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  1. Cute video. I just don’t like any of her songs.
  2. I’m kind of interested in the SF show though.
  3. If she does, I will go lol. When I was in line for the meet and greet I did end up meeting a couple of fans from Europe: one was from London who saw two shows and the other didn’t specify but lived in Germany. I give y’all credit for the dedication.
  4. I’m trying to talk myself out of going. This is literally my favorite album of all time and I’m looking at those Hawaii dates lol
  5. I’m cracking up at my own expectations for this takeover lol. I don’t know what I was expecting but they managed to not meet it lol
  6. Angela

    Night Clubs?

    Clubs were never my thing. I would go once in awhile, but I could always take it or leave it. I preferred lounges, a speakeasy, concerts, or festivals. I do think in the age of people more openly proclaiming their social anxiety, awkwardness, and with the advent of social media, I’m not surprised to see a decline.
  7. I’ve been to both. I think her choreography was great both times. There was a certain fierceness in her during SOTW where I felt like she was channeling her anger from her marriage into her performance. There’s a different sense of “I’m here” in her residency. I will say that I’ve probably sat in similar positions both times (center stage, fifth and fourth rows) and I can’t take my eyes of her when she performs. She’s mesmerizing. The difference to me is the higher production value in her residency compared to SOTW. And I think the choreography was equal. For instance I definitely LOVED her choreography for IGL during her residency. I also preferred the choreography for TTWLG at SOTW compared to her residency. Either way, Janet did that shit.
  8. I agree with you wholeheartedly on the Handmaid’s Tale. This season dragged until the last few episodes and unless they start closing up storylines they will have nowhere else to go. I think one more season is it as it’s starting to feel redundant.
  9. And every episode of Season 3 pretty much ends in a closeup of her damn face. They have to get more creative or they will lose the audience. It it sounds like I need to check out Queen of the South.
  10. Because she’s sooooooooooooo impulsive. So many people have died/gotten in trouble because of her inability to think things through. I also don’t want them to do anymore close ups of her face. I can’t take it anymore lol. But it’s a great show lmao
  11. It’s a great show even though the main character works my nerves. I’m about three episodes behind.
  12. Sometimes you’re ahead of your time. I and a few other Janet fans wrote the blacklisting petition back in 2006 (!) about her blackballed by the industry. I decided at 19/20 that I would be okay with putting my name down as the author. I got a lot of support (over 1k signatures which was a lot at the time), some small outlets reporting it, and a ton of hate mail of people not believing that Janet was being blackballed. It took over a decade for her to be vindicated and the fans that wrote it were never acknowledged by her team nor the media. And you know what? I’d do it all over again.
  13. I actually play the album more than AFY. I felt that AFY had stronger commercial appeal on a few tracks but I preferred DJ as an album.
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