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  1. He still chasing trends. I get the Migos is all the rave these days and especially here in Atlanta but carve out your own lane. It's almost as desperate as Madonna being on Quavos album....like really sis
  2. I care Kandi from the housewives is also paying homage with her latest album cover. It looks hella tacky but she tried
  3. Tituba

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    That's pretty dope. I was wondering how it would do on the dance charts...good for Janet
  4. I've always wanted Janet to collaborate with Stevie Nicks. That would be such a treat to say you have a song with Joni, Carly and Stevie ...the girls wouldn't be able to deal.
  5. I really hope that Janet gets in this year NOT for her sake but for her fans. Y'all care way to much about this shit.
  6. Tituba

    "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!

    As someone who loves the horror genre and James Wan...I was elated when I heard the news that he would direct Aquaman, I thought that he could bring a new element to the DC Universe...I must say judging by that trailer I was wrong and more importantly I'm unimpressed. Looks generic and typical.
  7. Tituba

    Mariah’s “GTFO” + “With You”

    But she knows what she is doing right?! Chile I be trying to let you hoes know, these legends are lost out here in these streets. I get her not wanting to do the most vocally because it's difficult to translate on stage but this was lazy lazy. She is still chasing a We Belong Together part deux and it's not gonna happen.
  8. Tituba

    All For You vs. Unbreakable

    They are equally great but nothing groundbreaking. I'll give it to Unbreakable because of the cover art
  9. Tituba

    American Horror Story Season 8: “Apocalypse”

    It's so predictable. Basically the AntiChrist is Kai from last season trying to corrupt people to do his bidding only he uses the dark arts....yawn! I loved seeing the witches though.
  10. Tituba

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    I knew that would strike a nerve. Your current frequencies of understanding outweigh that which has been given for you to understand. I don't participate in racism. I don't participate in the black community. I hate all people collectively and equally.
  11. Tituba

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    Janet was speaking in the perspective of being black and being a woman. Before her performance, she took a pic with Janelle Monae and used the hashtag blackgirlmagic....I mean HELLO...but the HOTEPs always want you to be extra and slap whitey on stage to prove you down... Chile bye!
  12. Tituba

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    Just so we are clear...Janelle Monae also advocated for women. After what went down this week with Kavanaugh, Bill Cosby...the revelation about Les Moonpie blocking her bags and Serena being mistreated on the court....how can Janet NOT speak on women and their issues. It's dominating the news when she turns on the tv this evening and she is disgusted by all the Injustice.
  13. Tituba

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    Black Lives Matter is sooooo 2013 boo. MeToo is the new wave... Janet did and said what was needed to get her trending and promote that tired ass single and you will DEAL. I kid...I like Made For Now
  14. Tituba

    Janet’s social media posts

    It's about time these hoes met and took a picture . Janelle has been campaigning to meet Janet for awhile.
  15. Tituba


    Cher is still out here shading this woman even after all these DECADES....what's tea sis?! Anybody know?
  16. I've heard that people have seen it already and it was really bad so they pushed it back to make some revisions. Judging by this trailer, I'm still not sold. I just hope when Kevin gets his greedy hands on the property ...Storm gets the respect she deserves. They do my girl dirty. Did they really have my girl under an umbrella when she controls the weather.... Chile
  17. Tituba

    Ye Ali Says He’s Working On A Janet Jackson Song

    🙄 I'm not gonna do this with you Game. For your sake I hope it's an album. I honestly can careless. Aanywho...I'm going to Rhythm Nation...y'all want anything?
  18. Tituba

    Ye Ali Says He’s Working On A Janet Jackson Song

    It's really KNOT that fucking deep. We know new music coming...RIGHT?! Janet is giving you hoes hints that it's not gonna be alot of songs but as long as it's 7 songs and clocks in at the 30 minute mark...she can call it whatever the fuck she wants rather that's an EP or an LP. That's her dilemma, but know new music is coming.
  19. Tituba

    Ye Ali Says He’s Working On A Janet Jackson Song

    What in the Hot Cheeto are you talking about?! Janet has never been candid about her projects or what she is about to do. Are you new?! Then you have the nerve to say Mariah has her shit together.. Buzz singles are bullshit and they always have been. It's a way to see how people react to new music, but if it does well it will be the lead single....open yo eyes boo...Mariah ain't got shit together, she is as clueless as the rest of these hoes.
  20. Tituba

    American Horror Story Season 8: “Apocalypse”

    Leave your anger form the Kanaima to feed on!
  21. Tituba

    American Horror Story Season 8: “Apocalypse”

    I, Tituba....was quite displeased with that first episode. Some of the over-acting and over-reacting was painful to watch...not as painful to watch as seeing my master Reverend Samuel Parris disrobe to bathe... displaying his liver spot covered penis, but a close second.
  22. I, Tituba ....did not need any confirmation on a white man making it his business to destroy a powerful woman of color...I am proof of that. Fuck him and his descendants.