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    I think Jimmy and Terry are the bridge between understanding what works for Janet and those that produce a sound that's hot but isn't Janet
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    What do you mean if Madonna accepted these awards? You think that egotistical old bag would refuse being honored and glorified? some people like to be dumb and difficult and look who you're talking to
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    I would like to see her get back to cutting edge production. There's too much new talent out there for her to be working with Harmony Samuels. I know the writing, etc. will be there, because her pen game is strong.
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    ...Janet has won more prestigious/special awards and accolades than ANY other artist, Ever (including Michael) ???
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    Um this shows she does indeed accept achievement awards. I need to know why y'all think it's not in Janet's reach to have received more lifetime achievement and/or Icon awards than any other artist?
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    Exactly. What i said wasnt that hard to understand at all. Thats whats weird about this board..they will slice and dice and dissect what you said and flip it to create something completely different from the original question. Strange community on here. And obviously about the Madonna thing but thats actually what I think is interesting the fact that Madonna suppose to be the Queen of Pop over Janet but yet Janet seems to lifetime achievement awards til this day while Madonna hasnt been given shit in how long???
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    fuck him, he's a cheating idiot anyway and i've never found his jokes funny. He pretty much said if you want an apology for his gay remarks to go back and look it up. Bitch what kind of sincerity is that? I don't care how long ago you supposedly apologized, some people are just now finding this out like myself. Now he's lost more fans for being an arrogant asshole.
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    You guys are going on about other awards when he was specifically talking about LIFETIME and Career awards, and tributes. i can’t think of Madonna, Mariah, Cher, Diana, or any one else that has anywhere close to the amount of shows dedicated to them that Janet has had. She’s been recognized for her career achievements for the last 20 years. Btw if Madonna accepted these, I believe she’s be up there too.
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    If anything the fact that sum are MADE up for her..shows the kind of power she has. Thats to her credit. At the end of the day they still are lifetime achievement awards. On top of that she has won some "legit" ones. Ama's,VMAs,Billboard,etc
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    The prices aren’t bad then I realized it’s in euro
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    Yellowtail and salmon sashimi, roasted cod, champagne risotto.
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    Smoked haddock without the egg, side of cauliflower cheese followed by honeycomb ice cream.
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    That’s not how diseases and viruses spread 🤦🏾‍♂️
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    I remember her doing an interview and she said that it was the first song the label wanted to release..but she fought for TTWLG to be the lead single..she said the fans wanted a dance video but she wanted to ease the audience into the record. When "If" was released(the video) it spawned a million dance routines at talent shows..
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    I knew Janet had a huge following in Asia but these hilarious copy/paste of her hits makes me SWOON!!!☺️ All these haters takin’ about her being “local” all these years!!! #LastLaugh #ComeThroughGlobalQueen
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    Damn fat Carol! She punched that Grandma like her name was Rogue
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    Hissy fit lmao. Oki. Game's been banned from so many forums that speaks for itself