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  1. These pics tell a story of Metamorphosis....don't be surprised if that's indeed the name of her new album
  2. Janet knows how iconic she is...these pics are proof that she is standing in her iconic-ness. Ugh!
  3. Janet is so different. This woman is out here recording oceans and getting inspired by trees....chile....her next album is gonna be full of songs like Black Eagle and you basic hoes will deal. Her spiritual garden is full honey...the sacred harvest is near.
  4. Janet is a genre bender and always has been. She is one of the few acts that's mainstream that is about the art first...I hate it when people refer to her as a Queen of Pop or Empress of Pop...she is so much more...she doesn't even move like a Pop Queen if you think about it...she ain't attached her name to no damn makeup, she ain't got no clothing line and she ain't out here trying to milk a holiday season for all it's worth....and yes that was shade ...I ain't mad at any of the girls getting their bag but Janet looks, disappears and stays to herself like an indie artist. That's why I fucks with her. Periodt Leave that Pop title to these other hoes. And I'm done!
  5. That funeral look should have been the whole spread, don't @ me....that is some high fashion for that ass
  6. Rock IS not even Rock anymore....an alternative album delving into trip hop, industrial sounds and acid jazz would suffice for me....but Janet is not in the space to make a moody alternative album. She really thinks that Hawaii song is the cat's meow...Chile. Upbeat dance Janet is here to stay
  7. Random thought: My baby has been touring non stop trying to get these coins for her new album...sis just wants to sit down somewhere and be with her child, I have never seen my baby this chubby on stage but I get it...she is tired and she ain't trying to be lean right now, let my good sis sit down somewhere though because this happy idgaf weight is holding her back from hitting them 8 counts properly.👀
  8. Tragic that there are no black acts in the top 5...I guess chile
  9. All of these post and openness makes me believe that she is tending to her spiritual garden while her dancer Denzel is tending to another of her gardens....chile did you see how they were looking at each other....okay den
  10. These Australian 'fans' are trying it with these lipsync allegations...BITCH! It's Janet Jackson Janet stay to ass in the states! I don't care who don't like it either. I said what I said
  11. Janet looks amazing with that black hair. Yas!
  12. She might have snapped!!! Yes gawd Damita
  13. Or maybe she is promoting her upcoming shows ...anywho it's cute and maybe she is taking Social Media more seriously
  14. Dominique

    Janet in NY

    She looks better leaving ....okay dark lip I think she would have went to Tyler's thing if she was being honored like all the rest of them A listers, Im sure she sent him some flowers or anal ese...Janet IS kind like that. It would have been nice to see her there tho.
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