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    For those of you too lazy to click the link, this photo pretty much sums up the video.
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    It's literally Jimmy trying to single handedly give this era life. God bless him.
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    Y’all already know who TF called this shit barely two weeks ago right here on this here messagebord!!! 🙋🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️ Put some ‘spect on my name!
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    Amazing performance. I never seen her perform barefoot. That opening and the production value was on poinT. Her understanding of using the whole stage is unmatched. I love how unique Janet's fashion is..she doesn't conform and she wears what she wants...a big problem to some of her fanbase(when in reality it's just clothes). Anyway, the AFY part was off. Janet didn't realize she had background dancers and proceeded to make them look like amateurs. She continues to fuck that breakdown up. I'm shocked she's still pushing MFN.. Haven't seen this much promo for a single since forever. I'm happy to still be amazed at Janet..such a gift to be riding for her going on 30+ years now.
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    Yall are taking way too much time to put this up “We thank God for our blessing,” says the star. After Jackson announced in April she was postponing her Unbreakable World Tour in May to focus on “planning” a family with her husband Wissam Al Mana, sources confirmed to PEOPLE the star was expecting her first child. Over the last few months, Jackson has kept a low profile and was last spotted shopping for baby buys at London’s Back in Action furniture store. “She is super excited about her pregnancy and is doing extremely well,” a source close to the Jackson family previously told PEOPLE. “She actually feels very good about everything.” http://celebritybabies.people.com/2016/10/12/janet-jackson-baby-bump-photo-pregnancy-announcement/?xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag ----------- She looks amazing Her bresteces are HUGE
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    I think Janet could care less about her outfit being flattering I think she cares more about it being comfortable.
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    Is it bad that I'm thinking: "we might get another bomb ass album out of this. " I'm glad she is atleast saying right now, she still plans to tour.
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    well sorry..... Kylie wasn't performing either last year and ended up on stage singing 2 songs with Sharon Stone... Was that posted as well on the Janet forum
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    These. Are not. Coincidences.
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    Control didn't just launch Janet's career... it put Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on the map as well. For the rest of the 80s through the early 90s, the best RnB music being produced was either by Jam and Lewis, modeled after Jam and Lewis, or in response to Jam and Lewis. Janet's Control served as a pioneer and spotlight to their talent. Control paved the way for the success of artists like Paula Abdul, Karyn White, Jody Watley and Vanessa Williams, whom all borrowed or modeled after the original. It's also why Control is credited as one of the first albums of the New Jack Swing sound. If you go back and listen to Control, then compare it Watley's Looking for a New Love, Williams' The Right Stuff, you can hear how they borrowed the same sounds. I think Control, RN and TVR are all groundbreaking, but in different way. Control had the greatest impact on music. RN had the greatest impact on Society and Pop Culture. TVR was a personal opus for Janet (and all of us).
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    Peep this video I just made:
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    All this. And watch Janet expect ppl to buy tickets without issuing a statement, apologizing, giving a performance, or doing anything special for anyone.
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    Let's address this first.
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    The way some of you act, one would think you were in the relationship too. Talking about Wissam needs to go. First of all, you're not even in the relationship. Second, Janet and Wissam are bound together for another 17 years when Eissus turns 18. Third, calm down. What probably happened is the nanny asked for the wifi password, Wissam said no or he didn't have it. Nanny got mad, created some story, and called Janet with some lie, and then Janet called the cops. Randy ran to the media and made a mountain out of a molehill. And here we are.
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    My favorite living artist, and my favorite living male artist.....if these 2 muhfuckas don't record and perform a song that stops the world....
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    Toledo show was VERY CUTE!I did meet up with TDAWESOME from Janet Club and his friend at Ice beforehand for dinner. Nice folks!It was in the 40s temperature wise outside, but I chatted with fans outside for an hour. Most of the people I spoke to haven't seen her before, but are life time fans. Quite a few teens and kids that are big fans of hers were there with parents who also love her. Sat 4 row on the right side. Ran into Bailey, who was sitting right in front of me. I've already seen the show once, but seriously, seeing it for the second time was soooo good. I love the setlist, the lights, the dancers, the band, the arrangements, Janet, and the crowd was packed. They were dancing so much when DJ Aktive was playing (he should've played longer, a lot of the audience wanted more of a warm up). Loved little moments like Janet waving, blowing a kiss, and looking at me!! During Throb, Janet is having a blast and goofing off. When Alex is dancing, she keeps yelling "Alex! Ar-TIST. Ar-TISTE!" and moving her hands around in a cute way. Dom was going AWF and her earring fell off and Janet picked it up and kept laughing. Guero twerked during his introduction and let's just say I'm in love with him now! The ballads section is my favorite. She totally vibes during this one and she pays close attention to the fans who know the song and sing it out loud or snap fingers or wave their hands. I personally love Well Traveled as a song and a closer. No, I don't think it's a farewell to us. People have speculated that she won't be touring anymore since Rockwitchu Tour haha. And she's proven us wrong. I think it's a cute "thank you guys, now go home" song! No more of the typical After the show, I spoke to Gil, Allison, Alex, Mishay, and Dom. I appreciate it because it was too cold and they didn't have to come out and see us. It was only about 5 of us, but GIl asked security to open the gate and let us speak to them and get a picture. I know he was cold, wanted to smoke, and get into bed, but he knows us diehard fans are crazy and just want to fawn and fan out. So excited for Detroit. I know it's going to be packt and lit!
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    I couldn't care less about her marketing campaign or exposure at radio. We live in a different world now than 2001. Just give me quality music written and performed from the heart, like Unbreakable. This album fed my soul. That's all the matters to me.
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    Janet is the main reason for the dissension within the Janet fan community. You have two sides of the coin: on one side you have the fans who doesn't hold her accountable for any of her faults and loves everything she does, then you have the small minority of fans who will be honest and offer constructive criticism of Janet. The differing perspectives leads to clashing, which leads to dissension and that in turn, leads to this fan base looking dysfunctional. The root to all of this, however, is Janet and her seemingly poor handling of her career within the last 15 years. And most of the fans who call honest fans "fake" are disappointed themselves in Janet, but won't admit it due to their loyalty to her.
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    I think that famous teens should stay off of social media. Jaden Smith, I'm looking at you.
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    Janet’s longtime producer and friend Jimmy Jam has told Reuters that they are still in the creative process that lead to Unbreakable. This interview had escaped from the fans’ attention until recently, and Jimmy shares details about their current mood. Jimmy states that they are still on the “Unbreakable Mode”, dealing with unfinished ideas that might still come to fruition. That might lead to another record or a 2.0 version of her latest album, as long as the inspiration comes first. “The creative drives everything. […] You can’t put the car before the horse”, he said. Check the video out! + READ MORE
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    Gimme a Beat: Happy 50th Birthday, Janet Jackson!http://www.biography.com/news/janet-jackson-biography-facts HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY, JANET JACKSON! SEE HER MOST FABULOUS LOOKS - http://www.essence.com/fashion/janet-jackson-style-evolution Janet Jackson's Road to 50 - http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/janet-jacksons-road-50/story?id=39043366 Wishing Janet a great day! 50? WOW! What a milestone .
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    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Annoying, waiting to see Mrs. Debarge who had to be born in 84/85, and hear it from her, get a blood test from them, and not hear it from a DeBarge (though I love their music for the most part, aint a damn DeBarge ever been shy of reporters if we keeping it 100....). I was waiting on this from 1 of them (legitimately surprised it's him), her being in the news for pregnancy is the perfect time for a DeBarge name to get in the public for 5mins again.
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    "just can't feel casual about cancellations"
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    Her credibility as a touring act has been tremendously tarnished. She may never be able to do a successful large-scale tour again. And this has by far been the worst era of her career, because it's mostly been her fault. At least the previous three eras were mostly the label/blacklisting, but this was ALL her. And she hasn't acknowledged the fans' disappointment in a meaningful way. I love her and always will, but I'm through with her shenanigans. She needs to take care of her future child, retire and be happy with her family. I honestly wasn't even mad when she said the tour was cancelled. I'm immune to the bullshit and lost interest in the concert. It wasn't worth the drama. Just give me my $150.
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    she pretty much got my dick hard from some boooomb head action (spit and deepthroat and errthing!), then bent over for me and as soon as I slid the tip of my cock in her slit she pulled away and ran for the door and never looked back, leaving me with a gnarly case of blue balls... at least that's how I feel she's handled this entire era.. "...I never even got to CUUUM!" ?
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    You guys have to realize that everything she has been doing since Number Ones era has been under the guidance of her new management company. Nutrisystem and True You both involve recipes from chefs under Kathy's management company, which those two ventures were because of Kathy's management. Jewelry collections is nothing new for Kathy's management company. Remember, they are the company with the licensing to Liz Taylor's name, and all of the jewelry collaborations were done under Kathy's management company. So, Janet's diamond collection has more to do with Kathy's management company than her marriage to Wissam. However, because of Wissam, Kathy may have seen a market and place for the sale of Janet's jewelry line. I don't think Wissam is giving Janet any career or investment advice, it is all coming from her management company and Janet's own will to venture into those endeavors. I wouldn't be surprised if Janet soon came out with a perfume line as well. I don't mind Janet coming out with a diamond collection that her fans cannot afford. The main reason why celebrities release perfume lines, is because they are LUCRATIVE!! They want to make money, not give anything to their fans. If they wanted to release a product for their fans, they would release it on their websites, you will find it on sale at their concerts, etc. So Janet, make your money boo..
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    Cuz it's pathetic, the melody is basic as shit and the lyrics are cringe worthy just like the chorus. Thinking about my ex >>>>>>> greatest mess ever
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    Cool story. Needs more dragons.
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    you know a new era is coming when people start claiming that they heard the single. Aww, the memories. Im not here for speculation 101, If Janet is singing about sex I will wait to here it from her lips I find it funny how Wendy Williams and others are concerned about Janets feelings being hurt by the new generation of music buyers and them not accepting her when in reality Janet went through hell and back during Nipplegate, if anybody can take any kind of criticism it is Janet Muthafuckin Jackson.
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    Beyoncé did it for not stocking her album
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    I just finished buying most of what was left to add to my Janet collection. CDs: Janet Jackson. Dreaming of a Hit Street. Cunt-rol. Cunt-rol: The Remixes (UK Edition). Cunt-rol: The Remixes (German Edition). More Cunt-rol. Rhythm Nation. Janhova. Janhova. (Limited Book Edition). Janhova: Remixed. Slayings of a Decade. Slayings of a Decade (UK Edition). Slayings of a Decade (Japanese Edition). The Velvet Rope. The Velvet Rope (Australian Tour Edition). All for Yew. All for Yew (Tour Edition). Damita-the Ho. Classic Me with a Modern Twist, Vol. I: ZZ Y.O. (Deluxe Edition). Classic Me with a Modern Twist, Vol. II: Discipline (Deluxe Edition). Number Ones, featuring the modernly twisted classic Janet smash “Make Me.” The Best. Icon: Janitor Jackson. 12" VINYLS: Janet Jackson. Dream Street. Control. Rhythm Nation. Design of a Decade. The Velvet Rope. Damita Jo. 20 Y.O. Discipline. “Say You Do.” “Young Love.” “Don’t Stand Another Chance.” "Cunt-trol." “What Has She Done for You Lately?” “Nasty.” “When I Think of Hits.” “Let’s Wait Awhile.” “The Pleasure Principle.” "Miss You Much" (The Lessors' Theme Song to Billboard, 1986:2001). "Rhythm Nation." “Schmexcapade.” “Alright.” "Cum Inside of Me (I'm Begging You Plea-heease)." "Black Puss." “Love Will Never Do (Without JD).” “That’s the Way Slaying Goes.” “If.” “Any Time, Any Place.” “You Want Tits.” “Runaway.” "Scream." "Got 'til It's Gone." "Together Again." “I Get Hungry.” "Doesn't Really Matter if You Look Like JD." "All For You." "Someone to Call My Lover." "Son of a Gun." "Just a Little While." “All Nite (Don't Stop).” “Call on JD." "So Essited" featuring Khisus Christ. “Fatback.” I'm missing "Again," "Whoops Now," and "I Want You," as well as the unreleased TVR singles. And three albums. DVDs: [*]The Rhythm Nation Compilation. [*]Massacres of a Decade: The Videos that Left Your Favs on Handycam. [*]The Velvet Rope Tour. [*]Live In Hawaii. [*]From Janhova. to Damita that Kneegra: The Videos. [*]Cinematic Injustice. [*]The Nutty Professor 2: Janet’s Lumps. My standom has three limits and they are (1) Emmitt (2) Rudolf (3) Perry. No not and nope. Other: [*]The Velvet Rope Tourbook. [*]Number Ones: $50mil and Still In Wifebeaters Tourbook. [*]Two separate tickets to the Number Ones: Lawn Chairs for Arena Prices Tour. [*]Trew Yew. --- "Janhova, please count my many financial sacrifices (and subsequent starving fasting) as tidings abundant enough to grant me access to the pearly gates of Heaven, for Thou art my Savior. 'When Janhova shall come with shouts of the Rhythm Nation, And take me to Neverland, what joy shall fill my heart! Lesser bitches and I shall bow in humble adoration, And there proclaim, Janhova, how great Thou art!' Amen.
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    DEAD @ the the most popular entertainer in history being bothered by his equally talented sister..
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    YASSSSS SIS YOU BETTER THROW JANET UNDER THAT CITY BUS! But in all seriousness Game you fail for a number of reasons: 1. Janet and Britney aren't in the same points in their careers. Although they are both past their primes, Britney's career is in better shape than Janet's right now. For someone of her star power, she shouldn't have to slash ticket prices to fill venues. 2. When promoters put group tickets on sale, as such, that means the venue is nearly full and they're just trying to fill the venue to maximum capacity. Hence the description, "For $32, you get a general-admission ticket for the upper general-admission bleachers." 3. The fact that the site lists "bleachers" as where you're sitting, is proof that you're better off just watching Youtube videos. 4. Angie has told you ppl about trying to be the "objective" fan, whilst throwing Janet under the bus to make a point. 5. Britney SHOULD have slashed her ticket prices after that GMA performance. Hell, she should be paying people to come see her.
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    She's not in any position to judge anyone's sense of fashion or style.
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    Definitely the best "Late night" show performance she's EVER done. And I would go on to say one of the best televised performances she's ever done PERIOD! ??????????????????????????????????
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    But Beat's point is that Austin and The Shadow act as if Janet was gonna be completely selling out all the dates when the odds were stacked against her in the first place by the cancelling/postponing and ticket refund issues surrounding the Unbreakable tour. SHE WAS GOING TO HAVE SOME ISSUES ON THIS 2ND ROUND REGARDLESS even if she did a 100 interviews but since she didn't do the 100 interviews Austin and the other "fans" are still mad, bothered and heated about it, even tho they aren't getting a check in the mail.
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    Hey guys!!! New user here!!! Conveniently my account was approved for Janet’s stop in Boston tonight!! The show was...AMAZING!!! I nearly cried when Janet did during “What About”!!! The crowd was LIT!!! Almost completely sold out as there was such a HUGE crowd, if not sold out! DJ played Janet’s non-Tour Setlist hits, unreleased tracks and some of the greatest hits to come from Boston artists like BellBivDevoe! Janet was.....INCREDIBLE!!! Danced her ass off and devoured that stage!!! My first and not my last concert seeing her for sure!!! ???? Went with my big sister and even she said it was AMAZING!!! I notice she wore an all black outfit for the encore potion of the show.
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    Think about it: This is SUCH a Justin Timberlake thing to do.. he is aware of the policitcal and social climate that is taking place everyday at this very moment in time. African Americans and other minorities all across this country are reeling week after week from unjust treatment and blatant racism and prejudice, from the bottom of the trashiest trailer parks to the highest of our nation’s leaders. He was one of the main players, and beneficiaries, in one of the most overblown cases of fake outrage, largely evidently due to race. He pulled it off of her... she did not do it to herself. Knowing what we know now, he should’ve just grabbed her by the pussy on that stage! What would it have mattered..? and what does this mother fucker go and do..? He observes all this and says to himself “yea I deserve to be on that stage after all the preferential treatment I’ve received and all the White Privilege that I yearn for...this is the perfect time in this nation’s history to take from one culture and sell it as my own...I’ll do it!
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    let me ...ALL OF YOU.....let me please just have this moment.....bow you're heads let the church say, Amen, to finally, I said what? AMEN!!!! to finally seeing Janet lose them dayum Harem pants. Whether you gave a fuck or not, let me have this pleassseee thank ha praise ha ...Goddess
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    She should re-release the album with new tracks to have it chart again. Since it's an independent release and she's bundling the cd with merchandise, it'll make sense to re-release it back into the public's consciousness while on tour. The album will easily chart every week like it was doing before she postponed. That would salvage the era and would be a better look if she toured with a re-release instead of just a 2-year-old album.
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    That you should be grateful that she's still here instead crying over spilled milk, cus its rather small in comparison to losing her. Other fans are losing their favs Yearly. Ours is still here.
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    ooo Lord I almost didn't read ALL OF IT but I actually did. That's what I can't stand about some of these Janet fans. Janet is obviously a part of our lives so for them to start saying this person or that person isn't or never was a real fan is just a load of bull. Yeah some fans are gonna complain about stuff. Janet knows this and has said it in interviews about how her fans have let her know even in person what they liked or didn't like lol. Don't mean she's gonna listen but I doubt she'd say "oh well they aren't real fans anyway". Oh Janet could most definitely promote via tv shows and awards if she wanted to. Once again her cancelling the Iheartradio Music Festival was one of the dumbest career moves i've seen her make. You're right, she put out her best album since TVR and nobody knows about it smh
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    I've never understood the argument that Janet got where she is because she is a Jackson. I've always thought that was a weak argument honestly when it comes to discrediting Janet's success. Being related to someone doesn't equal success. I can name multiple artists who are the sibling/child of successful artists who attempt to have solo careers and none I can think of come close to their sibling's/parent's success or Janet's success. Just because you are related to someone doesn't mean that you automatically have success. You have to work for your success because you don't just get handed awards, you don't get multiple successful songs/albums on the Billboard Charts, you don't get sold out tours,etc. You have to work for your success and not think your name/who you are related to automatically equals success because most of the time it doesn't. Also If being a Jackson helped Janet so much why don't the 7 other Jackson siblings have a career like Janet which consists of over 100 million albums sold, 10 #1's on the Billboard Hot 100, 20+ Top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, 6 #1 albums, 300+ Awards, considered an influence to multiple performers, etc. The brothers were apart of the Jackson 5/The Jacksons but didn't have super successful solo success, Rebbie had "Centipede" but that was it, and La Toya has done multiple reality shows but has had very limited success in music. So obviously the Jackson name didn't help as much as people want to believe otherwise every sibling would have had more successful solo careers but they don't.
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    Here's my no-make-up cold-having ass I recorded mine before I heard anybody else's - I did laugh when Kishi and I picked the same book
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    I don't appreciate the discrimination against toastersexuals! Just look at this beautiful relationship... j/p, I'm sorry! I support marriage between any two consenting adults. Very good breakdown.


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