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  1. So can we talk about how Janet has been reppin for Wakanda before it was popular to do. Her song for Black Cat basically narrates the plight of Erik Kilmonger. The Together Again song and video crafts and maps out the ins and outs of The Ancestral Plane....the video even has panthers in it...i mean come on! Then theyre subtle hints like the spaceship in the Scream video, the vibranium cock rings in What's It Gonna Be, the Wakanda scenery in Just A Lil While and the Masai wardrobe in the Call On Me video. Janet deserves some of the profits from Black Panther and if she is not in the sequel I'm boycotting Netflix. #WakandaForever FYI...both Janet and Black Panther were created in 1966... coincidence, I think not!
  2. Now Trending: People Noticing Bruno Mars Appropriating Black Music

    I actually know and talked to the girl who started all this mess. She has been going after Bruno Mars for years and the reason why I brought him up here when y'all were talking about Justin. The whole discussion came about when Bruno Mars won all the Grammys, then more blacks started to jump on the appropriating train because their fav didn't win. I find it sad that nobody really cared until he started to get successful. Honestly who cares and I say this about Justin as well...if they want to make music they are inspired by...let them. It's up to you to determine if it feels authentic or not...that's the great thing about art.
  3. More new photos in London

    Has permNet resurfaced...there are some new pics that I've just seen that suggest she has
  4. More new photos in London

    She is such a Tomboy and I love it. That bun is pulled tighter than usual too. Sis is finally keeping her weight off. Push thru NutriQueen.
  5. New pictures 26/2

    More like using her powers to turn those mini desert terrariums into full on bushes to shield her from the paparazzi. #MotherNature #Gaia #CaptainJanet Poison Ivy is shooketh!!!
  6. New pictures 26/2

    Janet looks hella annoyed. I'm annoyed I don't have them shoes.
  7. If someone hurt you in the past....

    Sound like a front. He may be changing, but soon it will come down to the conquered and the conquerer ...you sound like a good man with a good heart but it's hard for a good man to be King #BlackPanther
  8. She knew exactly what she was doing and that's why she was so calm after the performance. This is meme culture and creating viral moments is more important than slaying something vocally. #theysaytherewouldbetea #ohItsAdisaster
  9. Black Panther was great. I give it a B+
  10. The Official Madonna Thread

    I just heard 'Secret' at the grocery store And I Showed The Fuck Owt! That song captures my spirit, so me..so voodoo.
  11. New Pictures - Janet in London

    Come on boots!! All black everything
  12. The Official Azealia Banks Thread

    I got my life from that clip and I don't use her at all. To bad she is her own worse enemy. The sabotage is real.
  13. Hey guys, it's me... kills me everytime Truth be told, Janet is so impactful she has 'the most decorated comedian' Monique out here copying her video messages right down to the Hey my loves to the bun to the look of being held captive at a secret location. Her influence really know no boundaries. And I can tell Monique is a fan because that most decorated tag line came from the Unbreakable promo commercial where Janet was described as The Most Decorated artist. Miss Parker is so unoriginal.
  14. Sis framed it in a Valentine's day message. #StrategicNet
  15. I told you hoes she would acknowledge you. Ole Misty ass bitches
  16. Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - Top Nine Remain

    Promise of You full song is trash. Works better as an interlude!
  17. Either you can't read Game or your comprehension is lacking. Where did I state that Discipline was Janet getting back on track musically...I called the bitch mediocre in the very next sentence. Over it.
  18. Don't y'all get tired of these conversations...my goodness. MTV was trash, Justin was trash, Viacom was trash, Her music was mediocre, Her videos were blah, honestly if she had a better team...better management and a different muse (JD offered no kind of inspiration)...things might have turned out differently. Good music or not...when the machine is against you things don't fair out well. Seems like Discipline was her getting back on track and egos subsided a little and she was given a chance to reclaim her status but by then you had people doing their best version of Janet and her still being mediocre. So Game is right to a certain extent.
  19. The Avengers...

    At this point Black Panther needs its own thread but I'm to lazy to make it. Black folks are treating this movie like 08 Obama. This momentum behind this movie is cray cray. Folks out here acting like Blade never existed. Chile...
  20. New Header... I see you

  21. This all kinda reminds me of a Buffy The Vampire episode. Buffy died at the end of Season 5 ...sacrificing herself to save her sister she dashed across a a high beam and jumped into a portal to stop hell on Earth. The very first episodes of the following season, her friends including two powerful Witches came up with a plan to bring Buffy back from the dead thinking that she must be in some hell dimension and suffering and shit. Surely this act of kindness is our duty since we love and cherish her and need her here with us. They succeed in bringing Buffy back from the dead and Willow (the main Witch and Buffys best friend) is kinda upset that although Buffy seems kinda out of it and not really sure of herself...she still should at least show some gratitude and thank the people who pulled her from the depths of hell helping her back into this wonderful world. And Buffy eventually does thank Willow and her friends but she really doesn't mean it. It turns out that Buffy was actually in heaven minding her business and at peace with the world. She didn't ask for any of this from conception. It's hard for somebody living in a state of Utopia to be pulled back into the dismal mess that they fought so hard to get out of and although it might seem like a nice gesture and they should get over it and be grateful...it's not always that simple. But what do I know, I talk to the dead. BTW, Mike and Prince are still peeved.
  22. It would have been nice for her to say something and she could have framed it as fans appreciating the anniversary of Control. I understand both sides of the argument, but then again I talk to the dead. BTW, Prince and MJ are peeved
  23. Hey you guys, it's me Janet And I want to thank you for continued support and for streaming my music during the Super Bowl which I wasn't invited to or even contacted because I am in fact still banned. It's such an honor that you took time out of your day to put extra coins in my already full pockets and acknowledge all those who steal from me. I would say more but I don't want to Quincy Jones the situation. Congrats are in order for the Philadelphia Eagles, but do you know about the Black Eagle? Do you? Stay woke bitches. See you soon.
  24. Would replying indicate that she actually cared about Justin performing at the Super Bowl?! Maybe she wants to put all this behind her and by saying something/anything only adds fuel to the fire. Of course she knows and I'm sure she is appreciative. She will address it in her upcoming interview with Essence magazine. Sis got to be strategic.
  25. Don't make me go get Elgin Charles to come in here and read the dawg shit out of all of you. He scalped the fuck out of Michael Rapport...good God.