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    What in the Hot Cheeto are you talking about?! Janet has never been candid about her projects or what she is about to do. Are you new?! Then you have the nerve to say Mariah has her shit together.. Buzz singles are bullshit and they always have been. It's a way to see how people react to new music, but if it does well it will be the lead single....open yo eyes boo...Mariah ain't got shit together, she is as clueless as the rest of these hoes.
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    This isn't 2001 The reason Janet is uncertain is cus the music game has changed and as Janet said herself in recent interviews "nowadays you can juss release singles, you don't even have to release a full album" And she is right! Artists today release albums, EPs or singles (that aren't linked to a full project). All she is saying is that she has OPTIONS as to what and how she wants to do things this time around. You're diving too deep into this. As I've said before she doesn't seem inspired to release an album cus of her uncertainty ...so until then release singles or EPs
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    The thing is Janet has ALWAYS made it clear that when new music was coming, an ALBUM was coming, NOT some " I don't know what it's going to be yet." The fact is the way Janet and her new team are handling this era IS new, not me being new to this boo! When was the last time Janet had been uncertain about what she is about to release after releasing a lead single!? "Go head, I'll wait!" *Katt Williams voice* My question is why are ya'll acting like this is normal yet I'm out of the loop?? O_o What I mean about Mariah's roll out being together was there's a lead single and album on the way that she already has clarified and confirmed to her fans/the public while Janet doesn't know "what's it's gonna be" and multiple media outlets are saying "It's an album!" as well as "It's an EP"! Wait...what??? O_o Could you imagine if Janet released "All For You" and went on TRL back in the day saying "I don't know what it's gonna be right now but something is coming in the fall". Ya'll asses would have been LIVID!!! This is an absolute FIRST for Janet that has yet to be made clear even by HER LIPS! That's my concern, that's my problem, that's the way love goes!
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    I remember when my 3 year old cousin had a bag of hot cheetoes and he gave me one, and I didn't realize they were that damn spicy, so I said wow that's hot, he goes and take another out the bag blows on it and says "here John this one not so hot" COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO YOUR POSTS OR ANY OTHER
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    I wouldnt go so far as to say Mariah "has her shit together" considering that song and video. I also wouldnt state Janet gave us a lead single, she released a good song with a great video. I only wish the song had of fared better
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    No matter what Janet says in interviews she knows exactly what it’s going to be. She knows when it’s coming and MANY projects are a “work in progress” often up to the week before they release
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    Give you a run down on who he is since he doesn’t have a wiki page http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2016/05/ye-ali-interview-the-break/
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    It’s funny that you go up for Janet yet this entire era with everything she’s said and done you’ve been a complete contrarian to. You didn’t even know what the fuck the breakfast club was, like MANY of the people here, but it has millions of followers and advit supporters. You literally think your fucking small ass bubble is a reflection of what people are collectively experiencing. There are artists who a whole group of people don’t listen to yet they sell out stadiums. Markets can be abundant & diverse According to Janet RnB will never die and it is her genre. “It is “our” music” according to Janet herself. So if I’m far up their musical asses what the fuck is she? She’s mentioned them in about as many interviews as she has Jimmy & Terry. Not only as ppl she supports but people she would love to work with. She has even taken her time to PERSONALLY go to HER concert. You OBVIOUSLY don’t listen bc you would know Daniel Cesaer isn’t making much sexual music. Its not my opinion that’s smug it’s that when dealing with a condescending ass hole you have to talk to them at their level. You have complained since this entire process started. You take shots at everything & still you don’t get how an EP can be working in Janet’s favor, again due to your bubble, so you call it a waste. Fuck outta here.
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    Damn fat Carol! She punched that Grandma like her name was Rogue
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    Janet interview with MistaJam on Radio 1Xtra https://www.facebook.com/JanetLove/videos/2145657705704611/ *Janet-Love has a privacy setting on the video. So not an error on my part if you can't see the video (which is audio to the interview). If you are logged into Facebook the link works and you can hear the audio of the interview but if you aren't logged in you can't (unless the owner of Janet-Love changes the video settings)
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    I’m throwing chapstick & popcorn on stage
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    No, I didn't. Imagery and success don't always impart more influence. Janet is her most successful album, after all. Does that make it more influential than the other three?
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    Janet interview with Steve Allen
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    Girl, TVR is put up there with them by critics and by the artists it influenced. Tons of people in R&B and pop have called it out for shaping their tastes and ambitions in music, and its influence is obvious on albums like Stripped, Britney, M!ssundaztood, Rated R, etc. It just wasn't as huge as RN or Control, and its imagery isn't as iconic, so it's harder to place in her cannon of essentials... but it is definitely next to the other two in terms of reverence.
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    "The talk" could've been with anyone..
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    Since this will be live-streamed I’m hoping that we’ll get a nice clear HD video of the show plus some HQ audio rips! 👌🏼
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    Packed theatre in imax! Shit was epic imo. Had a couple cheer and clapping scenes. And the bitch next to me flat cried at the end.
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    “Take Em Down” Could it be the potential next single off of “I don’t know what it’s gonna be”/“Work In Progress”??? 🤔 I remember hearing about it earlier in the year when “Made For Now” was announced as Janet’s new single. It’s apparently produced by Jimmy and Terry only so for those hoping for new music solely her dynamic duo of producers, I wonder if it will be released as a single! 🤔