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  1. Bigger era control or RN1814 and why

    Chile.. You just posted a clip in that shady ass thread of yours about Janet receiving all of those Billboard awards...what album prompted her to receive all of those awards?!...like c'mon sis
  2. I heard she was pretty local. Didn't really venture outside of Gary, Indiana.
  3. Black Panther achieves HUGE milestone.....

    Anybody who has not seen Black Panther is officially CANCELLED in my book. Fuck all of you.
  4. No Joke: Janet TOUR Coming September 2018

  5. July! Mark your calendars

    Push thru Headlining Queen!!
  6. The Janet Jackson Praise Thread

    Jussie Smollet is out here doing a 'I Stan for Janet' campaign and none of you dry ass hoes are posting the videos. I would do it myself but I'm Mbaku to the technological advancements of this site.
  7. I'm really just irritated about people talking about afrofuturism when Janet singlehandedly been doing this shit for years and should be credited.
  8. Can we now laugh about past era missteps?

    Alot of fans were giving Janet the side-eye during that debacle but she put all of them into a state of Utopia when 'Enjoy' was released and for a brief moment all of her fans were on the same page and celebrating. Enjoy was the 08 Obama of that album but then politics crept back in and folks went back to being bitter and angry. With that said, Weekend was the Sarah Palin of that era.
  9. So can we talk about how Janet has been reppin for Wakanda before it was popular to do. Her song for Black Cat basically narrates the plight of Erik Kilmonger. The Together Again song and video crafts and maps out the ins and outs of The Ancestral Plane....the video even has panthers in it...i mean come on! Then theyre subtle hints like the spaceship in the Scream video, the vibranium cock rings in What's It Gonna Be, the Wakanda scenery in Just A Lil While and the Masai wardrobe in the Call On Me video. Janet deserves some of the profits from Black Panther and if she is not in the sequel I'm boycotting Netflix. #WakandaForever FYI...both Janet and Black Panther were created in 1966... coincidence, I think not!
  10. I actually know and talked to the girl who started all this mess. She has been going after Bruno Mars for years and the reason why I brought him up here when y'all were talking about Justin. The whole discussion came about when Bruno Mars won all the Grammys, then more blacks started to jump on the appropriating train because their fav didn't win. I find it sad that nobody really cared until he started to get successful. Honestly who cares and I say this about Justin as well...if they want to make music they are inspired by...let them. It's up to you to determine if it feels authentic or not...that's the great thing about art.
  11. More new photos in London

    Has permNet resurfaced...there are some new pics that I've just seen that suggest she has
  12. More new photos in London

    She is such a Tomboy and I love it. That bun is pulled tighter than usual too. Sis is finally keeping her weight off. Push thru NutriQueen.
  13. New pictures 26/2

    More like using her powers to turn those mini desert terrariums into full on bushes to shield her from the paparazzi. #MotherNature #Gaia #CaptainJanet Poison Ivy is shooketh!!!
  14. New pictures 26/2

    Janet looks hella annoyed. I'm annoyed I don't have them shoes.
  15. If someone hurt you in the past....

    Sound like a front. He may be changing, but soon it will come down to the conquered and the conquerer ...you sound like a good man with a good heart but it's hard for a good man to be King #BlackPanther