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  1. Angela

    Janet in LA, 21 Dec

    Where in LA?!
  2. Angela

    Janet Leaving(?) Hong Kong 12/17

    Yes! 2018 was her year. I don’t know if it’s a combination of roots and spiritual energy but karma came hard this year in honor of Janet.
  3. Angela

    Janet Leaving(?) Hong Kong 12/17

    I heard Les Moonves ain’t about to get his severance of 120 million. I hope Janet is cheesing!
  4. I’m here for it. I just know that they’re coordinating their outfits.
  5. Glad she was honored. I hate the entire look. I know what she was going for but it wasn’t executed well.
  6. I expect them to show up in matching outfits. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little surprised by my reaction about finding out. I blinked back tears.
  7. Sensational! Congratulations! I’m happy and proud of her. Long overdue and well deserved. I am so proud to see her get her recognition this year. I’m also happy for Stevie Nicks as well.
  8. Angela

    Kevin Hart steps down as Oscar host....

    I’ve never been a fan since his “jokes” about dark skinned black women years ago. I’m glad to see him lose something as I was never a fan.
  9. That was a really great interview and I appreciated the interviewer actually doing their homework.
  10. You. The Conscience part won me over. Stroke of genius. Honorable mention to Go Deep 3:57 for keeping fans mystified for over 20 years.
  11. I don’t click lanks. I do appreciate her adjusting her voice to keys she can sing live in. It almost reminds me of what she tried to do with Charmbracelet but it was heavy handed and uneven vocally.
  12. I like Giving Me Life, A No No, The Spirit, and With You the most. It’s a solid album to me.
  13. Performing on a ship sponsored by Denny’s.
  14. Angela

    Happy Birthday Angie!!!!!!!!

    Aww thank you everyone! I love y’all.