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    She had previous albums but it wouldn't have made any sense to perform them at that point in her life cause Control was all about letting all that go... Father's control, others tellin what to do etc..can u imagine: 'yea im independent and in control now but imma still gonna sing a few songs from the last two albums that my daddy made me do' lol Not gonna happen It would have worked only if she only sang songs from control
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    Exactly. A control tour with the previous albums wouldn't have been a good idea. Janet herself said she wanted to wait until she had more material. This was a smart business move on her part, as it added to the demand to see her live.
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    She had 3 albums at their point
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    i'm late to the party but Happy Bday love
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    Happy Belated Cake Day! Hope you had a good one.
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    If the album is coming in 2020 I would just add it on
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    Or sometimes you just don’t want to bother them. I’ve met a lot of celebrities this year, most by happenstance, and I only took a picture with one. The rest? I may have said hello to some and did some small talk, but for the most part I didn’t, and kept it moving. I think that was why I read some years back, why certain celebrities enjoyed living in places like NY because to your point, people are just trying to go about their day.
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    They probably don't recognise her...or more likely don't expect her to be there. Its London...everyone is in a hurry in there own bubble. Unless your're fan, its possible they don't notice
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    Happy Birthday! Also happy birthday to you too John aka Roc but I already said it to you on facebook lol
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    Normani on Janet. What performances, albums and/or singers have had the biggest impact on you and your career? Janet Jackson. I will always remember what impact the Scream music video has on me. I remember walking around with a key for an earring thinking that I was Janet. Janet has paved the way for artists like me. She’s just one of the greats in my book because my list would be entirely too long. https://www.ebony.com/exclusive/normani-talks-mcdonalds-idolizing-janet-jackson-her-lifes-mission/


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