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    For those of you too lazy to click the link, this photo pretty much sums up the video.
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    It's literally Jimmy trying to single handedly give this era life. God bless him.
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    Y’all already know who TF called this shit barely two weeks ago right here on this here messagebord!!! 🙋🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️ Put some ‘spect on my name!
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    Amazing performance. I never seen her perform barefoot. That opening and the production value was on poinT. Her understanding of using the whole stage is unmatched. I love how unique Janet's fashion is..she doesn't conform and she wears what she wants...a big problem to some of her fanbase(when in reality it's just clothes). Anyway, the AFY part was off. Janet didn't realize she had background dancers and proceeded to make them look like amateurs. She continues to fuck that breakdown up. I'm shocked she's still pushing MFN.. Haven't seen this much promo for a single since forever. I'm happy to still be amazed at Janet..such a gift to be riding for her going on 30+ years now.
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    Yall are taking way too much time to put this up “We thank God for our blessing,” says the star. After Jackson announced in April she was postponing her Unbreakable World Tour in May to focus on “planning” a family with her husband Wissam Al Mana, sources confirmed to PEOPLE the star was expecting her first child. Over the last few months, Jackson has kept a low profile and was last spotted shopping for baby buys at London’s Back in Action furniture store. “She is super excited about her pregnancy and is doing extremely well,” a source close to the Jackson family previously told PEOPLE. “She actually feels very good about everything.” http://celebritybabies.people.com/2016/10/12/janet-jackson-baby-bump-photo-pregnancy-announcement/?xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag ----------- She looks amazing Her bresteces are HUGE
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    I think Janet could care less about her outfit being flattering I think she cares more about it being comfortable.
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    Is it bad that I'm thinking: "we might get another bomb ass album out of this. " I'm glad she is atleast saying right now, she still plans to tour.
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    well sorry..... Kylie wasn't performing either last year and ended up on stage singing 2 songs with Sharon Stone... Was that posted as well on the Janet forum
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    Control didn't just launch Janet's career... it put Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on the map as well. For the rest of the 80s through the early 90s, the best RnB music being produced was either by Jam and Lewis, modeled after Jam and Lewis, or in response to Jam and Lewis. Janet's Control served as a pioneer and spotlight to their talent. Control paved the way for the success of artists like Paula Abdul, Karyn White, Jody Watley and Vanessa Williams, whom all borrowed or modeled after the original. It's also why Control is credited as one of the first albums of the New Jack Swing sound. If you go back and listen to Control, then compare it Watley's Looking for a New Love, Williams' The Right Stuff, you can hear how they borrowed the same sounds. I think Control, RN and TVR are all groundbreaking, but in different way. Control had the greatest impact on music. RN had the greatest impact on Society and Pop Culture. TVR was a personal opus for Janet (and all of us).
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    Peep this video I just made:
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    All this. And watch Janet expect ppl to buy tickets without issuing a statement, apologizing, giving a performance, or doing anything special for anyone.
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    Let's address this first.
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    The way some of you act, one would think you were in the relationship too. Talking about Wissam needs to go. First of all, you're not even in the relationship. Second, Janet and Wissam are bound together for another 17 years when Eissus turns 18. Third, calm down. What probably happened is the nanny asked for the wifi password, Wissam said no or he didn't have it. Nanny got mad, created some story, and called Janet with some lie, and then Janet called the cops. Randy ran to the media and made a mountain out of a molehill. And here we are.
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    My favorite living artist, and my favorite living male artist.....if these 2 muhfuckas don't record and perform a song that stops the world....
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    Toledo show was VERY CUTE!I did meet up with TDAWESOME from Janet Club and his friend at Ice beforehand for dinner. Nice folks!It was in the 40s temperature wise outside, but I chatted with fans outside for an hour. Most of the people I spoke to haven't seen her before, but are life time fans. Quite a few teens and kids that are big fans of hers were there with parents who also love her. Sat 4 row on the right side. Ran into Bailey, who was sitting right in front of me. I've already seen the show once, but seriously, seeing it for the second time was soooo good. I love the setlist, the lights, the dancers, the band, the arrangements, Janet, and the crowd was packed. They were dancing so much when DJ Aktive was playing (he should've played longer, a lot of the audience wanted more of a warm up). Loved little moments like Janet waving, blowing a kiss, and looking at me!! During Throb, Janet is having a blast and goofing off. When Alex is dancing, she keeps yelling "Alex! Ar-TIST. Ar-TISTE!" and moving her hands around in a cute way. Dom was going AWF and her earring fell off and Janet picked it up and kept laughing. Guero twerked during his introduction and let's just say I'm in love with him now! The ballads section is my favorite. She totally vibes during this one and she pays close attention to the fans who know the song and sing it out loud or snap fingers or wave their hands. I personally love Well Traveled as a song and a closer. No, I don't think it's a farewell to us. People have speculated that she won't be touring anymore since Rockwitchu Tour haha. And she's proven us wrong. I think it's a cute "thank you guys, now go home" song! No more of the typical After the show, I spoke to Gil, Allison, Alex, Mishay, and Dom. I appreciate it because it was too cold and they didn't have to come out and see us. It was only about 5 of us, but GIl asked security to open the gate and let us speak to them and get a picture. I know he was cold, wanted to smoke, and get into bed, but he knows us diehard fans are crazy and just want to fawn and fan out. So excited for Detroit. I know it's going to be packt and lit!
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    I couldn't care less about her marketing campaign or exposure at radio. We live in a different world now than 2001. Just give me quality music written and performed from the heart, like Unbreakable. This album fed my soul. That's all the matters to me.
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    Janet is the main reason for the dissension within the Janet fan community. You have two sides of the coin: on one side you have the fans who doesn't hold her accountable for any of her faults and loves everything she does, then you have the small minority of fans who will be honest and offer constructive criticism of Janet. The differing perspectives leads to clashing, which leads to dissension and that in turn, leads to this fan base looking dysfunctional. The root to all of this, however, is Janet and her seemingly poor handling of her career within the last 15 years. And most of the fans who call honest fans "fake" are disappointed themselves in Janet, but won't admit it due to their loyalty to her.
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    I think that famous teens should stay off of social media. Jaden Smith, I'm looking at you.
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    Gimme a Beat: Happy 50th Birthday, Janet Jackson!http://www.biography.com/news/janet-jackson-biography-facts HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY, JANET JACKSON! SEE HER MOST FABULOUS LOOKS - http://www.essence.com/fashion/janet-jackson-style-evolution Janet Jackson's Road to 50 - http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/janet-jacksons-road-50/story?id=39043366 Wishing Janet a great day! 50? WOW! What a milestone .
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    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Annoying, waiting to see Mrs. Debarge who had to be born in 84/85, and hear it from her, get a blood test from them, and not hear it from a DeBarge (though I love their music for the most part, aint a damn DeBarge ever been shy of reporters if we keeping it 100....). I was waiting on this from 1 of them (legitimately surprised it's him), her being in the news for pregnancy is the perfect time for a DeBarge name to get in the public for 5mins again.
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    "just can't feel casual about cancellations"
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    Her credibility as a touring act has been tremendously tarnished. She may never be able to do a successful large-scale tour again. And this has by far been the worst era of her career, because it's mostly been her fault. At least the previous three eras were mostly the label/blacklisting, but this was ALL her. And she hasn't acknowledged the fans' disappointment in a meaningful way. I love her and always will, but I'm through with her shenanigans. She needs to take care of her future child, retire and be happy with her family. I honestly wasn't even mad when she said the tour was cancelled. I'm immune to the bullshit and lost interest in the concert. It wasn't worth the drama. Just give me my $150.
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    she pretty much got my dick hard from some boooomb head action (spit and deepthroat and errthing!), then bent over for me and as soon as I slid the tip of my cock in her slit she pulled away and ran for the door and never looked back, leaving me with a gnarly case of blue balls... at least that's how I feel she's handled this entire era.. "...I never even got to CUUUM!" ?
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    You guys have to realize that everything she has been doing since Number Ones era has been under the guidance of her new management company. Nutrisystem and True You both involve recipes from chefs under Kathy's management company, which those two ventures were because of Kathy's management. Jewelry collections is nothing new for Kathy's management company. Remember, they are the company with the licensing to Liz Taylor's name, and all of the jewelry collaborations were done under Kathy's management company. So, Janet's diamond collection has more to do with Kathy's management company than her marriage to Wissam. However, because of Wissam, Kathy may have seen a market and place for the sale of Janet's jewelry line. I don't think Wissam is giving Janet any career or investment advice, it is all coming from her management company and Janet's own will to venture into those endeavors. I wouldn't be surprised if Janet soon came out with a perfume line as well. I don't mind Janet coming out with a diamond collection that her fans cannot afford. The main reason why celebrities release perfume lines, is because they are LUCRATIVE!! They want to make money, not give anything to their fans. If they wanted to release a product for their fans, they would release it on their websites, you will find it on sale at their concerts, etc. So Janet, make your money boo..
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    Cuz it's pathetic, the melody is basic as shit and the lyrics are cringe worthy just like the chorus. Thinking about my ex >>>>>>> greatest mess ever
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    Cool story. Needs more dragons.
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    you know a new era is coming when people start claiming that they heard the single. Aww, the memories. Im not here for speculation 101, If Janet is singing about sex I will wait to here it from her lips I find it funny how Wendy Williams and others are concerned about Janets feelings being hurt by the new generation of music buyers and them not accepting her when in reality Janet went through hell and back during Nipplegate, if anybody can take any kind of criticism it is Janet Muthafuckin Jackson.
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    Beyoncé did it for not stocking her album
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    I just finished buying most of what was left to add to my Janet collection. CDs: Janet Jackson. Dreaming of a Hit Street. Cunt-rol. Cunt-rol: The Remixes (UK Edition). Cunt-rol: The Remixes (German Edition). More Cunt-rol. Rhythm Nation. Janhova. Janhova. (Limited Book Edition). Janhova: Remixed. Slayings of a Decade. Slayings of a Decade (UK Edition). Slayings of a Decade (Japanese Edition). The Velvet Rope. The Velvet Rope (Australian Tour Edition). All for Yew. All for Yew (Tour Edition). Damita-the Ho. Classic Me with a Modern Twist, Vol. I: ZZ Y.O. (Deluxe Edition). Classic Me with a Modern Twist, Vol. II: Discipline (Deluxe Edition). Number Ones, featuring the modernly twisted classic Janet smash “Make Me.” The Best. Icon: Janitor Jackson. 12" VINYLS: Janet Jackson. Dream Street. Control. Rhythm Nation. Design of a Decade. The Velvet Rope. Damita Jo. 20 Y.O. Discipline. “Say You Do.” “Young Love.” “Don’t Stand Another Chance.” "Cunt-trol." “What Has She Done for You Lately?” “Nasty.” “When I Think of Hits.” “Let’s Wait Awhile.” “The Pleasure Principle.” "Miss You Much" (The Lessors' Theme Song to Billboard, 1986:2001). "Rhythm Nation." “Schmexcapade.” “Alright.” "Cum Inside of Me (I'm Begging You Plea-heease)." "Black Puss." “Love Will Never Do (Without JD).” “That’s the Way Slaying Goes.” “If.” “Any Time, Any Place.” “You Want Tits.” “Runaway.” "Scream." "Got 'til It's Gone." "Together Again." “I Get Hungry.” "Doesn't Really Matter if You Look Like JD." "All For You." "Someone to Call My Lover." "Son of a Gun." "Just a Little While." “All Nite (Don't Stop).” “Call on JD." "So Essited" featuring Khisus Christ. “Fatback.” I'm missing "Again," "Whoops Now," and "I Want You," as well as the unreleased TVR singles. And three albums. DVDs: [*]The Rhythm Nation Compilation. [*]Massacres of a Decade: The Videos that Left Your Favs on Handycam. [*]The Velvet Rope Tour. [*]Live In Hawaii. [*]From Janhova. to Damita that Kneegra: The Videos. [*]Cinematic Injustice. [*]The Nutty Professor 2: Janet’s Lumps. My standom has three limits and they are (1) Emmitt (2) Rudolf (3) Perry. No not and nope. Other: [*]The Velvet Rope Tourbook. [*]Number Ones: $50mil and Still In Wifebeaters Tourbook. [*]Two separate tickets to the Number Ones: Lawn Chairs for Arena Prices Tour. [*]Trew Yew. --- "Janhova, please count my many financial sacrifices (and subsequent starving fasting) as tidings abundant enough to grant me access to the pearly gates of Heaven, for Thou art my Savior. 'When Janhova shall come with shouts of the Rhythm Nation, And take me to Neverland, what joy shall fill my heart! Lesser bitches and I shall bow in humble adoration, And there proclaim, Janhova, how great Thou art!' Amen.
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    DEAD @ the the most popular entertainer in history being bothered by his equally talented sister..
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    Hey guys!!! New user here!!! Conveniently my account was approved for Janet’s stop in Boston tonight!! The show was...AMAZING!!! I nearly cried when Janet did during “What About”!!! The crowd was LIT!!! Almost completely sold out as there was such a HUGE crowd, if not sold out! DJ played Janet’s non-Tour Setlist hits, unreleased tracks and some of the greatest hits to come from Boston artists like BellBivDevoe! Janet was.....INCREDIBLE!!! Danced her ass off and devoured that stage!!! My first and not my last concert seeing her for sure!!! ???? Went with my big sister and even she said it was AMAZING!!! I notice she wore an all black outfit for the encore potion of the show.
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    No shade but Janet is about to out dance all these hoes. I mean she usually does anyway but chile... Should be entertaining. My spirit should be tickled. I wonder what else she has up her sleeve come Sunday.
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    There's absolutely nothing to be concerned about lol, if Janet can parade Eissa around for the paps then Wissam taking him on a public walk is not a big deal. Janet doesn't seem worried. Despite the public chess they seem to be playing with each other Eissa is Wissams child & he has as much of a right to him as Janet does. Glad to see he's not being deprived of his fatherhood. Makes me respect Janet even more.
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    prince was never supposed to have that track, he was jealous of jimmy and terry's success when that album came out. there is an interview jimmy did with questlove and he talks about it, he said prince actually rode past his house and threw a copy of control out the window of his car. whydfml wasa track they made for their own album for their group called 'the secret' , they never did release anything.
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    its not dead at all, we are spread out.... there is not one single fan forum or board that everyone Janet goes to. As long as Janet isn't in the public eye, which she seems to not want to be, Janet fans have nothing to discuss that we haven't already. We are dealing with an artist whose peak is behind her, and as fans we wait eagerly for anything Janet related but those "things" "events" etc are becoming rarer...as soon as Janet comes out of "private as hell land" some Janet fans will comeback to speak. I also believe its important to note that we are all getting older, I would say the average Janet fan is at least 30 seeing how she peaked in the 90's which was 20 years ago. My point being we got shit to do, lives to live, not saying we love Janet any less, what I am saying is people move on, I stay because Im a diehard with no life but I still love her, I always will. Ive said it before it would have been so much easier to have fallen for an artist that craves attention, I like Mariah Carey but I dont love her, but man it sure would be easier to follow her than Janet
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    The extreme exaggeration of "if youre not disappointed in her, you're a blind fan that sees no fault in anything she's ever done", really does that side of the argument/discussion a disservice & is a shining example of irrationality. Some of us quite frankly got what we wanted and were satisfied with what we got (an amazing album thats easily 1 of her best & worthy of being called 1 of her best). There's reason for wanting more, she's given more time & time again. But maybe alot of fans like myself knew there would come a time where the music itself would be the most important thing about the era, & as long as the music was personal & amazing & clearly took hard work & energy, thats all we needed. If I were dictating her every move like overzealous fans on either side love to do, itd be a different era. But she is her own women, in this industry for over 40yrs of her 50yrs alive, she'll do what she wants, when she wants, how, when & leave us wondering why. And its a matter of knowing that, embracing that, & moving on. Its not as much about denying anything or being delusioned about anything as it is with understanding the situation, and choosing to not dwell on outcomes you cant change and handling the good you were. She didn't have to come back but id have her do everything exactly the same with Unbreakable being the highlight of the era vs. An album with all the promo & performances & the album's basically another Discipline.
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    BTW my buddy is serving Janet right now again at the four seasons. She must really love it there. He over heard her saying she lives on the beach. Not Malibu, he also heard her say back when I used to live in Malibu... Also she ate with Chris Rios, a celebrity hair stylist and she paid the tab
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    Bcause there is obviously no one to blame for this boring ass era but Janet Damita Jo Jackson. That's why. And I don't blame Justin for no damned SB non incident. I blame the US for the backlash, pretending to be puritan cunts. Game, shut the fuck up, because you know I've ALWAYS been behind Janet, and have defended her. Austin and I got into many wars on here, but I now don't back Janet for this era, and your ass knows exactly why. Too bad her last project ended this way, and it was HER DOING! Indy isn't for her, since she's too "broke" to promote.
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    So true! And the real question is what kind of person goes to a mall and meets someone they have never seen or spoken to for a hook up and then gets surprised that they aren't who they say they are
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    I don't appreciate the discrimination against toastersexuals! Just look at this beautiful relationship... j/p, I'm sorry! I support marriage between any two consenting adults. Very good breakdown.
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    Welcome to my annual countdown of the year's best. 50. Video Games - Lana Del Rey There's something about burning, mournful tunes that have always resonated with me. I don't know if there's something deeper about myself I'm not fully realizing, but I'm instantly drawn to them. As was the case with 'Video Games', a breathy serving of melancholy from the mesmerizing Lana Del Ray. She reminds me of an old Bond Girl, that Nancy Sinatra-type swagger that used to drive men and women wild back in the day. Her lazy drawl is in contrast to her classic beauty, but for me it just makes her that much more intriguing. 49. The Show Goes On - Lupe Fiasco One of my fav things about Lupe is that he has never underestimated the importance of melody in rap music . 'Superstar', 'Shining Down', and now 'The Show Goes On' are excellent examples of how perfecting the ratio can work wonders. This song has hook for days. 48. Post Break-Up Sex - The Vaccines Like the sorely-missed Black Kids, The Vaccines absolutely nail that '60s alternative vibe where dirty rock meets commercial sensibility with the most glorious of exchanges. It's very cohesive along with everything else on their album. Short, catchy, and straight to the awkward point. 47. Guilt - Nero Dubstep's almighty resurgeance this year saw as many missteps as it did success stories, but the one song which made it all worthwhile was this blistering assault on the senses from British duo Nero. Driven by the hardest beats in the Top 40 and assisted by a haunting female vocal, this was the dubstep pinnacle all others in the field aspired to reach in 2011. 46. Glad You Came - The Wanted It's songwriting 101, but I don't look to groups like this for anything more. Instead I use them in they way they're intended: to provide me the kind of sing-along nonsense good enough to keep me entertained for a week or two. Only this time the hook just wouldn't budge and I found myself blasting this track ten times a day. I'm still not bored with it. If you're after a couple of minutes of dumb fun with no strings attached, stop looking. 45. Jar Of Hearts - Christina Perri I wasn't sold on this song at first - and the jury is still out on her - but it eventually weaved its way into my system. I love how shivery she sounds, especially on the bridge, which I could listen to forever. It's a shame her album didn't measure up to this standard, but there's plenty of hope for her yet, as proven on the brilliant 'A Thousand Years', from Breaking Dawn Pt. 1. 44. Marvin & Chardonnay - Big Sean feat. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash More intense than 'My Last', but less bombastic than 'Dance (A$$)', 'Marvin & Chardonnay' found Big Sean meeting himself in the middle to emphasise why he's one of the great rap success stories of 2011. The tone of the verses is so aggressive and determined which works in perfect contrast to the soul/pop shine of the big, hearty chorus. The album doesn't always work, but if he keeps the right company I think he'll be one to watch over the next few years. 43. Til Death - Wynter Gordon Right from that chugging beat intro it's lights out. The nursery rhyme verses are the perfect bait-and-switch setup for the chorus which goes straight for the jugular. It grabs hold and just doesn't let up, and that's exactly what I want my dance music to do. No time-wasting, no breakdown, just a hot, filthy, sweaty mess. And her voice is bananas. 42. Last Name London - Theophilus London The thumping Chemical Brothers-style beat is what first drew me to this track, but it was soon overridden by London's delivery and his Nas-like intensity. You believe every word he raps because he's just that demanding of your attention. He's ferocious without ever crossing into DMX territory, and the instructional wordplay of the chorus (and title) never feels as stupid as it seems on paper. 41. Lady Luck - Jamie Woon Like a close cousin of Michael Jackson's 'Who Is It' and reminiscent of the more dramatic moments from Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds, this is how I imagine Drake's music sounding if he ever decided on a pop makeover. The guy's falsetto is good enough to take on anyone in the game, and it's the heart and soul of 'Lady Luck''s pulsating chorus. Sonically, the song throws everything at you from a hand-clapping beat to gentle organ stabs to verses accentuated by Jamie's own voice chopped and screwed and disguised as synths. It's obviously experimental, but the finished product is still outstanding. 40. Good Life - OneRepublic I don't know exactly what it is about this song. There's no flashy chorus, Ryan Tedder's vocals are still a non-event, and the words read like a page from Lyrics For Dummies. But so help me if all that doesn't add up to one of the strongest cuts of the year. I can't get enough. B.o.B's inclusion on the remix is a surprisingly good fit, too. 39. High For This - The Weeknd The Weeknd, to me, is insomnia in the form of art. Both of 2011's mixtapes were captivating and their gloomy influence is very apparent on Drake's Take Care. The moodiness dripping from 'High For This' works like a dirty charm with Abel's chilled tone as he mumbles to his girl that, "You don't know what's in store / But you know what you're here for." The rest plays out like a trippy mess, with so much buried in the mix you could get lost for weeks. 38. Big - Sneaky Sound System As has become their frustrating style, Sneaky Sound System released half a great album this year. Whilst achieving their career-best with From Here To Anywhere, it still shows the group's flaws. Although at the same time it makes you appreciate just how freakin' good it can be when they get it right. 'Big''s title is apt, with a spangly chorus worthy of Cher or Lady Gaga. I've long thought Connie was underrated as a singer, and if I'm honest this probably won't break any new ground for them, but for those of us already familiar, it's an incredibly satisfying return. 37. Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera In the beginning I was turned off by all that whistling, but something kept drawing me back to this track. The more I heard it, the more I couldn't resist its cheesy pull. It's a bit of a shame Christina is only there for the hell of it, because I still think the second verse should've been all her, but the song really doesn't suffer for it. Cute video, too. 36. Gucci Gucci - Kreayshawn And so begins another love/hate relationship. Awful stage name, and at times she's just plain annoying - but I get it: the act must be consistent so as to accentuate her tongue-in-cheek sass, all of which is in ripping über-brat form on this, her debut single proper. You see, 'Gucci Gucci' is only so fabulous because it's that ridiculous. I mean, "Groupies follow me like Twitter/I'm rollin' up my catnip and shittin' in your litter." What's not to love? I don't know whether she took any cues from little-known rapper Skee-Lo, but every time I play this I hear shades of his '90s almost-hit 'I Wish'. 35. Go Outside - Cults Such a fitting title for a simple little tune which conjures up an atmosphere of fireflies and stars twinkling in the summer night's sky. The dreamy chorus plays like a lazy mantra for those holed up inside, encouraging through both lyrics and melody to get up, get out, move on, and live life. 34. In The Dark - Dev One of my fav discoveries of 2011. I say 2011, because even though she made her mark on Far East Movement's 'Like A G6' last year, it was pretty much expected that she wouldn't be troubling the Hot 100 again. I'm not above being proven wrong, especially when the proof turns out to be this dazzling. It's dance music without conforming to the Dr. Luke/Max Martin interpretation. Not that they're any worse or better, but with so much of their stock dominating the airwaves it's refreshing to hear it move in a slightly new, more alternative, direction. Her deadpan vocals also give her an edge - a weapon used to exquisite effect on her album. 33. Beautiful People - Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi It's apparent from the start that this isn't your typical Chris Brown song. And that excites me. Benny Benassi's knack for pacing dance tracks to peak at just the right moment for maximum impact is in ripping form here, with many parts of the song riding on synths alone, no beat, no voice. The song spends its entire time building, exploding, and rebuilding, but rather than becoming a chore for the listener, it instead creates a level of excitement and anticipation rarely found in the hands of artists like Chris Brown. 32. So Gone (What My Mind Says) - Jill Scott feat. Paul Wall Few have mastered the spoken/sung sultriness required to deliver a track like this with conviction. But true to form, Jill does exactly that, effortlessly producing one of the better sex jamz of the last few years, even managing to moan on the record without compromising her thinking-soul-sister integrity or boho authenticity. 31. Invisible - Skylar Grey Breaking 2011 tradition, Skylar Grey took a risk when she bucked the trend of self-loving, freak-embracing young women and instead opted to release a song about dealing with those days where you just feel like shit. Over a simple hip-hop shuffle and understated guitar pinches, she bleeds her heart dry without the need for dramatic inflections or vocal gymnastics. In another time, it might've been a big hit. 30. Jack Sparrow - The Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton Like Flight Of The Conchords, The Lonely Island more often than not demonstrate the smarts to marry their skits with a melody so strong it could almost make it on its own. And with 'Jack Sparrow' in particular I would argue that it nearly overshadows the joke altogether. Not easy given the plotline; that Michael Bolton is a closet cinephile so obsessed with movies that he can't even manage recording a three-minute song. And sure, it's funny, and the video is a treat, but for all the one-liners and goofy shock value, the highlight for me here is the music itself, with Bolton's soul/rock warble driving a hook big enough to battle anything in the Top 10. 29. Far Away - Marsha Ambrosius I've long been a fan of Marsha's "less is more" approach, but she took it to a deeper level here. The way the song collapses into a Zapp & Roger-like state by the end is just hypnotizing. It's difficult figuring out which shines brighter; the song content or her voice, but both had stiff competition from the accompanying video, which told the story from an unexpected, yet touching, perspective. 28. Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine In a world where it's becoming harder by the day for new artists to show any originality or blaze their own trail, it's breathtaking when one truly does. Expanding upon the wailing melodrama of Lungs, Ceremonials is at once both lighter and darker, even more confident than its predecessor, it's crushing and it's inspiring, but most importantly, it's simply better. The howling chorus of 'Shake It Out' has given me goosebumps every time I've played it. The fact that somebody can scale such creative heights with only their voice is astonishing. And her reasoning that it's hard to dance, "with the devil on your back" drives her point home that much harder. I live. 27. Man Down - Rihanna Probably the truest representation in her catalogue as to why she should never be underestimated, Rihanna's Caribbean-tinged ode to the fatal consequences of acting on impulse drew shades of everything from Inner Circle to her own 'Unfaithful'. It's pure bliss from beginning to end, aided not least by her delivery. This is a song so intense in its theme that it simply wouldn't have worked without that voice peaking at all the right moments. An overlooked gem. 26. Motivation - Kelly Rowland feat. Lil Wayne It may have taken a few - or thirty - false starts, but Kelly Rowland finally nailed it. This is fantastically produced, and every "coo" and "aah" sounds genuine and not forced which is a factor too often overlooked when these girls get their ho on. It puts me in two minds because for years I've been wanting her to properly commit to dance music, but when she makes R&B this exciting I'm inclined to take the pressure off her finding that ever-elusive niche she was banging on about when this album got underway. 25. I Wrote The Book - Beth Ditto It's become the norm these days for front-men and women to don the hat of a solo artist in between albums. Not so common is the thirst for a separate identity which can accompany it. Brandon Flowers proved on Flamingo that he's got the chops to rock things solo, but as I mentioned in last year's countdown, it poses the question of what it is exactly the other Killers do? So it's with this spirit of adventure that Gossip's Beth Ditto tackled her four-track EP produced entirely by the undervalued Simian Mobile Disco. As evidenced on their previous collaboration, the fantastic 'Cruel Intentions', it shows that, stripped of her thrashing backing band and hard edge, Beth is even more alluring and mysterious - both of which are maximised to excellent effect, especially on this, her debut single. Bring on the album. 24. Paradise - Coldplay I read an interview with Chris Martin earlier in the year when the band were putting together Mylo Xyloto, and when asked if a great song ever makes him jealous, he said he tries to outdo it. This stadium-ready power ballad is surely a result of that motivation. After the punchy optimism of 'Every Teardrop', it was back to what Coldplay do best. Strings, swirling guitars, and a 50-man strong chorus, this has it all. Another triumph. 23. Blow - Ke$ha To me, this song almost felt like the dance/pop monster trend of the last few years was finally eating itself. A hook so stupidly catchy I found myself asking where could it possibly go from here? Ke$ha had out-Ke$ha'd herself, and in a "Your move, Gaga" kind of way, she had seemingly shaken off the 'copycat' tag which had plagued her since 'TiK ToK'. I'm glad she's currently on hiatus because there really is a limit to her party trash, but I'll be very interested to see how she tackles her next era. 22. Bloodstained Heart - Darren Hayes It's a funny feeling when an artist has peaked commercially but continues to evolve artistically. If you flop in today's cut-throat market it seems your only options are to either pack it in or sell out. Thank God Darren Hayes has refused to do either. 'Bloodstained Heart' is one of those songs that I hear and can't wait to tell somebody about. A song so structured and paced that the climax is everything you hope it will be. It takes the subtle magic of Snow Patrol and pairs it with a mighty Coldplay chorus, only unlike those acts, his song won't scale the charts, due mostly to the fact that he has the reputation of a '90s hasbeen. And that's a shame. 21. Love On Top - Beyoncé Initially one of my least fav tracks from 4, this has now become one of my most loved songs from Beyoncé's entire career. It wasn't that I disliked it, but I used to blast it mainly in anticipation of the epic key changes which elevate the tune from good to great in the final act. That's mostly still true, but I've now come to appreciate the build-up for the solid purpose it serves. It's a quiet key ingredient - by no means the star attraction, however you realize it was constructed that way for a reason. Kinda like if the song were a girl group: the two so-so verses would be Kelly & Michelle and the last showstopping minute-and-a-half would be Beyoncé. 20. The A Team - Ed Sheeran 2011 has been an amazing year for storytelling. Musically, this could pass as a pretty little ditty in the vein of Jason Mraz or Plain White T's, but listen to the words and you'll hear the tragic tale of a homeless drug-addled woman hoping for nothing more than a better life. Ed's gift of being able to weave around a track without overshadowing the unfolding chapters is incredible. His wimpering voice, his backing vocals, his little piano accents, they're all simple things but so effective when they come together. An amazing find. 19. Holocene - Bon Iver Rarely am I without words to describe something I love, but this track right here stumps me a little. It's not a song, it's a work of art. Justin's falsetto is so dreamlike that it's an instrument in its own right. Such an easy song and album to dissolve in. 18. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People A song so gloriously catchy it's as if they caught Summer and locked it in the studio. I must admit, despite its obvious appeal, I was surprised at just how well the track was received, and by its apparent longevity also. Originally released over twelve months ago, it hardly supports the 'overnight success' tag the track has earned them, but whether mainstream came early or late to the party, it's so refreshing to see a real band sitting amongst an endless array of solo artists in the Top 5. And if they're this good on album number one, just imagine what's to come. 17. The Last Dance - Clare Maguire Clare Maguire is like an all-girl supergroup. There are shades of so many strong female artists I love from years past. Annie Lennox, Stevie Nicks, Lisa Stansfield, Marcella Detroit. They're all embedded in her and she's given them a 21st century makeover complete with Florence-like production and a soaring vocal. Written after the passing of her childhood hero, Michael Jackson, 'The Last Dance' tells the story of pain so many of us experienced in the wake of his death. "I wasn't ready to lose you / You were the first man to move me / Got to try to move on but I promise you / I will kiss your crown when life takes me down." Exquisite. 16. On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull Don't call it a comeback. J.Lo's return to the spotlight via American Idol was a welcome one, and as perfect timing would have it, this Pitbull-assisted stomper gave her career the kind of one-two punch she was used to knocking out over a decade ago. Reactions to the 'Lambada' sample were mixed, but to me it was lightning in a bottle, resulting in RedOne's best single outside Gaga's discography. 15. E.T. - Katy Perry feat. Kanye West Much has been said about Katy's Teenage Dream era, but for all the talk of perfect singles picked I think she deserves just as many props for their chronology as well. I doubt 'E.T.' would have worked as a lead single, so keeping it in her back pocket ready to follow her hatrick of sugary number ones definitely played a part in its impact. The slap-and-crash beat is in such stark contrast to everything else on that album, to the point where it almost doesn't belong. Kanye wasn't needed, but I love that he just dirties the whole thing up. And I gotta say, live, it's a fucking beast. 14. Price Tag - Jessie J feat. B.o.B "Risky" would hardly be the first word to come to anyone's mind at the mention of Jessie J, but to me that's what a big part of 'Price Tag' - and in fact her entire album - was. In this overpopulated era of hyper-paced electro pop and "woah-oh-oh" hooks it appealed to me that Jessie entered the fray with a set of mid-tempo songs built around (albeit basic) stories rather than a Red Bull chorus. B.o.B doesn't add much, but that's surely down to the fact he's hardly needed. 13. Marvins Room - Drake The first time Drake properly lived up to his hype. Thank Me Later was undoubtedly a very solid record, but 'Marvins Room' let us know that shit just got deep. Take Care is one of the year's best; a masterclass in doom and gloom, peaking beautifully with this wounded drunk-dialing rhyme. 12. Till The World Ends - Britney Spears I assumed it was simply down to timing, given that every few years Britney churns out a hit so undeniably infectious that it practically begs repeating, but this calls for both recognition and comparison less trivial and more sincere than that with which I received 'Circus', 'Gimme More', and even 'Toxic'. This is a Britney track in a league of its own. Quick, current, and so damn catchy, it's not until two-thirds of the way in that you realize just what a monster this song is. If only she weren't a concrete cylinder onstage, I imagine that chant-along chorus would be magnificent to experience live. 11. The Edge Of Glory - Lady Gaga The first song of the Born This Way era to properly satisfy my taste and put my mind at ease. The title track, whilst groundbreaking, did nothing for me musically. 'Judas' was fun, but I tired of it quickly and could never really shake the feeling that it was merely an overcrowded, less-effective 'Bad Romance'. I needed reassurance that the biggest pop star in the world hadn't neglected those of us who followed her more for the music than the theatrics, and that's why there was so much hinging on 'The Edge Of Glory' for me. Thankfully, it wasn't for nothing. So overblown in its execution but never at the expense of the tune itself, it just felt so right from the first listen - a feeling I hadn't experienced with Gaga since 'Paparazzi'. Bring on the tour because I know she must've had a sold out crowd in mind when she pieced that chorus together. 10. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock Ever since America fell back in love with dance music it had been waiting for a moment like this, where all the synth stars would finally align to create an absolute firecracker of a dance smash big enough to blow a hole in the world. Call them annoying (they are), call them a fad (all signs point there), but this song will NOT be denied. A true party rock anthem. 9. Swim Good - Frank Ocean Hands down the greatest post-Kanye hip-hop/soul track to grace my eardrums. What a tale, and what a voice to tell it. An afternoon in the life of a man so broken he simply has to get away. Even read as a poem the story is captivating, but the devastation in his voice is what really sells it. He can wring an awful lot of emotion out of the words "I'm going off". Quite frankly, it's far too good for any mixtape. The idea that he might recreate even half of this magic on his debut album has me salivating. 8. Super Bass - Nicki Minaj For an artist with a Hot 100 profile as big as Nicki's upon debut, it was odd that her album didn't have a certifiable hit single anywhere on it. Try as they may have, missteps in the form of the dreadful will.i.am-assisted 'Check It Out' and the forgettable 'Your Love' just weren't enough to carry Pink Friday the distance. It's rare for a bonus track to save the day, but not every bonus track is 'Super Bass'. The quick-as-a-whip verses and wildfire chorus were the missing pieces of the Top 40 puzzle, and paired with a kitschy video it showed the world - and possibly Nicki herself - that she'd branched beyond the confines of novelty rap and into the breathier realm of pop stardom. I expect album number two to reflect exactly that. 7. We Found Love - Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris In last year's countdown I touched on how I was surprised Calvin Harris had yet to penetrate America. With the dance revival in full swing and everybody's love for a big chorus never about to waver, it just didn't make sense to me; his act was the epitome of both. So here we are one year on and it looks like the masses may have finally come around. His glittery, laser show production is front-and-centre, and whilst Rihanna does a fantastic job keeping up, I feel like it's that pulsating thump which steals the show here. Many have tried - and succeeded - bringing the Euro sound to the Hot 100 again, but few achieved it with such ferocity and confidence as these two. It's utterly euphoric. 6. Titanium - David Guetta feat. Sia An unlikely pairing given Sia's penchant for all things left of the middle, however they say opposites attract, and thankfully that notion rings window-shatteringly true here. I mean, there are big choruses, and then there's 'Titanium'. It's the hook of all hooks, so much so that on any other day the bridge could be a chorus and the backing track could pass for a solid instrumental. I don't know whether it was David or Sia who thought better of releasing it with Mary J. Blige as intended, but I can't help thinking the magic would've been completely lost in her hands. 5. Houdini - Foster The People Like Miike Snow, Passion Pit and Two Door Cinema Club before them, Foster The People have proven such a great discovery because they've got their pop down to a fine science. Nothing on their album feels half-assed, it's all calculated. And it's because of this they will never fall into the trap of being too edgy for Top 40 or too commercial for the alternative crowd. 'Houdini' represents the best bits of each world coming together, mingling for a couple minutes before eventually stripping off and going at it like rabbits. The last 40 seconds is so eargasmic it seriously feels like the song is ejaculating skittles. 4. I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li A gloomy piece of tribal pop perfection lifted from the best album I heard this year. There is simply nobody else like her, and on 'I Follow Rivers', especially, it's safe to say she's crafting the type of soul-stirring alt. pop that nobody else could - not even inspiration and fellow-Swede Robyn. Although like her, she's mastered the art of balance on her records so beautifully it flattens me. After the dirty funk and suggestive lyrics of first single 'Get Some', I was expecting something more carefree and loose, instead we were treated to a slew of songs so layered and heavy they boggle the mind. There is so much going on underneath 'I Follow Rivers' that I discover something new to love with every listen. To think Youth Novels barely scratched the surface of her brilliance would have been a ridiculous concept to entertain at the time, but with Wounded Rhymes she scares me in the best way imaginable. I just can't wait to see what the future holds for this woman. 3. All Of The Lights - Kanye West There comes a point in a select few artist's careers where, through sheer consistency, you stop hoping and start believing that they will no doubt outdo themselves on their next record. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - and in particular 'All Of The Lights' - certified Kanye West as one of those arists for me. The gloomy piano intro sets the tone beautifully for the jarring onslaught that is the main course. The guest list is preposterous, but with everything this track throws at you it's pretty clear that "understated" was not the goal here. A beautiful, dark, twisted masterpiece. 2. Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye feat. Kimbra The sound of breaking up. Gotye's gut-wrenching vocal twitches are the heart and soul of this track about confronting the realization that the person you loved now may as well be a stranger. Kimbra's side of the story is a neat plot twist halfway through, but this is Gotye's moment and he's not about to be out-heartbroken by anyone. There were few moments in 2011 where the lyrics married the melody quite as beautifully as this. 1. Someone Like You - Adele Every generation can lay claim to a very select handful of devastating ballads which tear through the hearts of a billion listeners. This is one of ours. In the vein of previous classics along her timeline ('Nothing Compares 2 U', 'I Will Always Love You', 'My Heart Will Go On', 'We Belong Together'), Adele has used only her voice and a piano to craft an anthem so dizzyingly enormous it has spanned the globe and catapulted her into the big league, ensuring both her and this song will go down as one of the greatest of all time. Runners up... Sure Thing - Miguel Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) - Lloyd feat. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne Need You Now | Cut Copy L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. - Noah And The Whale Niggas In Paris - Jay-Z & Kanye West Read All About It - Professor Green feat. Emeli Sandé Thinking About You - Frank Ocean Suzanne & I - Anna Calvi Crystalline - Björk Heaven - Emeli Sandé
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    wow some massively hypocritical stuff up in here. To talk about the "right" to say whatever you want or feel the way you want in one breath. Then claim someone else is "too sensitive" in another smacks of hypocrisy. If you can feel the way you want too, then someone else has the same right to be offended as you have not to be offended. You are judging their "sensitivity" in the same way you claim to be getting judged for "not caring". When a group is being treated as second class citizens and having to change the way they are viewed and stop hate and oppression all the way from bullying, to laws against them living their lives they have a right to attack every aspect of that oppression. Including "comedy".


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