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  1. Can’t believe some of y’all are saying she walked too much!!!! 😳😱😱😱 The Janet walk is a miracle in and of itself!!! ❤️❤️❤️surprised she didn’t turn the floor into wine just by how fierce she walked as usual!!! 😫
  2. .......So no one is gonna mention she did the arm movements of the beginning of the If breakdown for the first time in like a decade!!! 😱😱😱😱 she came HARD!!! I was so SHOOK N SHOCKED!!!
  3. #JJ12-Early Expectations/Speculations???

    Let the speculation continue!!! Now that we know janet is officially working on a follow-up to Unbreakable after her billboard interview, what are your expectatuons now? What do you think the topics janet will cover this time musically!? Release date?
  4. New Song? (VIDEO)

    wow!!!! ????
  5. Because in a recent interview, Gil said no more pics of Eissa would be released....which he was wrong about! He also said no new album would be on the way when there have been multiple sources saying otherwise. New music in some shape or form is coming.
  6. I was gonna say the same thing!!! ??? So new music IS on the way after all!!! ???

    Awwww, seeing them together again ALMOST makes me want to see another collaboration!!!
  8. Janet at Out100 Event

    THIS B!TCH always making me feel not worthy!!!
  9. what time has she been appearing on stage?

    for the Boston show, she didn’t come out until a little after 8:40pm!!! She had us waiting for a while.

    Isn’t it too early to call this tour an embarrassment??? She’s only been touring for 2 months now and hasn’t even gone to Europe or any other continent besides North America. I’d say wait until we see numbers by the end of her North American leg. The fact is from what we’ve seen and from what I saw during her Boston show, this tour is a low key success despite previous cancellations, no promo, etc. Some of you guys are acting like Janet can’t fill an auditorium, let alone stadiums anymore, which she still can!! That’s all that matters!!

    love the bohemian look with the Janet. Era hair!!!
  12. We know new music is on its way very soon but what we don’t know is if it’ll be a completely new album or just a new song(s) to hold us over until her next album! I know we’re all excited for a new era/new music from Janet, especially since “Unbreakable” was such a triumphant return to form! But do you think Janet’s next album will hold up? Will it be an even better album since A LOT has changed since then? Here are my Expectations/Speculations over her next album! 1) Motherhood-Now that Janet is officially a Momma, we know there will be some songs centered around that, if not the album’s main theme. 2) More Socially Conscious Songs-I think Janet should once again take it further with her social commentary on modern day society. I say she takes the concept of State of the World Tour and reinvents it with more messages about police brutality against minorities, corrupt justice system, white supremacy, mass shootings, etc. 3) A New Sound-Janet experimented a lot with “Unbreakable” by not conforming much to modern day music expectations. She kept it old school with a contemporary twist by only dabbling with some new age sounding music here and there. I want Janet to explore other genres of music again, but also keeping that mix of old school Janet meets new school. 4) Open up about her marriage/divorce-We know the obligatory "ex" song is coming and considering how there's a chance those domestic abuse rumors might be true about Wissam, it will be interesting to see how she delivers a song about the falling out of that relationship. 5) A 2018 release date-3 years after "Unbreakable" seems like enough time for a new album and for Janet have recorded it in time for possibly a spring release?? We a possible European leg of her tour; it would be a great platform to promote the album with some new song incorporated into the show. 6) Album Title/Happier Janet-Lastly, I hope we hear a happier Janet on her next album as she seems to be in a very good place now and I know whatever the album is called, it will definitely be about where she is in her like now....maybe "New Again"? "Maternal Wounds?' But what are your guys expectations/speculations over a possible new album soon??
  13. #VelvetRope20 #VR20

    In honor of the Velvet Rope's 20th Anniversary, I posted an updated edition of my review of the album on blog: http://welcometolenzworld.blogspot.com/2017/10/behind-rope-of-pain-and-introspection.html I also reviewed other Janet albums like "Rhythm Nation" and "All For You" if you want to check those out under the label "Janet Discography Reviews". I plan on reviewing her entire discography as well as various other female artists.

    Hey guys!!! New user here!!! Conveniently my account was approved for Janet’s stop in Boston tonight!! The show was...AMAZING!!! I nearly cried when Janet did during “What About”!!! The crowd was LIT!!! Almost completely sold out as there was such a HUGE crowd, if not sold out! DJ played Janet’s non-Tour Setlist hits, unreleased tracks and some of the greatest hits to come from Boston artists like BellBivDevoe! Janet was.....INCREDIBLE!!! Danced her ass off and devoured that stage!!! My first and not my last concert seeing her for sure!!! ???? Went with my big sister and even she said it was AMAZING!!! I notice she wore an all black outfit for the encore potion of the show.