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  1. Tituba

    Ye Ali Says He’s Working On A Janet Jackson Song

    🙄 I'm not gonna do this with you Game. For your sake I hope it's an album. I honestly can careless. Aanywho...I'm going to Rhythm Nation...y'all want anything?
  2. Tituba

    Ye Ali Says He’s Working On A Janet Jackson Song

    It's really KNOT that fucking deep. We know new music coming...RIGHT?! Janet is giving you hoes hints that it's not gonna be alot of songs but as long as it's 7 songs and clocks in at the 30 minute mark...she can call it whatever the fuck she wants rather that's an EP or an LP. That's her dilemma, but know new music is coming.
  3. Tituba

    Ye Ali Says He’s Working On A Janet Jackson Song

    What in the Hot Cheeto are you talking about?! Janet has never been candid about her projects or what she is about to do. Are you new?! Then you have the nerve to say Mariah has her shit together.. Buzz singles are bullshit and they always have been. It's a way to see how people react to new music, but if it does well it will be the lead single....open yo eyes boo...Mariah ain't got shit together, she is as clueless as the rest of these hoes.
  4. Tituba

    American Horror Story Season 8: “Apocalypse”

    Leave your anger form the Kanaima to feed on!
  5. Tituba

    American Horror Story Season 8: “Apocalypse”

    I, Tituba....was quite displeased with that first episode. Some of the over-acting and over-reacting was painful to watch...not as painful to watch as seeing my master Reverend Samuel Parris disrobe to bathe... displaying his liver spot covered penis, but a close second.
  6. I, Tituba ....did not need any confirmation on a white man making it his business to destroy a powerful woman of color...I am proof of that. Fuck him and his descendants.
  7. Tituba

    Post 3 Janet songs you’ll never see it for

    Those god awful ballads on Discipline.
  8. Tituba

    Janet for InStyle Magazine

    She is coming for Diahann Carrolls wig with aging so gracefully. I heard Lynn Whitfield is shook!
  9. Tituba

    Janet for InStyle Magazine

    Janet better embrace her inner art teacher. I love this pic. So oragnic, regal and funky. She wears age very well.
  10. Tituba

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    Shout-out to Atlanta for providing me with some entertaining and engaging interviews. She felt more relaxed and playful...especially with Tiga.... #ATLiens
  11. Everytime I read a comment comparing Janet's looks to Lil Kim....I inch that much closer to the void but the further always rejects me because that couldnt be more further from the truth...Janet does not look like something from the movie Insidious and I sleep that much better at night knowing that.
  12. Tituba

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    I tried to understand people's disdain for you. Thought to myself, he is not that bad...he's trolling. I admired your willingness to see things differently and play devil's advocate But recently I've come to understand that maybe you are just the descendant of ignorance or at least kin to incomprehension. With that said...you ain't worth the time You ain't worth the day You aint worth the time of day Boy bye