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  1. Lenzo88

    Janet’s MYM played in Charmed this week

    Ehhhh this tired ass reboot is still on??!! 😒
  2. Lenzo88

    Janet in 2019=What Are You Expecting Now???

    Well for me, we know more/new music is on the way so we’re just waiting for the official new album era to begin. This “Made For Now” era or pre-Era if you will honestly hasn’t been bad at all. In 2018 alone, Janet has given us a new single, new video, A LOT of promo and live performances of said single, etc. And she has foreshadowed preparation for more in store/something BIGGER! I know Janet’s not gonna leave us high and dry. While her and her new team’s recent decisions seem questionable, she has never really let us down. So I believe whatever 2019 holds, there is definitely something to look forward whatever it maybe and I think it will be great! Something feels like Janet is just getting started with where she is in her life and career and I’m just so proud of her! 😊
  3. Well the first news we got of Janet’s career moves next year is headlining....a cruise...so ms. Unexpected is just doing what SHE wants at this point. But what do you guys want from our Queen next year besides the obvious (New album, New Tour, European Tour Dates)??? 🤔
  4. Lenzo88

    Janet to Headline Tom Joyner Cruise in 2019

    Honestly, at this point, Janet can perform at the county fair for all I care!!! 🙄 I just want that damn 12th album release confirmation already!!!! 😫😭😭😭 She better be on this cruise to find inspiration for a new song or something! 😏
  5. *Meanwhile in Game’s room as “A No No” comes on*
  6. Lenzo88

    Janet to Headline Tom Joyner Cruise in 2019

  7. OMG!!! This album is LIFE!!! "Giving Me Life" and "Stay Long Love You" are EVERYTHANG!!!😍 "Portrait" is like the PERFECT ender, such a sweet ballad that reminds of a MUCH better version of "Butterfly" (Title Track, I mean!) "With You" def sounds better in the context of the album but it is STILL one of the weakest songs/first singles of her career! What was she thinking?!?
  8. Less than three hours til it’s available!!! I know it won’t top her magnum opus “Butterfly” or her early 90s classics but I’m expecting something A LOT stronger than “Charmbracelet”, “Rainbow” and “Me. I Am Mariah”. 😊
  9. Lenzo88


    I know!!! I’m shocked! I wonder how “Caution” will chart now if the combined force of the Lambs can make “Glitter” go number #1....on ITunes! 🤔
  10. Lenzo88

    Missy Elliott Teases New Music for 2019

    Why So Shady??? 🤔
  11. I remember my sister purchased tickets for that tour back in the fall of ‘08. I was S Ex to see her live for the first time but unfortunately, her show in Boston was one of the many cancelled shows. Sigh... I agree and also disagree with some opinions on it tho. Yes, the tour was easily her biggest and more in your face tour production wise! It was a HUGE change after her previous 3 tours followed the same format: Control Medley, Whismisical Medley, etc. But like most said, Janet didn’t seem into it as much as her first 4 international tours. Honestly, at that time Janet undoubtably still had it. But let’s be real, she was pushing herself HARD for her agruably her biggest and of course, longest setlist when she hadn’t been on tour for almost 7 years! She was deft out of practice and was in over her head. The talent and drive was still there but clearly the tour was taking its toll on her for that reason. As visually and epic the “Rock Witchu” Tour was with the tribal medley to the Urban Street section that incorporated songs like “Nasty” and “So Excited” in elaborate ways, it’s truly a shame. Probably the last time we’ll see Janet go straight throw the choreography of “All Nite”, “Doesn’t Really Matter” and especially “Rock With You”! Do the “If” breakdown with the signature arm movements! ??? She def killed it but clearly at what cost? Since then Janet did a complete overhaul of her tours for that reason. Something tells me she just couldn’t get into the big production tours anymore to focus more on her classic showmanship than the high octane visuals and stunning scope of them. A shame but SOTW is her best in years regardless, especially considering she’s moving MUCH better in her early 50s than her early 40s n I think that because Janet knows her limits now. It’s not about how much she moves anymore but more about how she executes those moves when she needs to.
  12. Nope!!! Queen seems to be getting a bit of a resurgence with this film, especially showing how their legacy has last multiple generations until now. It was a great bio-pic! Freddie Mercuary’s story in particular was heartbreaking!
  13. Lenzo88

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    We’re assuming the project has now become an album n will b pushed back until early next year! She’s been either in the studio or performing lately so we’ll def be hearing something in the new year! ??