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  1. They played “That’s the Way...” at work again and it was cool how my co-worker instantly started reminiscing and told me about when the first song came out and how HUGE it was. Everyone couldn’t help but play it as they were cruising down the street. #Legend #ImpactStillThere
  2. I don’t like how I’m older than this album!!!! 😏😝😡🤬🤪 So are we gonna list this legendary album’s Unbreakable (yup! 😝) achievements?!?? 🤔 -The only album to produce 7 top 5 hits off of one album. -One of a handful of albums to produce 4 #1 hits. -The only album to place multiple #1s in three consecutive calendar years: 1989-1991. -Swopping the first annual Billboard Music Awards with 15 wins including Top Pop and R’n’B Album of 1990. Also, the first female artist to swipe a major award show in TV history! -Janet was the first black female nominated for Producer of the Year at the 1990 Grammys. -the Rhythm Nation Album made Janet the first and ONLY artist to top the Pop, R’n’B, Rock and Dance Charts with multiple singles from the album. -The biggest selling album in America for 1990. -The Rhythm Nation World Tour in 1990 still remains the biggest debut tour in history with over 2 million concert goers around the world. -6x platinum with over 14 million sold worldwide to date. -The Rhythm Nation military uniform is STILL regarded as one of the most iconic visuals in pop history; starting the militaristic black suit and key earring trend of the late 80s/early 90s. -Place on MANY “Best of” lists including “Best Albums of the 80s” and Rolling Stones’ “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. Should I go on.....😳😱👀🤷🏾‍♂️
  3. Yeah but if the theme is RN30th Anniversary it’s just weird performing songs from other albums when the celebration should be just on that specific album. So I get the frustration and infuriately confusion.
  4. Honestly, why not just take the RN anniversary section from the Meta show and just extend it a little by performing “Lonely”, “Living In A World” And “Someday Is Tonight”??? 😳🤔 Hmmmm, does seem extremely lazy on Janet n her team’s part but it seems more like a quick cash grab before the year is over at this point.
  5. Since I started work they have played LOTS of Janet: Made For Now Doesn't Really Matter All For You Thats The Way Love Goes Rhythm Nation Im living!!! 😍😫
  6. Ok, you guys have to take into consideration that “the new music is there, it’s just not being released anytime soon”. Since May of last year, Janet confirmed with Billboard that she was working on new music but plan change like when she was offered the residency this year. Also, remember that Janet is independent now and has to find her own projects as well as record label on her own. Her touring isn’t just to reestablish herself as a touring artist but to rack up as much money to find future projects like an album, tour, etc. Just give Janet and her team time. She was recording from late 2017 to late 2018 for a reason. We just have to wait from her lips as usual. 👍👍👍
  7. Meth (Once, don’t ask!) 👀🤦🏾‍♂️ Marijuana (Not enough!) 😫😱😱😱
  8. Considering she released it the same week as Hurricane Swift back on the scene!!! Yeah, I’m glad the new album is still in process!!! She wouldn’t have faired well at all against that kind of competition.
  9. Janet made some serious bank as the residency made her over 13 million in just three months!!! That’s insane!!! Read more here: http://thesource.com/2019/08/28/janet-jackson-vegas-residency/
  10. I’m not crying....u r!!! 😫😭😭😭😭
  11. Lenzo88

    VMA'S 2019.

    Ya’ll better not act like Normani didn’t devour that stage for her first solo VMA performances!!! Stunning, effortless and amazing showmanship as expected! I swear if her career doesn’t take off after this, the music industry can shut down. 😐 Missy....just EPIC!!! The visuals were mind blowing along with the actual performances of her old hits. Even if I still hate “Throw It Back”, that segment of the performance spectacular!!! The transitions?!? 😳😱 B!TCH!!! 😫😭😭🤪 Lizzo.....will she ever give a bad performance!?!? So talent n iconic already!!! 🧡💜🧡❤️😘
  12. Omg!!! Why did she release “Throw It Away” when the other 3 tracks are truly worthy of her discography!!?!? 😳😱🤦🏾‍♂️ “Cool Off” is a massive workout banger!!! Aye!!! 😀😆 “DripDemeanor” is THAT sh!t!!! 😍😘😘😘
  13. Ok.....*Minutes Later after listening on Apple Music* WHERE.....WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN!?!? 😳😱 Can she write the baby making songs on the album....cause b!tch!!! 😱😫😍😍😍
  14. Omg!!! Is it the one with Jack Black??? Because I just watched that scene and GURRRLLL!!! 😳😱😫😂🤣😂💀
  15. Tom Cruise Kevin Bacon Leonardo DiCaprio Matt Damon Brad Pitt Shemar Moore James Marsden
  16. Sh!t, if that’s the case, seems after Janet wraps up a year full of performances, we’re gonna be in for one HELL of an era in 2020. Hmmmm maybe besides a new album we’ll get: -4 Singles/Videos??? Seriously after the abrupt end of the “Unbreakable” era, we need more singles and visuals this time around I believe Janet is so here for it this time compared to last. -New World Tour???!? Well, a given since she’s been reclaiming herself as a touring act for the past 2 years now. I can see her starting overseas and finishing things off in the US like the TVR Tour. -Netflix Documentary?!?! There have been rumors swirling about this since 2017!!! Could it finally be happening?!?! 😳😱🤔 We’ll see.... -A Visual Album?!? Could one of the originators of the visual album be making a short film of her latest new music?!? We’ll see... -Some Secret Janet competition???! -Some Secret Janet line?!?! -New film role!?! Who knows....we don’t! That’s for sure!!! 😳😱😫😭😭😭
  17. Ehhhh it’s just an EP!!! I want more!!! ThrowItBack tho......she can uncharacteristically keep it! 😐 “WTF” and “I’m Better” were more explosive, fun and honorable for an artist such as herself!!! The music video as usual is a visual masterpiece (outside Teyana Taylor and that little girl’s hilariously bad acting!) 😳😱🤢🤮
  18. I honestly believe so too!!! She has been racking up MADD coins all year and I think it might be for the upcoming project aka new album and world tour for 2020!!! It makes sense since SOTW 1 and 2 were definitely funding for “Made For Now” and that mini-era right there in terms of promotion, music video and live performances. If Janet and her team are planing for this to be her biggest era in a long while, seems they need A LOT of funding considering Janet is independent and has her own label to run now. 😳😱🤔 I just hope momma is getting enough rest!!! 👀👍
  19. Honestly, she is undoubtedly the most talented member that was in Fifth Harmony and this video just proves how serious she is about her artistry as well as showcasing her immense skill as a dancer. NOT saying she’s the next Janet or anything! She has A LOT to prove but her first single, not to mention her awesome music video for it is a VERY promising start. I’m starting to stan already! 😍😫👀👍
  20. Ya’ll need to stop shading “Made For Now” like it wasn’t Mexico’s new national anthem!!! 🙄😝🤪😘
  21. Considering how long Janet’s been recording, there betta be!!! 😒😡😝🤪
  22. “No more room #4” is a specific reference to something. Apparently prisoners in foreign countries being densely beaten and killed. Not sure tho. But the Black Eagle is definitely a metaphor for something whether it be a prey or protector of sorts. 🤔
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