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  1. The way that Gil stans for Rihanna, I could see that happening.
  2. Well we know it ain't Paris Jackson. I swear this bitch is so extra.
  3. Janet was fucking that Throb choreography up after that air drum jump move and that fucking camera cut away....I am super pissed. That was a moment, I know it was. Ugh! Throw the whole show away!!!
  4. It was entertaining. I was amused, that Masai necklace is the cat's meow. My only issue is that they had my girl doing too much walking...just let her groove and fuck it up like I know she can. She also looked uncomfortable in that outfit. Hair and makeup were nice. Throb killed!!! And fire the camera man, they were too invested in the audiences reaction
  5. Word on these internet streets is that Ciara just confirmed herself as a presenter and she is SO EXCITED about what she will be presenting. Chile...
  6. Ascalapha

    Janet for Billboard Magazine

    So am I'm reading correctly or did Janet just proclaimed her religion to be music. Where are all those people who swore up and down she was a muslim?!...y'all had the first three letters right. And...did anybody catch the shade when she said smart psychology.... Chile..
  7. Ascalapha

    CHARMED reboot, first look!

    I can't believe that. I remember watching the first episode and being excited about a show featuring witches...wow, what memories The logo is lukewarm cringe but I really hope the writing is their and hopefully they don't make it too campy. I wonder if they will have an Aviva type episode... #TheFourthSister
  8. Ascalapha

    CHARMED reboot, first look!

    I've been following this forever and so happy it's happening. To come out with Janet's first interview in years...I am literally min gay heaven right now. I am all the way here for this new series!
  9. Ascalapha

    Janet for Billboard Magazine

    That article that accompanies the pics is very profound. She is so intelligent and in tune with her world. Bitch said a bird chirping can inspire a melody. Chile....
  10. Ascalapha

    Janet shares new picture on 52nd Birthday

    Judging by this mini clip of her just grooving...ThinNet coming for blood Sunday. I'm honestly worried that the slayage will be to much to much to handle.
  11. Knowing NBC, it might be JLO and Jenna Dewan just to promote that tired ass dance show ...that would be cute tho
  12. Ascalapha

    Janet shares new picture on 52nd Birthday

    I got to get used to her being all dolled up. Ive gotten used to casual-barely-there-makeup Janet Can't wait to see her fuck that stage up tho!
  13. Ascalapha

    Janet and Eissa at Park in Beverly Hills

    Look at them curls. So adorbs!
  14. Ascalapha

    New songs + Dammn Baby for BBMA?

    You clearly got my Paris Jackson slap commentary a few posts back...that was lukewarm witty. But I understand what your saying. Sometimes I feel like the Melania Trump of this forum, so fierce yet so misunderstood..so what I had to read a bitch down boots, so I've may have thrown shade here and there and destroyed self esteems in the process...ARENT I A HUMAN BEING!!!...Don't I yearn and ache and worthy of Janet's miracles...Don't I deserve love...and unbreakable diamonds
  15. Ascalapha

    New songs + Dammn Baby for BBMA?

    Maybe I'm in a minority here but I'm honestly just excited to see Janet back on primetime tv and on a major network at that. I'm just not understanding these questions and concerns as if this happens every other year. But have at it...