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    Unbreakable era is definitely kaput.. I look at this era effectively as the SOTW era more than anything, even right up until the BBMA performance... once she releases new music then I’ll see it as a new, separate era, even potentially adding the BBMA performance to said era retroactively
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    State of the world was a really dope period of time. Excellent show, probably the best tour set list & even performances in a while. But this here is like living in the moment. It’s made for now, it’s different. It’s a new era for sure.
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    Just like Captain EO before this, I absolutely love when Disney links up with my favorite Jacksons for any and every reason! 🏰🐭🙌🏼
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    The song’s inspiration? It’s Janet – Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty. “I was working with the Max Martin crew in their big beautiful house…I worked with this producer Oscar Holter before, who’s a part of that…and we were all just kind of hanging out,” he explained to Zane Lowe on Beats 1. “I’d seen Janet Jackson at the Hollywood Bowl…she played that song ‘All Nite (Don’t Stop),’ and the percussion was the starting point for this song.” https://muumuse.com/2018/06/dance-to-this-troye-sivan-ariana-grande.html/ And that’s what we call impact. I love Ariana so much and Troyes music has been really good this time around. The song itself is a cute mellow bop.
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    86 Janet Jackson Capital One Arena Washington, D.C. Nov. 16, 2017 $1,156,682 12,160 / 13,562 1 / 0 $135, $49.50 204 Janet Jackson PPG Paints Arena Pittsburgh, Pa. Nov. 29, 2017 $478,152 8,831 / 10,963 1 / 0
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    2017 era merchandise is not a damn throwback Its last season
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    I think since the Super Bowl this year I’ve seen a resurgence of love, support and respect for Janet I haven’t seen in a very long time. It’s very heartening.
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    All you need to worry about is what's directly in front you. The future and the past are illusions and if you live there, you will be anxious and sad. If you break things down into small steps, you realize it's not as difficult as you thought.
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    If she is, that is her business. BUT I'm thankful that our stars now live at a time in which they can truly have it all. I'm not pressed about rumors, but IF Ms. Jackson wanted to have another child, who's to say couldn't do so and ready her new album at the same time? She had Eissa, and was back on tour 8 months later. And just suppose that a new album were to drop, with a music video or two already shot, and a successful summer tour completed. Take a break and let fans enjoy the album/doc/project/whatever else is being cooked up, have the baby, and go on tour later. Plus, if she were to let fans know this (not that it's necessarily our business to know), we would TOTALLY understand, just like the last time.
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    What I love about this is it is giving her a forum to speak directly to young people and up-n-coming artists. And they make up some kind of award every year on this show. it's Janet's TURN!!!
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    Giving me major cowardly lion vibes... but very nice
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    Janet's management aint playing ....that one fine ass brutha is doing his J-O-B ........wait for Game to minus this too
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    you know honestly to me, if it is I wouldnt care, because I think many of us decided several years back as long as she's out there on that stage she has our support, but we do know new music is on the horizon and that is absolutely exciting
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    Does sitting outside in a park or by some water feel too much to do? If not, try do so. Play some uplifting music in the house if you don't wanna leave
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    I'm binging season 1 .....insanely good, it is so well written and the ideas they come up with are just so out there, I have had many moments where I was like who could imagine this and write it
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    Unbreakable lacked edge? It was classic Janet.. you couldn’t get more classic than Unbreakable What kind of edge did you want?
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    Same here, but truthfully all her best albums have this kind of life to them.