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  1. She ate that performance. Amazing job! I’m digging where her head is and it’s exciting.
  2. Angela

    Janet Will Be on BREAKFAST CLUB!!!!!

    I’ve listened to him intermittently throughout the years from when he was Wendy’s side kick to a few months ago to form my opinion. He hasn’t done anything to change it. Fuck him. I’m good love. Enjoy.
  3. Angela

    Janet Will Be on BREAKFAST CLUB!!!!!

    He’s playing extra nice because he’s involved in some problematic shit. Nah. Fuck him. I don’t doubt that he’d be respectful to Janet but I still don’t and hve never like him. He will always be the Donkey of the Day to me.
  4. Angela

    Janet Will Be on BREAKFAST CLUB!!!!!

    I’m not a fan of CTG so I typically avoid TBC
  5. Angela

    Made For Now Music Video

  6. Angela

    Made For Now Music Video

    That was my favorite look of the entire video. She looked AMAZING.
  7. Or... “Hey big head”😊
  8. I love love the fashion! I can’t wait to see the video.
  9. Angela

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    A couple of my employees kept encouraging me to watch it so I did. I’m all caught up on the episodes.
  10. I’m ready for some afrobeat! I think my most played song that’s been released this year has been “Ultimatum” by Disclosure.
  11. Angela

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Insecure is really good and doesn’t have a ton of episodes. I did watch the Handmaid’s Tale. It’s pretty good.
  12. Angela

    Billboard's 2018 Highest Paid Musicians

    I’m genuinely enjoying Janet’s re-emergence to the music scene. As a fan, it’s all I’ve been hoping for since 2004. And it was solidified for me last year when I saw her at the Hollywood Bowl. Sitting behind me was a mother who brought her daughter with her. Her daughter was probably around 20 and knew none of the songs prior to the show but she was clearly enjoying the show and she made it clear that she would be streaming a ton of Janet songs to get caught up. It’s a beautiful thing to see people discover The Icon. Welcome back, Queen.
  13. Angela

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    Lately I’ve been watching Sailor Moon and Queen Sugar. I’m waiting for August so I can watch Greenleaf and Insecure.
  14. Angela


    Your post is riddled with misogyny.
  15. I love her. She knows the lyrics are wrong but we still don’t know what she was saying in Go Deep at 3:57. I LIVE for this randomness lmao