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    The way I just hop over certain posts now, whew! Made this forum all the more pleasant.
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    Y’all two need to knock this shit off and get off each other’s dicks. And while this may be a majority gay male forum, remember that it’s owned by a Black Woman.
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    Just attended the show in Rogers, AR.. OMG y’all it is so good. As amazing as 2017 was, this show is NEXT LEVEL!! For one thing she does bigger chunks of the songs, and the dancers are even more on point. Little extras like mixing in the Kaytranada remix during IF (🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾) and doing more of the iconic dance moves just totally take it higher. So glad I was able to make it 😍😍😍
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    Y’all need to stop this! Lmao
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    I miss the activity.
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    I think the ANDS original choreography is cool but only the chorus... everything else is either lazy or overtly jerky (classic Gil I guess).. out of all of Gil’s dances I’ve always appreciated Call On Me (i.e. live on the Today Show) and So Excited (even though he wasn’t the sole choreographer on that)... everything else can gtfo
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    I miss Nuk, Blatin, Lexie, Ga., Fanka, Breathless, Henry, PiePie, DevineBeauty, CND.. I even miss TheHiltonSuite..he was a huge Madonna Stan, but I know he enjoyed Janet, up until 20 yo at least. A few of them I talk to on the phone or on social media...but yeah.
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    I mean..can we take juss a minute to realize how Janet just EATS THE NEW "YAR" CHOREO THE FUCK UP!!!! I WAS NOT READY!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭
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    Let's be a bit more mature with our comments. This isn't J|X.
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    That’s what you reply to 🙄😅
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    I miss henrietta:(
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    Thank the Lord she did. I'm glad Gil talked to her and made her realize not to be afraid to add songs that are only on the album
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    I wish this show were still a thing #nostalgia
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    Tip drill?😂
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    I LOVE this song so much
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    Wow. This is one time I completely 100% agree with you.
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