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    I actually play the album more than AFY. I felt that AFY had stronger commercial appeal on a few tracks but I preferred DJ as an album.
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    I honestly believe so too!!! She has been racking up MADD coins all year and I think it might be for the upcoming project aka new album and world tour for 2020!!! It makes sense since SOTW 1 and 2 were definitely funding for “Made For Now” and that mini-era right there in terms of promotion, music video and live performances. If Janet and her team are planing for this to be her biggest era in a long while, seems they need A LOT of funding considering Janet is independent and has her own label to run now. 😳😱🤔 I just hope momma is getting enough rest!!! 👀👍
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    Anymore tours after this batch should be focused outside of the US...you bitches been spoilt
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    She'll take a break after September. I'll finally be meeting forum member/friend Kishi after over a decade.
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    You'll get burnt out going to clubs..I don't go out at all now..only when I go out of town. And most of the times I try to hit a lounge or a bar.
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    I’m cracking up at my own expectations for this takeover lol. I don’t know what I was expecting but they managed to not meet it lol
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    Video is cool but the song is the pits.
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    I know!! Im like wtf was the point of that? Calling it a "facebook TAKEOVER" like yall bout to stream the show live and all yall did was show 2 pics of Janet before the show and a clip of her saying "bout to hit the stage facebook" type shit. Like....HER TEAM HER TEAM HER TEAM. They were doin so good at one point and now...idk wtf they doin. Its like sum damn interns are running her affairs or sumtin. Like......
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    We mere mortals aren't meant to know everything..only Janhova knows.. But seriously, I think she's speaking out about people who are oppressed and give them hope that we as people can just love and bring about acceptance for all.
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    So can we all finally agree Damita Jo was a good album without having our opinion come for?
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    I just wanted to bring this post into this thread too. Her looks inspire.
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    Do you believe Janet's Damita Jo album would've over sold confessions album by usher and have more number one songs than that album(Just A Little While, I Want You and All Nite(Dont Stop) wouldve been number ones on the Hot 100 and globally. I think it wouldve been her biggest era since RN TBH. She was youthful and reinvented herself to the younger generation. Also the songs I mentioned WERE SO IN TREND AT THAT TIME. Especially I Want You being the urban R&B Crooner like My Boo by Usher and Alicia Keys and Just A Little While(being the pop rock like Lindsey Lohan or Hilary Duff esque song as well as All Nite(Dont Stop) being the urban Toxic and Goodies. Honestly I have never seen anyone have a youthfull attitude and youth pop appeal like Janet up at that time. Nowadays Beyonce is respected as an artist but doesnt give me that youthful vibe she once did in her teens
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    Kick off in Europe and just stay here and Asia...I know it aint gonna happen but I feel like being a petty bitch
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    Thats definitely the plan! She's restoring her relationship with the fans worldwide (a smart move) before the 2020 album and world tour.🙏🏻
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    I would eat her ass for breakfast lunch AND dinner 🤪
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    Legend is BOOKED. Seems like we won't get an album until next year.
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    I'm watching Pose thanks to you so sad that boy's parents did him like that....I've only gotten thru 2 episodes but for showcasing Black drag culture alone its a winner
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    I’ve been to both. I think her choreography was great both times. There was a certain fierceness in her during SOTW where I felt like she was channeling her anger from her marriage into her performance. There’s a different sense of “I’m here” in her residency. I will say that I’ve probably sat in similar positions both times (center stage, fifth and fourth rows) and I can’t take my eyes of her when she performs. She’s mesmerizing. The difference to me is the higher production value in her residency compared to SOTW. And I think the choreography was equal. For instance I definitely LOVED her choreography for IGL during her residency. I also preferred the choreography for TTWLG at SOTW compared to her residency. Either way, Janet did that shit.
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    and then she only has what?, like 1 show left? I'll never understand any of what happened smh
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    If she's going to include MFN on her New Album I believe she should do what she did with Doesn't Really Matter and do an Alternate Version/Extended Version of MFN to coincide with the New/Freshness of All New Material
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    That was simply incredible, I'm still trying to find more words, I'm shook, it exceeded my expectations. The execution looks great on video and in person it's just so brilliant on every level. She's brilliant....thats just....it
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    Did Janet or her team think that shit was cute? Talking about surprise but didn't surprise us with anything. Literally nothing we haven't seen already. People including herself have already been showing us clips of her show for months. Had fans all excited for nothing. I honestly wasn't expecting anything but I know a few fans on the facebook pages were.
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    Ya’ll need to stop shading “Made For Now” like it wasn’t Mexico’s new national anthem!!! 🙄😝🤪😘
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    Whew just finished Handmaids tale. The last episode was pretty good. But, they literally cannot have more than 1 more season. To go any longer they have to dramatically broaden the scope of the show. Invasion of Gilead by the rest of the world or something. Its the only way they can possibly scrape more than 1 more season without being redundant. The acting is great, the direction, cinematography etc. But they are pushing it with straining believability with lucky escapes and huge coincidences for storytelling. I'm ready for Mindhunter season 2 and Elite Season 2
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    Unbreakable has 16 songs. 💁🏻‍♂️
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    My boss and I were talking about this earlier. He won't even watch the show cause of her face lol. He whispered to me and said "If she was the last woman on Earth he wouldn't even use her to reproduce". He said whenever his wife watches he leaves the room
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    Because she’s sooooooooooooo impulsive. So many people have died/gotten in trouble because of her inability to think things through. I also don’t want them to do anymore close ups of her face. I can’t take it anymore lol. But it’s a great show lmao
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    Eh, the album is better than the initial reaction, but there was nothing really memorable about it.
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    Sometimes you’re ahead of your time. I and a few other Janet fans wrote the blacklisting petition back in 2006 (!) about her blackballed by the industry. I decided at 19/20 that I would be okay with putting my name down as the author. I got a lot of support (over 1k signatures which was a lot at the time), some small outlets reporting it, and a ton of hate mail of people not believing that Janet was being blackballed. It took over a decade for her to be vindicated and the fans that wrote it were never acknowledged by her team nor the media. And you know what? I’d do it all over again.
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    At some point you have to get an oil change or it's gonna fuck up your car. Angie did what she had to. Oh janet.club aka Janet-Xone was one of the most toxic message boards ever. Mikel is trash and he let his mods do whatever they wanted. I got banned for going off on Janet fans for making fun of her weight back in 2006 when she gained weight. They were talking shit including some of the mods. DJ Boo is the one I went off on and he banned me. I contacted Mikel about the situation and all he said was "Well i'm sure he banned you for a good reason". He didn't care that he or anybody else was bashing Janet. As far as Jimmy. Jimmy didn't like the album cause he was selfish and didn't want Janet working with anybody but them. Oh well too bad. Oh and Gil...well we won't even go there. Yup! It was a good album and idgaf what nobody else says. They all trying to ride the train Jimmy started when he said "There were too many cooks in the kitchen". She gave us bops like "Sexhibition", my fave from the album "SloLove", "Just A Little While", and "All Nite" which Jimmy had no hand in producing. I love that Janet reached out and explored different music. She gave us some euro infused tracks for the first time.
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    I'm glad the admin did the right thing. Game had been banned from every other damn forum ages back for destroying any proper conversation and bashing differing opinions, resulting in a bullying and hate. This forum is nowhere near as bad as some others, especially the one Janet's team lurks. I've left all forums but this. It was enough for me to be called an idiot and straight up bashed for making a petition to reissue Janet's albums on vinyl, which was long overdue. 99% of the feedback I received was negative and I got ridiculed. Now those same people are ordering every single reissued album and spending their money on something I started. I didn't have Jimmy, Cinq nor anyone else behind me for that matter. Quite the opposite. Jimmy never gave a damn about reissuing anything, his email reply made that much clear when I asked him to share my petition. Now he is retweeting every single positive article on how well the reissues have done in the UK. Like whatever. How did I make it happen? I knew who to direct my petition towards. Not Janet's team, especially not Jimmy and Def not Gil. Knowing Gil, he would've probably bashed the fuck outta me for even trying. I directed it at UMG that owns the rights to her music and who've done her best of releases so far. I knew they'd see an opportunity to cash in, so I went for it. A few blogs and papers mentioned the petition and here we are. I'll never get cred for making it happen, and I'm fine with that. In fact I can't even afford buying one of the vinyls myself. But it did happen and knowing that is enough for me. She made headlines by charting in the UK again due to reissues, and all the hate and "she would never do that/there is no market" bullshit has been proven invalid. People like Game are toxic to this community. But sadly, her own team is a part of this kind of elitism and supports it. After Made for Now, some PR people of Janet's team contacted selected fans to hear their feedback on what they'd like to see Janet release and do. Selected group of fans. When I found out, I created a thread asking everyone's opinions and mentioned they actually don't even want to hear from all of us, just a few elite fans. That's insane and incredibly disrespectful. And YEAH I will get down voted for speaking the truth, as always. But it's still the truth.
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    I’ll give out more suspensions if y’all don’t learn how to talk to people.
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    I held back on how toxic I found his presence because I knew that was the response he wanted. I'm not sure of how much of an act it was...the fact somebody would put on such an act to be a troll (which he confessed to), well that's something in itself. I don't think he was expecting to go like that and considering how much time he spent here (even daily), it'll probably affect him more than we think. That Son of A Gun knows we are talking about him and he's Moist at the thought of it.
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    So, I won’t and do not want this to turn into a bash fest. I will say say that it’s been a decision that I wrestled with for some time as he wasn’t always breaking forum rules but was teetering on it. I had to take a step back as I read MANY threads (some reported and others at random) to see what kind of environment his behavior was creating. Some of it was how he behaved with other fans and others are the way he voices his displeasure with Janet, especially music that didn’t come from AFY. This is just a small instance of repeated behavior. He definitely is a huge fan of Janet’s, but, I also need to recognize that I’ve banned fans of hers before so I couldn’t keep letting that be a reason to keeping him around. I know this forum will never be as active as the main board used to be, and I’m fine with that. What I’m not fine with, is the continuation of a toxic environment because of a difference of opinion.
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    Great. Through reviewing multiple threads and looking at the overall body of work, your legacy is secured. Thank you for your contributions to the community and hopefully you will engage with other members of this forum outside of this medium. Take care, Angie
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    It’d be a ban that was almost 18 years in the making. Most of your assessments and opinions are illogical, half baked, nonsensical and add no value which is why you resort to the tactics you employ to unsuccessfully distract from you obscene lack of reasoning and critical thinking skills. It’s almost borderline abuse to have to keep subjecting forum members to you. It’s about time I recognized you as the court jester you are.
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    Friends???!!! Who needs friends when you have followers...just make sure you like, comment and subscribe.
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    Uhm. What YOU think about the singles is not really important. Wasn't it Billboard that wrote a review about JALW saying it was most likely going to be a hit? And why wouldn't the singles be succesful? All her 1986-2001 albums had big hits, so why not the Damita Jo album? The songs totally fit in the 2004 sound so radio and TV would've definitely played it.
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    Hawkeye isn't a movie. Loki, WandaVision, Hawkeye, Falcon and Winter Soldier are all the Disney+ Tv shows. Hawkeye is him training Kate Bishop. WandaVision supposedly leads right into Dr. Strange 2 where she stars with him. Loki picks up right where Loki took the tesseract when they went in the past in Endgame. They also announced Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, and that there will be Fantastic 4 movie. Dr. Strange seems like a good place to get mutants in if they are dealing with the multiverse. Shang Chi should be good if they get some great martial arts people. There's no reason with Disney backing it shouldn't have the best Hong Kong straight up martial arts movie people. I don't care about WandaVision unless they go ahead and make her have the twins.
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    I thought the last episode was pretty powerful. It was pretty cerebral in it made you think if you were surrounded by this horror and torture how far would it push you? Would it make you also horrible and take you to dark places? That was her hitting rock bottom she was spiraling and getting further and further into Dark June territory. I don't blame her for wanting to cut Serena. That bitch deserves it. She has superhuman luck with people that will tolerate her though. Other people have been maimed, tongues cut out, eyes etc for less than she has done. She find a sympathetic doctor who doesn't turn her in and just talks her off the ledge. Convenient storytelling but it is what it is. Anyway now I'm watching the revival of Veronica Mars on Hulu. Season 4 after all these years. I loved that show


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