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  1. Very recently Ty Dolla Sign received a track from Janet to work on. That means she's certainly working on things. Maybe not constantly, but eventually there will be an album.
  2. Of COURSE Janet is not gonna tell a local newspaper she's working on a new album, lol. Plus, when she says she's not working on new music RIGHT NOW, she's probably being honest. Her focus has been on Metamorphosis and now these RN30 shows. I can totally see Janet return to the studio around December/January, finishing what she already has and then March/April-ish the album.
  3. I said "THAT'S what matters". Not it's ALL that matters". Of course online promotion is important, but for this particular show the local promotion seemed to work.
  4. So? The show is nearly sold out. Looks like the local promotion worked. 💁🏻‍♂️
  5. But the promotion is visible on the San Fran streets! And that's what matters and works.
  6. Fans were interviewed before shows and they were told it was gonna be some sort of documentary
  7. ....Or in a different way. Release it on Netflix.
  8. I still hope there will be a special Rhythm Nation release next month. Maybe with the RN Tour on dvd. It's the perfect time.
  9. Good to hear! It's pretty much a confirmation of what we already kinda knew (new music), but it's nice to know her team is working hard behind the scenes.
  10. YES PLEASE. She should kick off her next world tour in Europe like during the Velvet Rope days 🙌🏼
  11. She takes breaks. It's not like she works all the time. I guess Janet knows best what works for her and Eissa.
  12. Thats definitely the plan! She's restoring her relationship with the fans worldwide (a smart move) before the 2020 album and world tour.🙏🏻
  13. Agreed. Isn't there a solo version without Daddy?
  14. All the songs you mentioned are from the prime years 1986-2001. Considering she's 50+ now and managed to have a #1 song in Mexico and a Billboard Chart is reason to put it on the album.
  15. Just the fact that it was such a hit in Mexico should be enough reason to include it on the album. Mexico is going to buy the album. 😁💁🏻‍♂️
  16. It went to #1 on two charts, song has quite some streams, video quite some views. Yep, it should definitely be on the album. 😉
  17. It is a famous song that got exposure. It should be the bonus track. 😁
  18. Unbreakable has 16 songs. 💁🏻‍♂️
  19. I loved how she changed the lyrics a bit for SOTW. "Strong and powerful QUEEN of the sky".
  20. What's wrong with that?? I remember Janet saying last year she had enough material for a complete album and well, THATS been a year.... I bet this Bruno duet also might be recorded by now 👀
  21. It went to #1 in Mexico, #1 Billboard Dance Club Chart, 65m views on YT, reviews were great. People LOVE this song.
  22. Oh no! I hope Made For Now will actually be on the album. Once the album is out MFN will be about 1.5 year old but it needs to be on it. It's definitely gonna help selling the album as it was pretty succesful.
  23. Yep that's definitely true. And it's pretty funny how a simple e-mail can make big things happen. A few months ago i contacted UMG as well and told them that RN is turning 30 in september and that a reissue with bonus tracks, demo's and a dvd of the tour would be the perfect moment. I also posted it on Twitter and UMe actually 'liked' the tweet. They basically only like tweets by official accounts of other labels and artists so yeah, let's see what happens next month. 🙏🏻🤣
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