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  1. Khalil

    The Janet Jackson Sales Thread

    Correct me if I’m right is Janet total record sales between 150 and 160 million
  2. Khalil

    The Janet Jackson Sales Thread

    Yep it is a known fact that album has sold 20 million
  3. Madonna Stans are so mad on Twitter I’m loving it and I’m also dragging some them that just say stupid shit for no reason
  4. I knew it she was a filmmaker just kidding
  5. YES I knew it bye madonna
  6. She did produced a transgender documentary
  7. Janet did produced a transgender documentary
  8. Right and janet is gonna tour
  9. Yea but shit who knows i be surprised if its janet
  10. It could be madonna or janet
  11. But most of the shows did great she was able to sell out most of her dates without promo and music and that’s good she just needs to promote more I think the festival idea is perfect for her and I can’t wait it will become a bigger success
  12. Khalil

    Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    In my opinion i think all for you not because its the only era i lived through but like you said it showed that janet can still hang but i do think TVR is more timeless
  13. Khalil

    Bigger era control or RN1814 and why

    Thanks jerry I know I can watch documentaries and stuff I just want y’all opinions that’s it