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  1. I honestly believe so too!!! She has been racking up MADD coins all year and I think it might be for the upcoming project aka new album and world tour for 2020!!! It makes sense since SOTW 1 and 2 were definitely funding for “Made For Now” and that mini-era right there in terms of promotion, music video and live performances. If Janet and her team are planing for this to be her biggest era in a long while, seems they need A LOT of funding considering Janet is independent and has her own label to run now. 😳😱🤔 I just hope momma is getting enough rest!!! 👀👍
  2. Honestly, she is undoubtedly the most talented member that was in Fifth Harmony and this video just proves how serious she is about her artistry as well as showcasing her immense skill as a dancer. NOT saying she’s the next Janet or anything! She has A LOT to prove but her first single, not to mention her awesome music video for it is a VERY promising start. I’m starting to stan already! 😍😫👀👍
  3. Ya’ll need to stop shading “Made For Now” like it wasn’t Mexico’s new national anthem!!! 🙄😝🤪😘
  4. Considering how long Janet’s been recording, there betta be!!! 😒😡😝🤪
  5. “No more room #4” is a specific reference to something. Apparently prisoners in foreign countries being densely beaten and killed. Not sure tho. But the Black Eagle is definitely a metaphor for something whether it be a prey or protector of sorts. 🤔
  6. I suppose!!! 👀🤷🏾‍♂️
  7. At this point, if there’s a new album on the way, “Made For Now”, can just be its own individual single. No need to pull a “Doesn’t Really Matter”. Won’t Saturday make it officially a year since it’s release! 😳😱😐
  8. Ya’ll r so petty!!! I can’t!!! 💀💀💀 A few words for the official loss of Game??? 👀
  9. I honestly don’t get how artists like Justin Timberlake, J. Lo, Kanye West, even P!nk got this award before Missy?!? She should have gotten it during her peak in 2001-2005!!! I swear MTV seriously forgot and she recently remembered like “oh yeah!!! Missy!!! Oops!” 😳😱👀🤦🏾‍♂️
  10. Gasp! No more “Game”?!? 😟😢 Jesus, this went from a harmless discussion to “that escalated quickly” for real!!! 😳😱😫😭😭😭
  11. Why can’t she love me this way?!? 😫😭😭😭
  12. Omg!!! Ur right!!! 😳😱 I’ve become the stereotypical forum member who argues relentlessly for pages until we lose topic and nothing makes sense anymore. Joe, I apologize and will gladly plant my ass in that seat, don’t you worry....🙂😁 ....until it’s warm enough for you to takeover per the usual! 😍😘 #Bloop 🤪👍
  13. Did you not tell me to re-read your last 3 sentences??? 😳🤔 Did you not say “Janet has written enough good music to last us the rest of our lives”??? Which pretty much says “She gave us enough great albums already, so ill take whatever she releases from there!” Nice try tho! 🤦🏾‍♂️ Oh and that seat I just sat on has ur name on it! “Thot” you should know! 😉😁
  14. Oh I did, thus proving my point n why I had to read u to filth! 😔🤪👍 It doesn’t matter how many great albums Janet gave us, she’s STILL Janet muthaf$&@in’ Jackson and the reason why she’s a legend is because her discography is unmatched, unparalleled and unanimously the most emulated run of classic albums that artists still inspire to and emulate on their own discography to this day! Would you buy a Prince album with some “good bops”??? 🤔 Just because Micheal gave us “Thriller” and “Bad”, he shouldn’t have tried to continue making good music??? 😳🤔Even Madonna stans are still recovering from albums like “MDNA”!!! 😂🤣😂💀💀💀 I’m sorry, but if you’re looking for just “good bops” because “she has nothing to prove anymore”, Ciara just released another uninteresting record called “Beauty Marks”. You should check for her as mama definitely needs it! 😉 We get excited for a Janet album because of albums like “Control” and “The Velvet Rope”, NOT for albums like “Damita Jo” and “Jermaine’s Greatest Non-Hits”. 🙄 I swear if Janet continued making more bad albums after “Discipline”, you wouldn’t be so gung ho about what came before, let’s be real. Those albums were NOT great! End of story! Periodt!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤪👍
  15. But that’s the thing! Janet shouldn’t have to sacrifice her art for a couple of “good bops.” So you’re pretty much saying, “I don’t mind if all her albums are great, I’ll love it anyway!” Huh??? I would think a fan n especially a stan would expect the best from their idol every time. Jimmy had every right to say what he said because he KNOWS Janet musically and as a person more than anyone! The reason she started working with them was to produce her music her own way and write about what’s going on in her life at the moment! Jesus, even Janet said verbatim, “That’s the only way I know HOW to write.” Accepting mediocrity from Janet is part of the reason we got “20 Y.0.” And “Discipline” as follow-ups. She was anything but inspired n that’s why she stopped making music by 2011! Not to mention, dropped all material she had started working on in 2009. Janet wasn’t feeling it anymore and was extremely tired of having “nothing” to say. I’d rather wait 4-5 years for another masterpiece like “Unbreakable” than every 2 year for a generic ass album that any drake artist can make. Isn’t that why we love Janet in the first place or am I wrong??? 😳🤔
  16. some of ya’ll and your tragically poor tastes. Janet. has its issues but it’s thematically more about love, it’s also about her maturity into womanhood and exploring her sexuality for the first in full. Even Jimmy himself says “Damita Jo “was about virtually nothing and Janet had absolutely nothing to say when she started recording even asking Terry to write the songs this time. His lips, not mine! 😳👍👀🤦🏾‍♂️
  17. Wow!!! The first new album news in a while!!! Ty Dolla $ign is actually still relevant and VERY popular, not to mention worked on Caution with Mariah on “Caution”, with was one of the best songs on the album. I wonder if that Bruno collaboration happened as well as another artist “ possibly bigger than Rihanna”???! 😳😱🤔
  18. Lenzo88

    Night Clubs?

    Omg!!! LA!!! West Hollywood is like the best when it comes to gay clubbing! Go down Santa Monica Blvd and getcho life club hopping. Very diverse n great music! 🤪👍
  19. Lenzo88

    Night Clubs?

    Well then I did, but that was 8 years ago, haven’t been since then. But I want to. Wow know by now if they are declining in popularity over there.
  20. Lenzo88

    Night Clubs?

    Really??? 😳😱 I’ve been clubbing in a couple of clubs in Mass, NY, LA, Orlando, etc. Want to head to San Fran and Provincetown next! I heard the gay clubs in Europe are even more insane! I remember I went to a gay club in London before I came out and a guy took out his dick in front of the dance floor in front of a VERY impressed Drag Queen!!! Lol 😂🤣😂😅💀💀💀
  21. Did they just upload that thing in 4K!!?!?! 😳😱😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯😰😰😰
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