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  1. Lenzo88

    20 Y.O. > DJ + Discipline!!!

    What about “Days Go By”??? 😞☹️
  2. Lenzo88

    Janet’s social media posts

    Gasp!!! 😱 Her opening outfits for the The Velvet Rope and All For You tours were iconic!!! One a dark, sexy business woman couture and the other was pop cow girl realness!!! 😎 her second outfit is cute but her third is EVERYTHANG!!! She’s looking sexier than I’ve seen her in years giving us thick thighs n sex appeal half her age!!! 😍❤️❤️❤️ If anything, Unbreakable will always be the worst offender....poor Jan, Wissam probably kept telling her “That’s the one!” during wardrobe fittings!!! 😞
  3. Lenzo88

    20 Y.O. > DJ + Discipline!!!

  4. Lenzo88

    20 Y.O. > DJ + Discipline!!!

    Awwwww I forgot about “Slolove”! 😍 But....still that album’s too stale for me!!! It’s Janet on autopilot the whole way through. “Truly” is weak to me, like something J. Lo would sing on her early albums. I know my opinion is in a rare catergory. I absolutely HATE “Truth” from All For You but most of her fandom love it! The only reason I like 20 YO more than her other albums during that period (‘04-‘08) is because at least it has A LOT more energy to it than the other two, especially DJ. Maybe I’m biased cause 20 YO was my soundtrack during my freshman year of college but I’ll take Jermaine’s over saturated production than DJ’s weak delivery. Yeah, there are a few gems on the album but I’d take “Show Me”-“Do It To Me” over “DJ”-“Strawberry Bounce” any day!!! ☺️❤️
  5. Lenzo88

    Janet’s social media posts

    Y’all complaining about Janet in a jersey when that first outfit never should have come off the rack!!! 😳😱
  6. Lenzo88

    20 Y.O. > DJ + Discipline!!!

    I will never understand the colossal love for Damita Jo!!! 😧 Don’t get me wrong! Back in ‘04, I played out that album after getting use to it after a couple of listens. But the album is Janet at her blandest!!! DJ feels like “All For You” but less pop and more sex....TOO much!!! 🤢 Warmth AND Moist....I’m sorry, I can’t listen to those back to back without praying first!!! 🙏 Janet TRIED it, tried it so hard!!! 😐 At least the 5 albums before it had diversity, themes, concepts, iconic imagery, more than just pop n R&B. I’m sorry but if someone other than Janet produced an album like that, I’d be like “That was cute!” At best!! But Ms. Jackson?! The one who gave us “”Rhythm Nation” and “The Velvet Rope” (two of the best pop albums of all time) and then releases...THAT....I’m sorry! Nope! 😞 Thank god for the 2010s because Janet seems back on track with “Unbreakable” and this new album coming up!!! 🙌🙌🙌
  7. Give Britney some credit, she use to be stiff as hell. Like a stripper that refused to move her hips!!! She’s improved! 😊
  8. Lenzo88

    20 Y.O. > DJ + Discipline!!!

    Well Court is now in session your honor!!! 😎 and Ha!!! The only thing to look forward to Damita No is All Nite, R&B Junkie and the end of the album! Big old uninspired mess!!! Discipline starts off strong: “Feedback”, “LUV”, “Rollercoaster”, “Rock Wit U”, “2Nite” n “Can’t B Good”, etc. Then the album falls apart!!! 😫 Ur honor, “Never Letchu Go” attacked my hears, followed by “Greatest X”, “So Much Betta”??? LIES!!! 😠 20 Y.O. maybe average at best but it’s never boring *cough* Damita Jo or disappointing *cough* Discipline!!! 😁 ”Enjoy” and “Daybreak” feel like Janet to me!!! “Call On Me” is Janet on auto pilot but I’d gladly take it over the album’s where Kanye is Janet’s baby n She needs discipline from her father tonight! ☺️ Your witness!!! 🙂
  9. Lenzo88


    Stop it!!! Stop arguing!!! 😫 Jesus, you guys go more off topic than a Trump interview!!! 😭😭😭
  10. Lenzo88

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    I swear waiting for this single to drop is like waiting for the second coming!!!! #ImpaitenceRising 😒😬😡
  11. Lenzo88

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    😫😫😫😫😫😫 That means her new album’s release won’t be that far behind!!! Maybe a fall release in honor of the fall of many careers as the Queen once again slaughters their unfortunate souls!!! 😭😭😭
  12. Boy that Colton Hayes!!! Brings me back on my back!!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
  13. Lenzo88

    Janet snaps on Twitter

    ActivistNET is savage!!! Best not incur her wrath!!! 😫
  14. Can’t believe some of y’all are saying she walked too much!!!! 😳😱😱😱 The Janet walk is a miracle in and of itself!!! ❤️❤️❤️surprised she didn’t turn the floor into wine just by how fierce she walked as usual!!! 😫