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  1. I have never seen it in this quality 😭
  2. This got me pretty hyped. They're working on the next single. I'd say a release within 4 months.
  3. Oh yeah totally. I'm not counting on anything haha.
  4. These sorts of photoshoots are more than perfect for the new album! And the title Livin' is one I actually like. 😀
  5. I always wondered the same. There are lots remixes... I'm happy she made them all available on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube!
  6. Omg haha. And I thought mine were bad😂😂 I never heard "Luv Me Luv Me" until a week ago... I still mishear lyrics. Like in Control, I always thought she said "Come here Lewis" when she actually said "career moves". My mind was blown when i found out😭
  7. Seems like they're starting to appreciate Janet more over here (including her less successful work)
  8. Seems like in the Netherlands airplay for Janet seems to increase at the bigger stations. They're playing more Janet than Mariah Carey and they're FINALLY paying more attention to songs that weren't neccesarily hits over here (Miss You Much, Young Love already today!).
  9. Allison is great! I saw her backstage in Montreux this Summer and she was super nice, but honestly, she's not better than the other Kids yet the audience seems to give her a louder applause, because, well, she's a big girl.
  10. Yeah I'm avoiding them haha. I always direct my messages to UMe, Joey Harris, Jareiq Kabara and Anastasia Wright. They're from her team and are really involved in releases and promotion.
  11. Absolutely! I think we just have to remind her team all the time haha. I send them tweets asking for these things once every few weeks, so hopefully one day.
  12. Even though I feel her current team does a better job at promoting then her 2015 team, there are still some missed oppurtunities... Made For Now could've been much bigger. Yes, it was #1 in Mexico which is impressive but it peaked at, like #88 on the Hot 100? No Sleeep did better in 2015 and there was NO promotion on tv for that song whatsoever. Even though I'm happy about the vinyl re-issues, I think Rhythm Nation 1814 should've had a CD reissue as well. There is a demand, people want the tour to be released in some way. I know we got the remixes digitally, but RN deserved a bigger celebration. Last but not least, I'm frustrated the music videos are missing on YouTube. I'm happy some are being remastered, but too many videos are STILL blocked in lots of countries or not even uploaded. It's crazy. Janet should have at LEAST 4 or 5 videos with 100+ million views but circumstances (Viacom boycott, VEVO not uploading videos or keeping videos blocked) f***ed things up.
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