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  1. She brought her plate, fork and spoon and devoured that stage. This is the same energy that she brought with her All For You song...it's like a rebirth of sorts, I'm not saying divorce kicks Janet into high gear...BUT baby... she hungry again.
  2. Voodoo

    Nicki Minaj Releases Album ‘Queen’ by “Surprise”

    I wonder if Janet was this pressed when Usher and Ludacris blocked her from the number one spot....or if Madonna was this pressed when she was blocked by Titanic and the Empire album... Chile Queens don't care that much and if they do they will never let you see them sweat. Nicki really just irritated my spirit, girl being number 2 is not the end of the world.
  3. Voodoo

    Janet Will Be on BREAKFAST CLUB!!!!!

    Is this the same Charlemagne who insinuated that Janet was a gold digger after she announced her divorce...yeah NO! Fuck him and his bleaching cream. Janet is better than me because I would haven't even graced them with my presence.
  4. Voodoo

    Janet’s social media posts

    Janet Jackson and these fashions. I would LiVE in her closet. I love that whenever I see her I'm like 'Bitch! I don't know what you got on but it works'. At times she is like a fashionable Bjork. That's why I Stan!
  5. Danielle choreographed that breakdown ...I'm almost certain she did. I hope she sticks around the whole project.
  6. She betta fuck it up. Gotdamn!
  7. Voodoo

    Made For Now Music Video

    Dannip18 on Instagram....apparently she had alot of input on this video.
  8. Voodoo

    Janet Announces Untitled EP Coming This Fall

    I remember Janet saying that at some point she wanted to just release songs here and there and the way these charts are set up I don't blame her. I'm not bothered by an EP at all...alot of artist are doing them but some choose to call them full albums (a certain somebody helped release 4 of them last June). An EP would also give Janet a chance to experiment with sounds and judging by the interview Harmony did with Billboard that sounds like something that can possibly happen.
  9. Voodoo

    Made For Now Music Video

    Right. The white outfit with the snakeskin exaggerated belt was cute but this look has iconic written all over it
  10. Voodoo

    Made For Now Music Video

    Okay did I just peep a brief Danielle Planco cameo? ...am I late with this info?! I love her pretentious ass.
  11. Voodoo

    Made For Now Music Video

    If I had a complaint, it's that the blue ensemble she wore on the rooftop isn't shown more. That was a lewk! Some true queen shit So I low-key agree with u
  12. Voodoo

    Made For Now Music Video

  13. Voodoo

    Made For Now Music Video

    Im thinking the fast pace and frantic camera angles are supposed to symbolize how fast and frantic life can be...which goes back to Janet saying we're made for NOW as to say enjoy the PRESENT which has no past or no future. #ecneicsnoc I said all that to say it fits boo. #deal
  14. Voodoo

    Made For Now Music Video

    It's sooooo good!!!! I couldn't ask for anything better. Mother Africa!!!! YAS!!!
  15. Aretha got these charts on lock this week. Y'all might wanna let some of those expectations go. I still see it doing well.
  16. Voodoo

    Janet on TRL FRIDAY 8am EST

    She looks good.
  17. Voodoo

    Nicki Minaj Releases Album ‘Queen’ by “Surprise”

    Travis Scott is already doing that.
  18. It's already taken down. Dammit...a bitch just went to go workout and shit has came and gone. Ugh!
  19. Why did I read Angola as Angela....CONFIRMED. #illuminati
  20. Aww you muthafuckas...you think it's okay to hear this song without me. I'm putting roots on all you bitches...huh ....you think you can do this shit...Jake!...You muthafuckas will be a bunch of basic bitches on Janet Xone when I'm finished with you....shoe program ho!...23 hour lockdown!...I'm the man up in this bitch. King Kong ain't got shit on me!!
  21. I love that Jidenna song. Are there drums tho? My voodoo spirit cannot be raised without drums
  22. Well if you like it....I'm hoping that I will