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  1. I had a great epiphany, That Game would find some empathy, I guess next time I'll know better. Anywho, Angie is there any way you could ban the use of 'Empress of Pop'...I want to know how much power you actually have........and is there anyway you can stop Michael Jackson fans from using the Janet Jackson hashtag, I'm so tired of searching for Janet and having to succumb to Mike's Jerry curl pics as the first thing I see because his fans are embarrassed of his later appearance.... Thanks in advance
  2. President of Misinformation Vice President of Reaching Secretary of Overestimations and Statistics Minister of Fabrications Chief of Staff and Inaccuracies Baron of Epic Boredom and Self Indulgence All gathered notables... Have several seats!!! Damita Jo would have NOT been the years best album and the Superbowl had nothing to do with the music being lazy and pitiful. Deal! Seethe! And move the fuck along. Furthermore, my contradictions will always parallel the truth.
  3. It's clear that you and I have a difference of opinion, but now Im being called out for criticizing her artistic choices....are you new? That's all anybody on here does I will always reject mediocrity, even if I love and adore you...that's just how my DNA is set up, that's the frequency that I am on, but your current frequency of understanding is equivalent to that of an adolescent restricted to a diet of an infant and your thought process is so dysfunctional and deformative that you have not yet matured by eating applesauce and crushed pears. The fact that you thought it was cute to label me an 'Uncle Tom' only proves my theory and for that I no longer wish to engage with you. And as a black gay male that is his own avatar...that's 'Aunt Tom' to you. Bye!
  4. Voodoo

    Night Clubs?

    It's a more laid back version of a house party and not as many people. It's trendy
  5. Voodoo

    Night Clubs?

    It's a more laid back version of a house party and not as many people. It's trendy
  6. Voodoo

    Night Clubs?

    Clubs were a place to go to get dick. You can find that online now or becoming a member of your local LA Fitness...whew Chile...I swear its a club atmosphere up in there, ain't nobody working out. #ATL Kickbacks are the rave now anyway. I'm not paying for overpriced alcohol and loud music...I've conditioned my voice to be barely audible like my fav, it adds character so I can't be bothered
  7. Friends???!!! Who needs friends when you have followers...just make sure you like, comment and subscribe.
  8. She didn't and she let others do the work for her. Babyface and them had Janet out here making generic r&b songs that are usually reserved for acts like Brandy and Toni Braxton. Where is the woman who thought it would be a good look to collaborate with an established opera singer...where is the creative entity who knew that a song with Joni Mitchell and Qtip would be the cat's meow...she was always ahead of the curve...she took a step back with All For You but the music and creativity was there like clouds in coffee...Damita Jo She just said fuck it and 20Yo she threw in the towel all together
  9. Yes it was unfortunate but Janet played a role in it...that's all I'm saying. She also played a role in releasing mediocre music when you had everybody and they momma pretending to be you and beating you at your own game. Jlo, Britney, Beyonce and the birth of Ciara were all present in 2004 and you thought it was cute to make an album talking about how calm and relaxing it is to be on the beach listening to waves...Chile...she needed to come out swinging and she didn't. Damita Jo was lazy and then 20YO happens and Ciara and others perfected their Janet impressions and well she wasn't needed anymore and the fact that she was being blackballed didn't help BUT if that music was undeniable...there is no way you could have silenced her.
  10. I'll be an Uncle Tom if it means not babying Janet. Janet is a grown woman and responsible for her career. She made the feeble-minded decision to have that white man on stage with her, follow her around while groping her and then she trusted him to meticulously rip an article of clothing from her bosom area only to reveal another part of clothing underneath chile Yes there is racism (I've dealt with it) ...Yes there is sexism and yes this country overreacted and Janet's career was slighted. Lucky for me I knew that racism and sexism existed before she took the stage (Janet has made albums about it) and I wouldn't have planned a reveal like that knowing these things to be true unless I secretly wanted something to happen, but that's none of my business.
  11. Oh I do see color...I believe I saw a BROWN boob with a SILVER plated sun nipple ring attached at the end of it. What was not present was the RED lace that was supposed to stay on...that white privelege is sneaky I tell ya
  12. Thank God it was Justin's idea to go on stage and reveal an article of clothing. I'm still wondering how he talked Janet into that.
  13. When all else fails...blame the Super Bowl or Gil or Jermaine Dupri. It's never the music or Janet
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