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  1. Lenzo88

    janet. tour ...

    In terms of tours, I’d rank them: 1. TVR tour 2. Janet. tour 3. State of the World Tour (Especially the Second Leg So far!!! So sexy and incredible!) 4. Rhythm Nation Tour 5. Unbreakable World Tour (Outside the infamous pants, not a bad revamped, fresh tour!) 6. Rock Witchu Tour (The only problem is how short lived it was! 😫😭😭😭) 7. All For You Tour (Just a HUGE step down from TVR tour!) 8. Up Close And Personal Tour (Meh! Not bad at all! Her last full world tour but I guess that lack of consistent costumes just bothered me! 🤔)
  2. Lenzo88

    The Untitled Album

    I would hope!!! An album around March would be the perfect time for a release!!!
  3. Lenzo88

    janet. tour ...

    Is it bad that I’m more upset that the “Glitter” fiasco caused the All For You era to end abruptly in terms of singles and videos?!? 👀🤔 Definitely felt like after “Son of A Gun” there should have been more singles in store like “Trust A Try” and “When We Oooo” but whatever. What we got was good anyway! 🤷🏾‍♂️
  4. Lenzo88

    The Untitled Album

    Pretty sure they are!!! We know she’s been in the studio since late 2017 until late last year. No doubt we’ll be getting news about it soon and a release date....finally?!? 😳😱🤔
  5. Lenzo88

    janet. tour ...

    I think this is literally the only tour that comes close to the raw showmanship, wonderful theatrics and mind blowing medleys that was The Velvet Rope Tour!!! You can tell Janet LOVED this tour because she kept keeping the same kind of medleys for the next two tours she did. By TVR tour, she definitely reached her peak as a performer and live artist! Honestly, the AFY tour is one of her weakest because it just seemed like a light -hearted version of the TVR but without the same amount of energy and epic ness! 🤔 Back on subject! I LOVE the Janet. Tour because of the drastic contrast from the industrial, stripped down look of the Rhythm Nation Tour. The outfits were stunning, especially the opening Native American inspired fashion! Very original and inventive! The opening with “If” is by far the best opening to a concert I have ever seen! Janet has NEVER killed that opening choreography of If like she did on that tour! Wow!!! 😳😱😫 Not to mention, this era/tour brought us the signature “KIDS” aka Janet’s most iconic team of dancers: Tina, Shawnette, Tish, Nicki, etc. Looking back, it was very 90s at certain parts with the laid back feel of the closing segments but most of the show holds up SOOOOOO well to this day. It’s the tour that really made Janet into one of the fiercest touring acts until the TVR tour set a new standard for how ambitious concert tours could be! 😎
  6. No one is saying Janet or Paula were polished here! 😒 Of course, Paula was the more experienced one since she’s the choreographer. All I’m saying is, even here, Janet’s execution and interpretation of the moves were leaps and bounds better than Paula. That’s why Janet has lasted so long because of HOW she dances, not how fast she gets the movements. Both weren’t going full on but the way Janet was dancing to the choreography, even here, looks more interesting than what Paula was doing with it. Paula was always a more straight forward professional dancer than the funk/sass Janet adds to her choreography. It’s all opinions I suppose, so I digress. 🙄
  7. It’s all about execution of the movements and Janet looked like she getting the routine down rather well. I’m just saying Janet is a natural dancer like Paula and outshined her in this clip even tho she was still coming into her own as a performer.😉 No need for throwing insults boo, it’s as clear as day in the clip. Practice what u preach tho! 😊
  8. Honestly, it was rehearsal n Janet was only tapping into her full potential at this point in her career. I mean, Janet gave me more here than Paula who was teaching her the steps, so....🙄🤨
  9. Lenzo88

    Surviving R. Kelly

    My thing is....why this happening NOW?!? 🤔 Since freakin’ 2001 EVERYONE knew R. Kelly was a demented pedo bent on peeing on as many innocent underage girls as possible!! The MadTV skit on him raping little girls, the Dave Chappelle skit “Drip drip drip! Pee on u!”, the video footage of him doing it to these young women, the news about him having a Secret sex cult like 2 years ago, etc. I mean! Why is this even news anymore!?! 😳😂🤣😂🤣💀💀💀 Dude married Aaliyah when she was 15 and he was 27! People knew this!!! 😂🤣😂🤣💀💀💀 I just....just lock him up as well as all the people that helped him get away with it all these years and keep it moving! Goodness! The things we make popular! 😳
  10. The things I would do to get that Rolling Stone Cover T-Shirt!!!! 😳😱😫😭😭😭
  11. Lenzo88

    2019 Album Release Wish List?

    Besides Janet’s hotly anticipated follow-up to “Unbreakable”, I’m looking forward to: Madonna’s “Magic”: Yes, I know the rumors haven’t been great so far but I’m definitely still interested in Madge’s official 14th album and what this new album will bring in terms of her new reinvention! It’s her first release since the BIG 60 and I’m really wondering what she’ll bring to the table this time. More trend following pop like her last few releases or something breathtaking and fresh?!? 😳😱🤔 Rihanna: There have been rumors swirling for the past 2 years about R9 but it seems Rihanna is more focused on her other business adventures than her music. But! There’s still hope of a new release from her before the year is over! *Fingers Crossed* Britney: B10 is coming since apparently Britney’s been working on her follow-up to “Glory” since last year. Might as well start the new year with a new album and tour after the apparent low ticket sales of her “Dominance” show in Vegas! 😝😊 Beyonce: Honestly, I feel like it’s coming either this year or in 2020!!! I def would love to see what comes next after “Lemonade”. “EVERYTHING IS LOVE” was....🤨....and since now we’re done with the Infidelity trilogy, can we get some new, soon to be iconic jams from Queen Bey as a solo artist again!? 🙂 How bout u guys? 🙃🙂
  12. Lenzo88


    DC’s last hit!!! 😫😱😱😱 Although, “Girl” wasn’t bad at all!!! 🤪
  13. I have NEVER and will NEVER be a “wacko”! I’m simply on the side that makes sense! MJ was falsely accused and the parents of the children just wanted money. PERIOD! But I’ll indugle your feelings and watch. 😝