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    Maybe this was the footage they showed Ciara and Tinashe? 😦
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    So we gonna pretend Ciara isn't a Dancer and a model in her own right?
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    the shit is rare cause I ain't never seen it in my life before until you posted it Dance mirror where? They're on a big ass set and I highly doubt there's dance mirrors there and if there are then I don't see them. Either way why are y'all so pressed that people liked the way Janet moved better than Paula whether she made mistakes or not? Well she's made progress way before this. It's just Paula's dancing was different. Janet's a bad bitch and she been had confidence doing things like pirouettes way before Paula stepped in. Check this clip out. Miss Jackson been had skill. Look at those spins
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    soooooooo, hadnt seen that before thanks for posting Dayz, isn't it great that we can look back on all things Janet and just reminisce
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    That’s because most Janet fans on here are insecure and bitter, and I’m against that behavior. I don’t subscribe to the herd mentality of agreeing with everything posted on here in the name of Janet. And it’s DARTH Vader.🙄
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    Oh really? And when did you see it for the first time? Let me guess ..10 years ago or something ? Igga Please! The whole Janet community is calling this clip RARE..even from the reaction in this thread displays a first time viewing of it..how odd that youre the only one saying its not rare. Again. Igga Please!
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    Why am I not surprised this same member comes into a thread and has to ALWAYS play the role of the opposer? Its like a gimmick. The Darth Vader comes in to disagree with everyone to drum up debatable dialogue juss becus. Reminds me alot of Norman but more annoying. Not interested
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    Now imagine what they get from Tidal ... And this is exactly what happens when teens and early 20s are the main consumers of the industry. Add Stan culture to it and bam.
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    Points were made. It's crazy how transcendent that image is. A work of ART.
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    Thank you and this was before fuckin' Paula. I can't stand when people try to credit Paula for the way Janet dances. Momma been tap dancing and pirouetting way before her music career took off. I need basic bitches to be more informed about Damita Jo
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    It's so interesting seeing Janet learn a routine in her early career. She did make mistakes here which immediately stuck out to me because I'm so used to Janet always being perfect. Looking at this, it's amazing how much progress she had made in terms of choreography, confidence and overall dance ability by Rhythm Nation, just 3 years later.
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    Lol could’ve sworn this was a discussion board, discussing opposing views and things. And this is why I say a couple of you are hypocritical.
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    Well if this wasn’t predictable.
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    No one is saying Janet or Paula were polished here! 😒 Of course, Paula was the more experienced one since she’s the choreographer. All I’m saying is, even here, Janet’s execution and interpretation of the moves were leaps and bounds better than Paula. That’s why Janet has lasted so long because of HOW she dances, not how fast she gets the movements. Both weren’t going full on but the way Janet was dancing to the choreography, even here, looks more interesting than what Paula was doing with it. Paula was always a more straight forward professional dancer than the funk/sass Janet adds to her choreography. It’s all opinions I suppose, so I digress. 🙄
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    It’s all about execution of the movements and Janet looked like she getting the routine down rather well. I’m just saying Janet is a natural dancer like Paula and outshined her in this clip even tho she was still coming into her own as a performer.😉 No need for throwing insults boo, it’s as clear as day in the clip. Practice what u preach tho! 😊
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    At this point, that picture of Goddess. should be in the Guggenheim museum.
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    using ciara to distract from the topic i see
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    Janet gonna do whatever she wants, but wouldn't it be better to perform at some festivals in Europe like she did here? That way casual listeners can be reminded of how talented she is.
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    Radio isn’t going to touch Janet regardless.. I’m not sure why people are still talking about it for the last 12 years
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    exposure? I think she tried that with the European MFN promo, she has waaayyyy more work to do in Europe. I want her to figure out her first South American gig too .....Janet the journey has much work to go and a lot of digging in your heels and saying this is what will be
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    While new music won’t necessarily bring Janet the audience she needs in Europe but it wouldn’t hurt Janet needs to keep the venue small yet respectable in Europe (the Japan venue isn’t very large) with or without a new album
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    No tea no shade but new music isn’t bringing Janet an audience for touring. A lot of great acts are out here touring off hits they already have. Aside from her core fan base, neither radio nor the general public are checking for new music from established older acts like Janet. Europe will require some humble pie to do