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  1. My fav Erykah Badu sending a Birthday shout out to my other fav via a WHOLE Instagram post.... MADE MY YEAR!!!!! I knew these hoes were besties....they probably share clothes. #WeirdBlackGirlsMatter #Period
  2. Got Til It's Gone.... as a germaphobe....imagine my horror of not being able to find Hand Sanitizer. I was the Purell Queen in these streets. Times are lost. A wicked wicked world out there.
  3. Janet needs to be like the Fast and The Furious and postpone everything until next year...we want the maximum coins. Y'all will have to wait...shit
  4. Listen! You are lying to yourself if you think Ms. Corona ain't put a Damper in Damitas plans. It's real outchea
  5. Y'all getting one sensational video and a tour montage video....and you hoes will deal. Janet stacked up enough coins from her last two tours to maybe do an additional video but my good sis is all about getting these Alexander Wang lewks together and it's expensive...so she don't know yet.
  6. I dont see it happening. I believe Questlove (who is a STAN and friend) was an integral part in getting Janet to do that segment. Janet is a professional and a perfectionist...her and Quest probably rehearsed that little acoustic bop for months. In other words she felt some what in control and comfortable. I don't see that happening with James
  7. I saw her classroom performance at 3am, I had completely forgot about it... Bitch I squealed when she hit that first note...I know my neighbors are mad... Janet you betta!
  8. When it comes to Janet De Jackson...one rule remains... Expect the Least and Trust No One!
  9. You better promote sis. Janet is out here trying. She must be feeling her puss.
  10. Janet the fuq Jackson. Bitch, you look de fuq goodt. Wow....Preston is listening!!!! Do you see the difference?! Did I lie!!!!!! Did I fucking lie!!!!!!
  11. 'Special Performance of Rhythm Nation's is an eyeroll But I like that she gave a reason for her album title, that's interesting. I'm excited about the new music. Dis cute
  12. Not only does she need to lay off touring but sis needs to lay off the Eissa's leftovers. I usually let Janet do her but she out here looking like she is about to audition for Tennessee 2....something needs to be said! And that's on period. My hope is that these recent pics I've seen are bad angles and lighting. Speaking of bad angles....Preston needs to lay off contouring...again I've tried to let him live but that promotional pic of her appearance on Jimmy is giving me RuPaul's Drag Race Season 1 and I'm not amused. It's back on site when I see him. And I'm done.
  13. These pics tell a story of Metamorphosis....don't be surprised if that's indeed the name of her new album
  14. Janet knows how iconic she is...these pics are proof that she is standing in her iconic-ness. Ugh!
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