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    Y’all already know who TF called this shit barely two weeks ago right here on this here messagebord!!! 🙋🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️ Put some ‘spect on my name!
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    Amazing performance. I never seen her perform barefoot. That opening and the production value was on poinT. Her understanding of using the whole stage is unmatched. I love how unique Janet's fashion is..she doesn't conform and she wears what she wants...a big problem to some of her fanbase(when in reality it's just clothes). Anyway, the AFY part was off. Janet didn't realize she had background dancers and proceeded to make them look like amateurs. She continues to fuck that breakdown up. I'm shocked she's still pushing MFN.. Haven't seen this much promo for a single since forever. I'm happy to still be amazed at Janet..such a gift to be riding for her going on 30+ years now.
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    She's not in any position to judge anyone's sense of fashion or style.
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    S/O to @Dal for the awesome footage
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    Janet's exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame
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    Anyone going to the RRHOF Induction Ceremony next week? I'll be hosting a pre-show lunch at Don Chingon's at 4pm. The address is 216 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Take a look at the menu here - http://donchingon.nyc/menu/ Aside from the induction ceremony, I'll also be at DJ Aktive's after party. Hope to see you all there!
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    Game's argument: - Michael was too close to those kids, therefore the claims of sexual abuse are certain. - Anybody who disagrees (and can thoroughly support their argument) are wackos, sheep. Also the right to defend oneself is victim shaming. -Wash rinse repeat (and very adamantly. People think being adamant makes a statement true.)
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    I really appreciate y’all’s input because when I first saw the video I stopped when his ass started mentioning Beyoncé like she was the clear cut #1.
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    She is still dressing like Stevie Nicks. I like the outfit but she looks mad uncomfortable. And that wig is throwing everything off balance.
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    I don’t see why y’all seem pressed. Janet doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. Let her be great, bask in her legendary status, and enjoy
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    Y'all still tryin to predict the Queen of Unpredictability..... The Performance was fire. I realize it's more fun and less stress not trying to anticipate her every move & next step as if she's 1 of her lessor"s.
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    I agree with Free regarding SOTW. Outside of Vegas, I’ve only seen Janet in LA and I’ve been seeing her consistently since 2008. It doesn’t matter what city I’m living in, I will fly to her show in LA. When she did SOTW the first go round, I was living in Dallas and I was telling a coworker I was going to go see her in LA. As soon as I mentioned it he told me his friend and his wife went to the concert and they were STILL raving about her dancing and were calling it a comeback. That was one of the few times I’ve heard someone off the cuff talk about her like it was 1994 at work. And when I went in LA I knew what he was talking about. Sometimes when you’re giving me that kind of energy, and Janet moved like she had something to prove, IDGAF what your production looks like. She was a beast and that’s why that particular tour stands out to me when I think of post-prime Janet. What she lacked in production, she more than made up in energy to me. I would say her least memorable to me was probably #1s and I went to see her twice on that one as she did a few nights in LA. What stood out to me was being able to meet her family.
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    I held back on how toxic I found his presence because I knew that was the response he wanted. I'm not sure of how much of an act it was...the fact somebody would put on such an act to be a troll (which he confessed to), well that's something in itself. I don't think he was expecting to go like that and considering how much time he spent here (even daily), it'll probably affect him more than we think. That Son of A Gun knows we are talking about him and he's Moist at the thought of it.
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    I honestly don’t get how artists like Justin Timberlake, J. Lo, Kanye West, even P!nk got this award before Missy?!? She should have gotten it during her peak in 2001-2005!!! I swear MTV seriously forgot and she recently remembered like “oh yeah!!! Missy!!! Oops!” 😳😱👀🤦🏾‍♂️
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    And I echo the sentiments on the production value. She really stepped it up with this residency.
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    This was about overall IMPACT. Janet wins this one, hands down. There are people out here still sampling her songs, still doing her iconic dance routines, still using her performance platform. Don't get me started on her visuals. Younger artists like Normani and Teyana Taylor still name checking her as an influence. Whitney is impactful, but not as impactful as Janet(the whole spectrum of entertainment).
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    Random, but cool: https://metalheadzone.com/slipknots-corey-taylor-reveals-the-rare-moments-he-had-with-janet-jackson/
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    Well, at least she showed up!!! Now the Euro fans can start to pipe the f#@# down!!!
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    Nervous????????? What? While all these other artists such as Beyonce,Ciara etc...all say even til this day they still get nervous before each performance. Janet said she hasnt been nervous since the opening nite of the RN Tour.. Janet doesnt have those jitters like other performers. I highly doubt she's nervous and thinking "omg this is Europe...i hope i do well". Janet is gone treat that performance like any other VET performance
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    He definitely doesn't have it in him to deal with her. That's why Sansa is stepping in. She know how people get when they are "in love". She said it herself to Dany. I feel so sorry for Dany on one hand. She really has had a hard life when you look at the totality of it. Her daddy was slaughtered, she was thrown into exile with assassins on her tail. She was sold into marriage. Husband was murdered, she was burned alive but emerged a dragon queen. Built a coalition through war and conquest for years. Came to to get her throne got dicked down by Jon Snow who apparently knows more than he gets credit for in the bedroom. Cause he convinced her to give it all up to save the world and Winterfel from the Night King. All her shit got destroyed. She brutally lost 2 babies. Her man has a better claim on the throne than her. His sister don't like her. He wont give her the good D anymore since he found out she his aunt. Her best friend gets beheaded. Her Hand is incompetent with strategy. I mean fuck... You want her to get vengeance and have a happy ending but the writing is on the wall really. Even poor Gendry cant get lady Arya. She put it on him so hard he ready to go all in and she like nah bruh I just wanted that Baratheon D I gotta go
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    Janet is giving me Myrtle Snow vibes standing next to Stevie. Ladies and gentlemen, your new Supreme!
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    Well shes a pop act doing a vegas residency so its suppose to be bells n whistles. She better not try that scaled back shit for Vegas. That is NOT the place. I would like to think Janet is intelligent enough to know production is needed here.
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    I still have my moments where I want kids..all my friends here have them..most people at work have kids(except the gays--). Sometimes, I feel inadequate because that's what most people talk about are their kids or spouses..and other times, I'm like fuck it. Oh well. I'm 40 and at this point it's not happening. I have two nephews(I have more on my dad side)..so I'll love them like my own. It's funny how people say don't have them because of the expenses..others say have at least one. But yeah.
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    hopefully she doesn't get mixed up into the drama
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    Hopefully that wig didn’t make it through customs 👀
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    You would think fans would be used to her looking like something out of a Tim Burton movie by now. I can literally name 5 essential characters from his movies that inspire her look. Even her Black Girls Rock look was parodied for looking like something out of Beetlejuice. Let Janet be the artist she is.
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    I love the part about an ALBUM not an EP. King me https://variety.com/2018/biz/news/janet-jackson-signs-with-paradigm-1203037277/
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    So we gone talk about it and not give links or anything for the ppl who werent aware... Like tf ?! ?
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    I just recovery .... This was simply THE BEST SHOW.. her personality and she danced!!
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    let 1080p "If" drop....Ima act a damn fool I mean Im going back to stanning days
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    You had to throw shade Janelle is not anybody's first choice but she will work. The great thing about Janelle is that she has a way with words and very confident in front of a large audience...there won't be no long pauses, no stumbling of words and she is very familiar with the subject matter. I can't say the same about other people who were mentioned.
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    Janet’s been the best Jackson sincere 1986
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    PREACH, that's the entire point, again it's lazy as hell to sum his defense as blind love when we're the ones looking at the full picture, not just 1 documentary, that by all accounts is just an interview, a documentary is investigative journalism, there was no investigation here, it was a story being told to camera's, a story they can't even stick to... All of that, that's what it boils down to, these facts are getting ignored because he doesn't want them to be right in this case. And the fact that there are so many contradictions to that stance only shows his lack of attention to it as a whole. R. Kelly uses to be a fave of mine for a moment of time, yet even when he was it was abundantly clear, he was a pedophile. There wasn't any "That doesn't look right", "that doesn't look normal", he married a 15-year-old, and there were tapes of him having sex with teenagers...that changes who the man is for me, but it doesn't change what his music means to me. There is no blind fandom for me, or for any artist or actor or comedian I like, but it takes more than words and accusations to change how I look at ANYONE because that's their human right. Michael's relationship with kids that people find disturbing is assumption & opinion. R. Kellys was/is disturbing based on evidence and accusors who's story remained air tight.
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    I'm certain that Janet is already privy to a lot of information that we don't know. Janet was smart to separate her legacy from his a looooong time ago, so I don't think it will impact anything concerning her. Janet is very smart with her words and things she wants us to know. Notice when she commented on Jussie Lyon that she kept it cute 'sending you my love'....she didn't denounce his attack or get political like so many other celebs and if Jussie didn't just tribute her a few months back, she may not have commented at all. 👀
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    I can't stand Oprah. She got so much energy for MJ yet has said not one word against Harvey W. She also said nothing about R Kelly who lived in Chicago for decades while her show was there. She has a special hate for MJ and I'd like to know why.
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    Where did she find those kiddo express hammer pants🤣
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    I like how she is giving a reason behind this Vegas residency by adding that it's a celebration of her RN album....chile ...she said y'all ain't about to shade her with early retirement and I'm only doing 15 shows...for now 👀
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    Get them coins sis. This new Janet keeps you guessing. I knew better not to say anything after that cruise announcement. I'm not surprised she is only doing three months for now 👀
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    😂 never understood how this equaled retirement anyway. She’s a legacy act at this point.
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    % 100 ! The media was responsible for damaging this album, pure brain washing .. The album did not reach it's full potential and was not accompanied by a tour/additional visuals. Janet killed Don't Stop live and the video was SICK (let's not forget MTV banned the video until after hours) I Want You was nominated for a Grammy.. . I would've died for Island Life, R&B junkie which gained club play without a single release, another performance of Strawberry Bounce and a sick video to Moist (What's it's gonna be style). Janet looked Great, the styling was Great, Make up on point, and her vocals were Great. The media tried to damage Janet's most creative album yet, the VR . Reporting low sales, Janet's last tour, S&M freak and being gay, Coffee enema, the track YOU was written about her brother, Janet is a weirdo because of tattoo and piercing, .. Janet embraced her roots at the time where NO POP STAR DARED. Let me get off my soap box... DJ would've been a hit...sorry about the typos in advance.
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    I’m probably Damita Jo. Sexual. Sensual when I desire, a slut when on fire. Often hated and under appreciated by the ones that matter. Summery.
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    Right now in my life I would say 20YO....a mess and all over the place with a healthy obsession with getting dicked down but at the same time enjoying life. Oh who am kidding...that's me all the time I've covered alot on this Earth and I've uncovered alot...it's best to keep it light and not be so serious...I wanna have fun!!! I know that I don't know and that's what I do know.
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    I thought Tina didn’t choreograph that part though?
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    Waaaiiittt a minute something smells off here. You are dragging Game for not playing nice when you are the same person throwing a hissy fit in the other thread?
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    I don't know why most ppl are cumming all over this album. I like it but it's pretty one note and it also feels like a Memoirs 2.0 with less "ratchet" production/lyrics. With that said, 8th grade when carcass used to be popular is my fav along with The Distance from hot 100 . It's solid but nothing to write home about.
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    She’s not pregnant ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ Jesus
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    There's another stem of Janet screaming "What's up n******" it was an unexpected surprise


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