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  1. Tituba

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    I hate to insert myself into such an abysmal argument, but I believe that Janet's demographic has expanded itself slightly. I mean with all the festivals, the social media viral video and the Daddy Yankee feature (that Latin market is something serious)....she had to have gained some new fans and revived some fairweather ones. I mean I could be wrong but wouldn't that render it impossible to know her demographic as of now? We haven't seen her promote this heavy since 20YO and she was battling a Network so she had to go hard in the paint. It would be in Janet's best interest to make this more calculated vs. just putting an album out now because it's not going to sell anyway. We know she won't do Adele numbers or Drake numbers but if she can do more than her last album...that's a win.
  2. Tituba

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    Here we go again. I dont want Janet releasing shit unless she is confident. Fuck that and anybody who thinks otherwise
  3. Tituba

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    Who would have thought considering that Janet is a local sensation... Anywho, sis is slaying these icon awards. So happy we get to see her again. She really is spoiling us...love it!
  4. It's a hard NO for me. I expected more from the Skinny Legend.
  5. Tituba

    The Official CHARMED Reboot Thread

    I liked it as well. Can't wait for evil Sabrina
  6. He still chasing trends. I get the Migos is all the rave these days and especially here in Atlanta but carve out your own lane. It's almost as desperate as Madonna being on Quavos album....like really sis
  7. I care Kandi from the housewives is also paying homage with her latest album cover. It looks hella tacky but she tried
  8. Tituba

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread

    That's pretty dope. I was wondering how it would do on the dance charts...good for Janet
  9. I've always wanted Janet to collaborate with Stevie Nicks. That would be such a treat to say you have a song with Joni, Carly and Stevie ...the girls wouldn't be able to deal.
  10. I really hope that Janet gets in this year NOT for her sake but for her fans. Y'all care way to much about this shit.
  11. Tituba

    "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!

    As someone who loves the horror genre and James Wan...I was elated when I heard the news that he would direct Aquaman, I thought that he could bring a new element to the DC Universe...I must say judging by that trailer I was wrong and more importantly I'm unimpressed. Looks generic and typical.
  12. Tituba

    Mariah’s “GTFO” + “With You”

    But she knows what she is doing right?! Chile I be trying to let you hoes know, these legends are lost out here in these streets. I get her not wanting to do the most vocally because it's difficult to translate on stage but this was lazy lazy. She is still chasing a We Belong Together part deux and it's not gonna happen.
  13. Tituba

    All For You vs. Unbreakable

    They are equally great but nothing groundbreaking. I'll give it to Unbreakable because of the cover art
  14. Tituba

    American Horror Story Season 8: “Apocalypse”

    It's so predictable. Basically the AntiChrist is Kai from last season trying to corrupt people to do his bidding only he uses the dark arts....yawn! I loved seeing the witches though.