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  1. Jakob

    Janet Hits #1 in Mexico

    If Janet and her team are smart they will include Made For Now on the album! You know, just like Doesn't Really Matter was put on All For You a year later. It will definitely help selling due to its international success. I hope Janet will release the album in May. Single release in March.
  2. Jakob

    Janet Hits #1 in Mexico

    No one really wanted an EP anyway. I think I can speak on behalf of all the fans when I say that we prefer Janet taking like 6 months more to release an entire album instead of just 6-7 songs.
  3. Jakob

    The Untitled Album

    RIGHT??! I'm really excited. 2019 is gonna be a great Janet year. Rock Hall induction, new album, more international tour dates. Dammn!!
  4. Jakob

    The Untitled Album

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BszKWWIhWk_/ Cinq Music (partner of Janets label) posted this. Is it me or are they making a strong suggestion that Jan is indeed releasing a full album? 👀
  5. Jakob

    Email to Janet (her team)

    There was a mail address provided! I actually sent some stuff to her... It's email@janetjackson.com
  6. Speaking on the tour in 2019: I asked Jan's A&R about the upcoming dates for Europe and normally he wouldn't even respond. Til now. I sent him a compilation of fans' comments and he responded 'Happy 2019 * 3 smiley faces*. Also, head of Janets digital team liked this tweet of mine asking about European dates. Seems like it's around da freakin corner. FINALLY.
  7. Festivals are very effective. Personally I'd prefer seeing Janet only with other fans at a regular show but in terms of gaining new fans and more media attention it would be best to play festivals. I hope it will be a combination of both.
  8. Okaaaay then!!! I'm here for it! (Especially China Love. And oh, add Love Scene!!!). I'm curious what she's gonna do regarding the 2019 setlist and the new material.
  9. European dates are still coming.
  10. Jakob

    The Untitled Album

    Oh, I just made up my own setlist but I KNEW it was not going to turn out that way. Same with outfit changes and where I wanted them to happen but it was just fan fiction. Janet could never disappoint me cause I have no real expectations.
  11. Jakob

    The Untitled Album

    Lol, I get it... ...And I still fantasize. For me fantasizing doesn't mean expectations. I fantasized about the SOTW tour months before it kicked off and the reality was way different than I fantasized but that was totally okay. I wasn't disappointed at all. But for a lot of people fantasizing might actually mean expecting...
  12. Jakob

    The Untitled Album

    Not for me, but I get what you're saying. I have no expectations but that doesn't mean you can't fantasize a bit. 😏
  13. I just watched the entire show last night on YouTube. I love all the professional footage! I'm 1000% confident that, in case the tour wasn't cut short and went overseas in '09, there would've been a dvd-release of it. It must've been her last big production-tour. Outfits were great, choreography was lit. Stage was hella huge, song choices were awesome. Overall, it's an underappreciated tour but I think the main reason for that is simply because there were 16 dates total. If RWU had like 80-100 shows like her previous tours and lasted til late 2009 or so it would've been just as iconic and big as, let's say 'All For You'. Or 'janet.'.
  14. Jakob

    The Untitled Album

    Am I the only one who has been fantasizing about the new album cover, the title, the artwork, the song titles, the entire sound, the lyrics and upcoming music videos? 👀
  15. Jakob

    Janet Hits #1 in Mexico

    YAASSS! This is really good news! There are not that many 52 year-old singers with #1 singles internationally . WHAT A QUEEN!