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    That funeral look should have been the whole spread, don't @ me....that is some high fashion for that ass
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    These vocalists sound weird af singing Janet. It's like they over sing.
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    Wow she really stans Janet! She's been covering "If" for years and now this
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    Rock IS not even Rock anymore....an alternative album delving into trip hop, industrial sounds and acid jazz would suffice for me....but Janet is not in the space to make a moody alternative album. She really thinks that Hawaii song is the cat's meow...Chile. Upbeat dance Janet is here to stay
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    Janet's opening song for her Vegas show was "Empty" .....that was not a coincidence. "China Love" was in the show.. That was not coincidence...these all have been album tracks that the janfam community have been praising and janet was listening to her fans and started putting these fan fav album tracks in her show. Unbreakable album is a great album but doesnt carry as much history as her previous albums in the janfam community bc its her newest project. All of this is so obvious...how could you have missed it? The "Unbreakable" album juss doesnt carry as much weight...we havent been in love with it long enough for it to just yet.


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