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  1. Omg!!! I’m so sorry to hear that boo!!! Just glad ur one of the survivors!!! This year has been terrifying but hang in there. 😳😫😭👍❤️
  2. Omg!!! Can’t stop listening to this album!!! The only problem is it runs a little too long!!! 🤔😬 But man, but this is damn near a modern classic in R&B and artistry. 🤔❤️👍 My Top 10: 1. Wake Up Love 2. Bare Wit Me 3. Come Back to Me 4. Boomin 5. LowKey 6. Try Again 7. Made It 8. Shoot It Up 9. Killa 10. Bad (TOOO DAMN SHORT!!! 😡😫😭)
  3. I can see Janet doing a special deluxe version with songs inspired by this year and releasing it at fall 2020 or early 2021! 😳😱
  4. I hope so too. Fingers crossed but no hopes right now!!! 😫💀💀💀👍
  5. I don’t like it either!!! For a black pride song during the greatest worldwide civil rights movement in history....very basic and kinda flat!!! 😳😱😱😱 Damn, might as well have re-released Formation with some new remixes and visuals aka Formation 2020!!!
  6. Yup!!! No shade please! 🙃🙂😝
  7. Omg!!! Guys, this is EXACTLY what I needed since Black Diamond is on an indefinite hold!!! “THE ALBUM” is......WOW!!! 😱❤️❤️❤️😭 Pure Artistry!!! Pure R&B!!! 😃👍😱❤️ Listen to this album, it really is THE ALBUM!!! 😂🤣😂😅💀
  8. Well regardless we know she’ll be releasing said album n tour in the near future. It’s just up to her n her team to find out what’s the best play to roll things out now. But racial tension is STILL too heavy and the corona virus seems to go away n come back worse again out of no where. Jesus!!! 😱😱😱
  9. MYOB 😳😝🤪 I know. Sigh. Era that never was.....😫😭😭😭 But there’s too much going on in the world right now!!! Save it for 2021....if we’re still here by then!!! Sheesh!!! 😳😱👀💀👍
  10. Ur right n yassss Chromatica is awesome!!! 😱❤️😭👍
  11. I’m sorry daddy!!! 😫😭😭😭👍😏
  12. So despite the pandemic, Many artists have managed to release new music and videos between March and this month. Missy, Brandy, Kelly, Gaga/Ari, Teyana Taylor, etc. Makes me just more eager to hear Janet’s new music. Yes, the tour is postponed for reasons out of her control but that doesn’t mean the music should be grind to a silent halt. I’m just wondering why her n her team are being so silent about the whole era. Mind you it was Ticketmaster that had to tell us the album was postponed, NOT janet herself. I don’t want to sound Unappreciative and spoiled as a fan but Janet was seriously gearing up for a HUGE era like most artists this year and the silence is just bugging me now. Something’s up n I wish she’d be like “Hey guys!!! Unfortunately the Black Diamond era will be put on hold for obvious global health reasons but thank you for all your love and support. We’re still in this together...again!” Something!!!! Meh!! Give us snippets, album details, teasers like before. The hype is dead now n she’s gonna have to work even harder to ramp up people’s excitement over her next project again. Idk...am I asking too much??? 🤔🤦🏾‍♂️😔
  13. “Bare Wit Me” A heavily Micheal influenced video but the song itself goes hard with that old school R&B. Feelin’ the hell out of it. Second single, “Made It” and video. New album out next month!!! Whatchu think so far?? 🤔🙃🙂👍
  14. But what about the album?!? 😫😱😢
  15. Where’d u here this?!? 😳😱🤔
  16. Ok, if that’s the case, release the album as a major surprise on her birthday and begin shooting a video for the first single this summer when things are safer. Move the tour until October 2020 or February 2021 because there is absolutely NO way Janet is making this small scale. The Black Diamond era needs to recommence in a big way and sustain momentum with a tour that is up to her classic theatrics and spectacle!!!
  17. I didn’t know all that!!! My god!!! 😱😨🤯😖
  18. I hope so cause it’s May n the tour was suppose to start next month!!! Clearly she HAS to announce something cause this tour either ain’t happening or is being pushed back until the fall 2020/most likely Winter 2021!!! 🤔
  19. Yeah true.. Doesn't mean he needs to be a featured character. Cheat in’ a$$!!! 😒😡👊🏾😩
  20. As long as they skip the Jermaine Dupri years I’m on board!!! 😎👍💀
  21. Janet’s “Control” re-enters the Itunes Album and Pop Charts sitting in the Top 5 this week!!! Omg!!!! 😳😱😱😱❤️👍
  22. Girl bye!!! Let’s see someone tour 3 years straight and keep their energy at 100% all the time!!! Janet was raking up those coins for this project and managed to consistently perform during those 3 years, not to mention planning yet another tour; going on 4-5 years of touring. Janet is human!!! Let her sit down between major dance breaks or she’ll be on a respirator before 60!!! 😳😳😳👍🤦🏾‍♂️
  23. Mmmmhmmm!!! I remember!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  24. Since when has Janet EVER phoned it in??? 😳😱🤔 She was dancing her ass off during Metamorphosis and the RN concerts!!! That China Love breakdown?!? Come on!!! 🤯😠 I don’t know what some of you guys are expecting. Janet is 53-going on 54 this year. For her age, her showmanship and dance skills are top notch n beyond what most artists r doing today. Stop living in her glory days n realize she may have slowed down a little but puts on a show like a legend should!
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