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  1. That funeral look should have been the whole spread, don't @ me....that is some high fashion for that ass
  2. Rock IS not even Rock anymore....an alternative album delving into trip hop, industrial sounds and acid jazz would suffice for me....but Janet is not in the space to make a moody alternative album. She really thinks that Hawaii song is the cat's meow...Chile. Upbeat dance Janet is here to stay
  3. Random thought: My baby has been touring non stop trying to get these coins for her new album...sis just wants to sit down somewhere and be with her child, I have never seen my baby this chubby on stage but I get it...she is tired and she ain't trying to be lean right now, let my good sis sit down somewhere though because this happy idgaf weight is holding her back from hitting them 8 counts properly.👀
  4. Tragic that there are no black acts in the top 5...I guess chile
  5. All of these post and openness makes me believe that she is tending to her spiritual garden while her dancer Denzel is tending to another of her gardens....chile did you see how they were looking at each other....okay den
  6. These Australian 'fans' are trying it with these lipsync allegations...BITCH! It's Janet Jackson Janet stay to ass in the states! I don't care who don't like it either. I said what I said
  7. Janet looks amazing with that black hair. Yas!
  8. She might have snapped!!! Yes gawd Damita
  9. Or maybe she is promoting her upcoming shows ...anywho it's cute and maybe she is taking Social Media more seriously
  10. Kalfou

    Janet in NY

    She looks better leaving ....okay dark lip I think she would have went to Tyler's thing if she was being honored like all the rest of them A listers, Im sure she sent him some flowers or anal ese...Janet IS kind like that. It would have been nice to see her there tho.
  11. So basically Allison is the Lizzo of the Jtribe.....chile Allison is not a bad dancer but I honestly think that Janet keeps her around because Allison has the plug on Twinkies. 'Janet loves to eat' -Michael Jackson Anywho, Denzel is my fav
  12. I think y'all are missing the biggest factor when it comes to Janet and production....our good sis is cheap. Have y'all seen the Unbreakable promo photos?!...chile. There is also a reason why she wears the same black jump suit and sweats, she brought them in bulk at the local Pick N' Save. Even when Janet had the budget, she stilled scaled back her tours...All For You tour pales in comparison to the Velvet Rope tour, ijs Another thing is that Janet is very old school...she doesn't seem all that interested in technology, sis just started taking social media seriously 2 years ago As time progresses and the budget is there and she gets older and thicker...we are going to see alot more pizzazz in her shows because Damita Jo won't be doing all of that moving on stage. There is a recent clip of her performing 'You' at her show and I swear Janet wanted to give up after that first dip and it looks like she is thinking 'What in the fuck am I doing,dis tew much and aunties parched' ...that choreography is alot tho, sick as fuck but I don't think I could do that every night and be 53 years of age...oh no ma'am. As far as y'all comparing her to Madonna, 'its, it's dance music I'll say that ....kinda similar...but I think...how do I put this'...I think what Janet does on your is more authentic to her as an artist...I'll say that.
  13. Janet dont care about you kneegrows, she is keeping all of these tours going because it gives her an excuse to be laid under her dancer Denzel and it doesn't raise suspicion to Al Mana nem them and before y'all say Denzel likes sausage, that doesn't mean Miss Rope Burn is not against wearing a strap on....that's the story I made up in my head anyway.😓 Seriously though...she has to be fucking him or getting it in with somebody ...these so called tours are a cover up for dick and that's why Damita Jo flopped #Boom Lets argue!
  14. You are lying to yourself if you think production does not help Janet's performance. Janet is a visionary so I expect her to do visionary type tings....I've never been okay with basic Janet, I accept her but she does leave a bad taste in my mouth AND that's why I don't like Damita Jo. #Boom Lets debate hoes!
  15. Nobody wants to say it but I will....Janet is lazy. I love my good sis, but she is getting sloppy on stage and it's like she is just going through the motions. I get that she might be tired from all this touring and Vegas shows but sis should not have signed on to do all the shows if she is going to half ass it. It's so easy to blame Gil but like I always said and got accused for being a hater.....Janet is a grown woman, blame her! Period Pooh. A break and refocus would do Janet a world of wonders. The sad part about it that her makeup and hair is slayed for the Gawds. She looks damn good. Shit
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