards, don't act like you don't know OH OH OH OH We hostin' the illest award show on the planet so if ya ass ain't relevant you leavin' empty handed OH OH OH OH (VERSE 2) Keep them dollas, euros, yen at home, it's free so leave your pounds And if you ain't get a ticket, uh sit ya ass down There's enough shade, draggin' and tea to go around TOF, I finally found your wig -- it's in the 'Lost & Found' Haha, It's all love, sho' nuff We like a dysfunctional family, can't get get enough Another year down, we still together that's whassup! Alright the show's about to start, so shut the hell up! Twistedvelvet, Chase, Aed, Jesse and Illi Kenneth, Paul, Som.ner, Jarrylf and Barbra Fanka, Elixabef, Cheaps, Vaquero Eli, Love Supreme, Japtok, CalQuin KingBaby, BZE, SloLove, Y2k EddieG, Dimpy, Coco Lee, WhitePicketDreams Kishi, MissEnjoi, JanSher and Game I'd mention myself, but y'all ready know my name (CHORUS) (AD-LIB OUTRO) HAHAHAHAHA LyricalLesson, teachin' y'all some lessons That's right Dayz -- I TEACH lessons Educating you about the 2011 forum awards Brought to you by Queen Angie We need to give this woman a round of applause And maybe a shot of Patron or something Hahahaaaa Let the games begin!!!
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    For once, and I know this may be hard for you, but STFU. You didn't like her, we get it, but at the very least, show some respect or get out. It's the same bullshit you did with Michael and it's the same stupid bullshit you did with Amy Winehouse. Just STFU before you make me do something I may or may not regret. But to be frank, I don't have much tolerance for your antagonism right now.
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    To me, it sounds like she herself may be carrying the baby but I could be wrong. If she is, I really don't think it's anyone's place to dictate what her physical state should be while pregnant and if she can perform or not. Personally, as a woman who has never been pregnant, I find that very off putting. Speculate the other stuff but don't get into critiquing a woman's body like that, please.
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    Just got mine in the mail today and yes I am loving it and yes I am feelin' myself tonight. I love the quality of it and the snapback design. If you dudes or gals usually wear those types of styled hats you will probably dig this one.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUHJhEFFm0c I hope you all like it. I worked hard on this thing.
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    See this is what irks me, ans why I like Janet to keep her personal life private, and also why I don't give a shit about interviews. People are already speculating about the child's last name, religious status, and trying to dictate what Janet should do. If she wants to take the risk of natural birth, then so be it. She's a grown ass woman, she's not stupid, and has the means to do so. I actually prefer for Janet to forget about the damned tour, and be happy with her family. If she decides to continue with her tour, good for her. (I will not buy another ticket). If she retires, which I believe she will, I will be ok with that also. This is a child we're talking about. This changes everything. Her child comes first.
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    I'm saddened by the covert and at times overt Islamophobia. Let her live. She doesn't have to live in the image of her fans. She just has to live in her own truth.
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    hi, i tend to be a lurker around these forums (too shy to post haha), but i'm really surprised no one posted this remix (it came out about two weeks ago). i love how he turned "if" into such a candy pop deephouse song. please take a listen! you'll definitely be grooving in your seats. c:
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    i had some free time today and decided to put together a few videos i could find online of the intro, burnitup and nasty from the unbreakable tour... check it out.. let me know if you would be down to watch a full show version of this... NO.. this is NOT any type of final version... simply a "multi-cam" edit i did and wanted to see what folks' reaction would be.. if it's positive enough, i'll work towards having a completed show edit... anyways, enjoy! (hopefully)
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    Just to be clear... I understand the disappointment but please choose your words as carefully as Janet did in that video otherwise I will be handing out warnings.
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    Okay, so after hearing what you all have to say, I will ride it out for this era and see how it goes. I can't say goodbye to you guys! Ugh, I hate yall
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    Surviving Planet Janet 101 It has been brought to my attention by The Management that things have been getting out of order 'round hurr, which is a lot considering the zoo this place is. Folks getting dragged and read worse than ever. Piepie showing off her goodies. Hotboy being celibate. Angie being online more. This place has been like the twilight zone. And I'm here for Technicolor. There's gonna be some new girls joining soon ( ) so the survival tips need to be laid out: 1. Remember Who You're Here For This is Planet JANET. She is the ONLY bitch that matters here. Angie's Blood/Crip/MS-13 boyfriends work long hours to keep this board going. Respect her and that. It is very much so okay to stan for other artists - TOF also stans for a medical mystery, Hotboy stans for a Legend, and DJ-Y2K stans for a non singing billy goat. But remember, you are here for Janet. There's no need to shade Janet to defend whatever flop you stan for. Doing so will get you called out and/or dragged. Example 1: Example 2: 2. Forum Buddies Are Essential Forum allies not only greater your chances of survival, but also build your popularity. Whenever you're pressed about Beysus involved in a debate, argument, fight, etc, you can always count on your forum buddy to see eye-to-eye with you and understand your point of view. Count on your forum buddy to agree with your posts, laugh at your gifs, chat about the size of Angie's rack, etc. Everyone on the forum will associate you two as Laverne & Shirley, and thus your popularity grows. Example of forum buddies - Hotboy & Lexi, Blatin & SloLove, Hotboy & DJ-Y2K (notice how Hotboy gets passed around ) Example 2 - 3. Don't Be Late When you see a thread that's on the second, third, or twenty-second page, don't rehash it. The thread is over. No one cares about your fucking opinion. Being late also refers to posting news late, or just making pointless threads. Be sure to browse the first page of either the Janet section or the Beyonce section Free Xone section before making a thread. It avoids cluttering up the pages, and forumers using it as a reason to belittle you. If it's not an official thread for another artist or a Janet thread, just don't bother. Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3 - 4. Don't Be Pressed That's a lovely picture of DejaVU. This goes back to having a forum buddy. When you're a one man band, you can't just try your puss with any and everyone. Being pressed is a sign of weakness, and it is only the catalyst for your forum enemies you make you even more pressed. Simple comments that are directed towards the pressed is only bait for you to become more pressed. It is only okay to be pressed when it comes to Janet debates and miscellaneous debates about politics, society, etc. Example 1 - 5. You Don't Have Any Leverage With The Admin/Mods The mods don't like you. Get over it. No matter how many times you PM them your nudes or rocks you sell. In order for the mods to be fair to everyone (yes, even Xternal), they can not show any favoritism towards anyone. That's just the way love goes. However, this does not rule constantly asking, nagging, demanding (only if you're Nuk cuz he's sassy ), or begging. The Church of Janhova's Witnesses is still collecting an offering to cover the medical bills for when Angie needed a triple bypass after a certain someone (we all know who) PMed her their nudes. Example 1 - 6. Yes, Stupid People Exists In The Cyber World There comes a time in every forumer's e-life that they realize ppl in the e-world are just plain stupid. I don't believe people are stupid, but a series of stupid comments, leads to a person being stupid. No one is REALLY stupid, it's the things they say that make other's question their IQ, high school diploma (if they have one), or their up bringing. Everyone is different yes, but there's no reason for some of the foolishness posted. If it sounds stupid in your head, it's gonna gonna sound worse when posted. Think your comments, positions, opinions, etc through before you post them. Arguing with lesser girls has its pros and cons - it makes YOU look smarter, the con is that it's nothing but time wasted (and gives you a headache). The best thing you can do is direct them to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNrzbSd5N6E. Example 1 - 7. Mix And Mingle Planet Janet is your only other option to be anti-Janet-Xone. Now that KETA is back, we no longer have to go there for news. She can just steal jack it from J|X and post it here. You are going to be here with us for X amount of days. Janet has brought us here. And you will be here for X amount of days. So you might as well get to know the ppl, and enjoy your time here. Know who is the forum clown, the forum brain, the forum idiot, the fun drunk, the forumer that does too much, etc. Example 1 - 8. No One Is Forcing You To Read The Threads Last time I checked, not nann one of ya'll has a gun pointed to your head forcing you to read the threads. When you log on to PJ, and you see an 8 page thread about something, DON'T ACT DUMB. You've been a member of JJ.net Inc. long enough to know that an 8 page thread means there's an argument going on, someone's fighting, mindless off-topic chit-chatter, etc. If you want to avoid a headache, don't click in the thread. If you do, THERE'S A REASON WHY YOUR COMPUTER COMES EQUIPPED WITH A "SCROLL" KEY. Don't come in threads talking about how tired of it you are. You've been tired of it for 6 years. I ain't got time. Example 1 - 9. Know What To Expect This board is full of butch lesbians, transgenders, ThatOtherFan, and stunt queens. You should know what topics to expect. There are going to be threads about sex, because heeeellllooooo it's a Janet board. TwistedElegance™ likes to talk about music. Dayz, she likes to talk about men and relationships. Cowboi and DownAznBoi like to talk about random stuff like ppl who mud wrestle with random animals for grocery money. Roc likes to talk about sexually explicit things that we would otherwise find unacceptable. And you can never be too sure with Nuk. Don't complain when you see their threads pop up from time to time. Either discuss, or don't bother with the thread. 10. We Know What You're Talking About On average, there's a thread made once every hour on here. Some threads are short and right to the point, some are long and drawn out. When someone posts a long article, or a series of pictures, you don't need to quote the entire post. It's annoying. Just respond regularly. We'll know what you're responding to. Quoting long posts makes pages longer than they need to be. If you want to respond to a certain part, it doesn't take long to edit out the excess text to get to the part you want to respond to. Example 1 - Example 2 - 11. Use The Good Old Noggin' Many say "this is just a forum", but that's the common cop out idiots use to avoid having to think. This is a message board that is broadcast to the world, and you don't want to look like an idiot in front of 6 billion+ people. This is your chance to either look educated or like a jackass. As you post on the board, think about what you're saying and how you're saying it. Sometimes your "bluntness" can come across as rude or offensive. Make sure what you're saying is well thought out and not just mindless jibber-jabber. There's a "Preview Post" button there for a reason. Use it. Example 1: Example 2: Example 3: 12. Have Fun.
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    Someone tweeted her, "Being gay isn't a choice; but being 25, illiterate, and fucking a married man & having his baby is." I died right then and there.
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    Didn't this illiterate hippo get pregnant out of wedlock and fornicate with someone else's man and then try and commit suicide? Maybe she needs to have someone read some other parts of the bible to her.
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    Janhova littered the land with animals on the sixth day. If She wants to snatch them back in the name of fashion, so it shall be.
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    What a night, what an extraordinary night; up-close and personal, literally. Let me start off by saying that to see Janet at a venue such as the Opera House is truly a privilege, especially for this being my very first Janet concert. I've been to hundreds of shows in various venues over the years and the Opera House is in its own league. You couldn't ask for a better venue to experience someone of Janet's magnitude and status. The crowd was unbelievable. I've never seen such a happy and enthusiastic crowd in all my concert going years. They played 'Moves Like Jagger' prior to the show and just like the video that was posted here the crowd practically blew the roof off again. I've never experienced something like that before. The atmosphere was truly electrifying and insane. It's also great to see that Janet's Sydney fan-base is truly a mixed bag - almost every demographic was present tonight. But the majority of attendees were in their 20s/30s and early 40s. Once the show got underway I couldn't believe my eyes; there she was in all her beautiful glory. She is tiny in person and stunning beyond words. She was on fire tonight, didn't miss a step and had the crowd in the palm of her hand. She clearly loves Sydney and Sydney loves her. The ballad medley was beautiful. The crowd was so quiet during her set, you could hear a pin drop. 'Nothing' is truly special live. Once 'Come Back To Me' kicked in, the crowd went wild. And 'Again' brought an even bigger reaction. Even though it was a seated concert, everyone was on their feet practically the entire time. 'Together Again' was a wonderful moment, especially when she finished it and said, "Justice was good today, y'all" and then proceeded to raise her hand in the air. Once the show finished, I knew I had to stick around and see if I could see Janet leaving the venue. I had a hunch. And sure enough, that hunch became a reality. I was expecting to see her car and maybe a glimpse of her through the window. After 30 minutes of waiting, her car slowly left the undercover garage and there it happened; she rolled down the window and proceeded to stick half her body out the window! I was a foot away. She touched my hand, thanked us and said she loved us. She did this for a few minutes and her videographer was filming it all. She is absolutely beautiful in person. She looks like a doll - so youthful and there is a glow to her. Pictures and screens do not do her justice at all. Seeing her this close will forever be etched in my memory. At this point it started to get crazy and people were beginning to act like fools by brushing up to her car and security began to intervene. She then got inside, rolled up the window, waved one last time and slowly exited the complex. As I was leaving I had to stop for a second because I couldn't comprehend what had actually happened. I said to myself, "I saw Janet". but it didn't sink in until a few minutes later. It still feels very surreal and almost like a dream. I'm on such a high right now. I think it'll be a very long time before I come down. Anyway, sorry for rambling on.
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    Be as pissed as you want, but do not resort to bashing Janet.
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    So Janet was the first good looking woman to pull men up on stage.
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    You all have heard me sing though This was my latest vid though. I'm not singing today cos I have a cold and there's currently a tissue on my face This would have been my backing track song if I had got through on my Voice audition
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    So we finally get to the Holy Grail of humanity, and the volumes of life that have chronicled the evolution of man. We began in the earliest of times, there were three Punic Wars, the first was The Battle at Janet Jackson. It was a very trying time for the soldiers, "Young Love" being victor at the battle. So it was a minor victory for the home team. The second war occurred during The Dream Street Fort, a minor setback for the forces, although DSAC being one of the smaller battles won. The third and final battle came when Johanet Sebastien Bachkson delivered the Garysburg Address and discharged General Joe as the commander in chief. As the wars ended, Janet Platoson ushered in a new era. We shall refer to this era as the Age of Enlightenment. During this time Platoson released her two of her most important works, the Code of Control, and Magna Carta 1814. Two works of history that illustrate the evolution of young hussy to experienced streetwalker. Both solid works of art that catapulted the era from earthly to intergalactic. The issue with these two is their dated sound, rather than timelessness. Although dated, the two works continue to be the pinnacle of the era. As the Age of Enlightenment came to a close, the beginning of a new era dawned. We have come to know this era as The Renaissance. During this period, Janet Van Gogh released her famous masterpiece. The masterpiece sits in The Lourve, and it is called Venus Meets Rollingsus Stone. During the first half of the Renaissance, the world was blessed with janet., an album that makes Aphrodite look like little orphan Annie. Although the code of conduct is plagued with filler, we shall adorn the works bestowed upon us as it would shape the future of selling sex in the industry. Shortly thereafter, Janetankhamen released "Architect Of A Century", a work reflecting the progress of century's past. During the latter half of The Renaissance, we received The Velvet Versailles. The treaty continues to resonate with the general public due to its introspection and emotional catharsis. For the first time in millenniums, the public did not question whether or not Janphrodite was human. Following the Renaissance, we entered the Modern Era. Janet Kennedy released The All For You Act of 2001. An act that celebrated the progress of the world, and guided us into the future. The act is almost better than janet. released during the Renaissance. The act was followed with the landmark case Damita vs Jo, a huge step down from the prior works, but still consistent with a few standout tracks. Two more works followed, not as solid, but still great. And that's the story of the evolution of man. The order of hierarchy is as follows: 1. RN1814 2. TVR 3. Control 4. janet. 5. All For You 6. Discipline 7. Damita Jo 8. 20 YO 9. Janet Jackson 10 Dream Street This ranking of greatest to least great is factual information, and you are to accept this into your hearts.
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