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  1. That’s hilarious that it’s on Spotify lmaoooo
  2. Agreed especially considering all the comments that came out on opening night that the tour looked like a rehash and now they’re probably going to implement changes. I bought the tickets for my sister as she’s a massive fan (I’m not going), but I was watching the reviews to see if I had to sell that shit at the last minute lmao.
  3. I’m glad they released new music. It justifies the tickets I bought.
  4. She looks amazing. I loved hearing the instrumental to When We Ooo. And a great speech by her.
  5. I thought it was going to be 15 minutes?
  6. I’m sooooo freakin hyped!!!
  7. Angela

    Lots of Janet music on last night's Scandal

    The episode, like most of the season, was garbage, but at least Shonda gave me a Janet night.
  8. Angela

    New Header... I see you

    You did a wonderful job!
  9. Angela

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    I’ve been watch watching Shameless since the beginning. That show is hilarious.
  10. Angela

    I missed this place

    I legit cackled! I’m both but I ain’t gonna be nobody's suga mama
  11. Angela

    I missed this place

    Ha. Nope. I make really good money so the fee is nominal to me in the grand scheme of things. Thanks for asking!
  12. Angela

    I missed this place

    And though it has dropped a bit, this site had an uptick in activity during the tour. So much so, that I had to pay extra because of the amount of users on the site since my agreement plan is by the average number of users in a certain time period is what determines my rate. So it is nice to see some of that on here.
  13. Angela

    I missed this place

    I’m on that forum lol