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    They were in because the hall was coerced into inducting them. They literally should've been the first inductees. JoeJoe, they've done this for all the nominees.
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    Janet has been in controlling relationships her entire life. Almost all of them have been. At some point, there has to be some accountability on the part of the person who continuously gets into relationships with controlling men. Especially of a woman who is 52 and on her third divorce. Janet chose to put herself in a subservient relationship. Unless she was just that naive not to see the writings on the wall when it came to Wissam. The man was a Muslim. What did she expect? Just like she shouldn’t have married a drug addict named James Debarge and an insecure nobody named Rene Elizondo, she shouldn’t have married a controlling man with a strict religious upbringing. But Janet loves to think she can change men once she marries them and that’s her biggest flaw and the reason why she’s on her third divorce. It’s not all on the men. Janet is just terrible at picking men and uses poor judgement in her relationships. This still has nothing to do with the fact that she was lazy during Unbreakable. Janet was a grown woman who supposedly was “in Control.” She could’ve been more assertive if she chose to. You all coddle Janet too much. She is older than most of you on here. Hold her accountable for once.
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    I believe this is Janet’s best shot yet it’s always a “token” inductee so as not to appear racist and again Janet is the highest profile black on this ballot I’m not strongly confident but I will say Janet’s true competition is whose black on the ballot and how does she stack up against them there’s no denying Janet stands above any black act currently nominated if this breaks down to one woman that’s gonna be Stevie Nicks who deserves it too but throw in some meToo movement Janet finally gets in
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    I’m not holding my breath and Sister Rosetta Thorpe should’ve been the first person they inducted. She’s the architect behind the damn genre.
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    That's pretty dope. I was wondering how it would do on the dance charts...good for Janet
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    Get money for the fareTime is of the essenceSo I'll tell the driver hurry upI can't sit stillI'm like a little kidSmilin' 'cause I'll be in your arms in a minuteTimes like this...Can't afford to missWorth the risk of getting caughtJust to have your kissAnd when I have to go (it's the saddest 😢)But I'm so glad to knowI'll see you tomorrow...
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    I have mixed feelings, I'm sure it will be very fun to look at, but I was not wowed by that footage. The Cave of Wonders was much more impressive in the animated film... this shit should be jaw dropping. HOWEVER, the actor they cast as Aladdin can put his diamond in my rough any day of the week.
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    She wants to be taken care of because she never had much of a father to begin with. That’s why she seeks out men who inevitably end up dominating or controlling her in some way. That’s something she’s probably aware of and needs to contend with before she gets into another relationship or the cycle will just continue. Or God forbid, she’ll pass that down to her son the way her mother passed it down to her.
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    I don’t want to concede but I’m also the person that acknowledges reality as well so be that as it may you made a ton of valid points I believe Janet just wanted to be taken care of when it comes to men it’s the little girl in her you cannot take that ageless wonder dare I say romantic away although I think she married Wissam for security
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    I’m sorry where did you get the info Janet loves to think she can change a man? I think that sounds a lot like conjecture but we will bypass that for now. Problem with your argument is your suggesting these men were all problems that need “changing” when Janet met them. I don’t think that was the case Janet loved Rene and they spent about 11 years together that’s probably longer than most relationships anyone on this board has. Next your argument assumes the men were open about who they were from the start and thus Janet’s judgments were poor, I think that’s very short sighted if Janet is as reckless as you’re suggesting she should have three or four babies all by different men. Janet loved JD clearly and they were together 8 years the end of that relationship was on JD after that I think it only made sense for Janet to seek out a strong secure man and she married for money she married up as we say. And it went south too but that’s not new in entertainment ain’t JLo on her third or second divorce with kids plural? The only stage Janet has left she hasn’t done is the hot young fuck toy.
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    What does any of this have to do with the fact that Beyoncé and Rihanna have more #1 dance hits than Janet? No one ever stated that they were better than Janet. But the question was asked and it was answered. Your insecurity is showing. It isn’t necessary.
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    I don’t honestly know where to begin deconstructing a post that paints Janet as “lazy” because you didn’t like the outcome. First let’s begin with the notion that Janet chose not to promote of her own volition or that you have evidence to support such a notion. Could it be dare I say that Janet was in the midst of managing a very volatile situation. Married to a Billionaire whom she would soon separate from entirely. Attempting to please fans and a husband that couldn’t resist putting his two cents in as to how she could look and who could perform on stage with her and who couldn’t. All of this culminating in what I believe was the last ditch effort to save a failing marriage....let’s start a family. My point here is I truly believe Janet wanted to get out there and do a lot more but her hands were tied and if anyone thinks she was being lazy look at how visible Janet’s been post divorce.
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    If you meant this as shade to me it is brilliant.
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    Nah. After reading about his radioactive penis, I’m good.
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    You answered the question in a context that I didn't ask. Also, I believe Nina and Rosetta were inducted as "early influencers". We know.
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    Look, I actually don’t care for some of Gaga’s ALBUMS, to be perfectly honest (including The Fame). I think they can be a bit lazy and a little “throw everything at ‘em but the kitchen sink” in their production choices. But her versatility as an artist and vocalist is what makes her incredibly relevant in today’s landscape. In 10 years she’s won Grammys for pop (nominated for Born this way too), won a Grammy for an entire jazz album with freakin Tony Bennet and went out on a sold out tour with him, won a Golden Globe for acting, performed a flawless tribute to The Sound of Music on the Oscars, which was praised by Julie Andrews herself, made a semi-country tinged album, which was a 180 turn from her pop roots, and now is in contention for an Oscar for acting just a year or two removed from having an Oscar nominating original song That versatility is just not common.
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    Either they’ll do one woman and the rest men or follow the same formula as last year. Two women and four men/male bands. No way they can’t induct at least one woman though. In this #MeToo era, the backlash would be swift. This actually would be the best time to induct two women at once due to the social climate we’re in tbh.
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    Janet's is most likely gonna get in this time. Rock Hall just tweeted and @ her name!!!
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    I think Stevie Nicks is the shoe in here. Will they induct two women at the same time?
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    I've always wanted Janet to collaborate with Stevie Nicks. That would be such a treat to say you have a song with Joni, Carly and Stevie ...the girls wouldn't be able to deal.
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    I keep saying Unbreakable didn't even sound "current" when it came out so sonically it will not age well.