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  1. Feedback. Luv. Rock With U. All catchy tracks radio would've played. Feedback made it to #19 for a reason. Imagine if some younger, non-blacklisted artist would've released those tracks.
  2. Agreed. I LOVE Discipline and its futuristic sound. Any other artist would've had success with it. Just overal I think 20 Y.O. is a lil better
  3. Lol yeah. I was just gonna say "well, if you pay", but i just couldn't say it πŸ˜‚πŸ‘€
  4. Dvd or Netflix special. Some kind of release. πŸ˜‰ Oh hey, they're professionally filming the Minnesota show!
  5. She's warming up the world for her new album and world tour. People been asking me: "ugh, she's only giving us 1 show after she postponed the entire leg in 2016?" and I'm like "RELAX". Janet and her team are just being very smart right now. 2018 was all about the icon awards and re-establishing her name and legacy and 2019 is a continuation of that. The re-releases of her 1986-2001 albums on vinyl, the Vegas residency, the worldwide festivals... She's able to restore her relationship with the fans overseas and even gaining new fans. Then, in 2020 she can make a major comeback and tour the world with a proper world tour.
  6. Well, she's not obligated to. Right? Actually, I listened to 20 Y.O. a couple of times this week, and it's a fun album. It's a good album to dance to and overall, I think it's better than Discipline (but not better than Damita Jo).
  7. YASS! I would love to see it. Actually, when I saw her in Montreux and was in her dressing room, Jan told me and the others that were with me we should definitely come to Vegas to see Metamorphosis. We were like "yeah sure lets do it!", but it's way too expensive for us... A DVD release would be amazing but that's not happening i guess
  8. He only said Janet sent him a song. He didn't say anything about what kind of song.
  9. Totally agree! I'm happy Janet takes about 3 to 4 years for an album. On the other hand, when 20 Y.O. came out, she actually said there was nothing in particular she wanted to talk about. "I don't wanna be serious, I wanna have fun". And that was okay.
  10. She's doing 5 shows in Australia and 1 in New Zealand on Sunday, Nov. 17
  11. Yep. Announcement 2 hours from now. Its already Friday morning in Australia!
  12. Jimmy & Terry produced Janet's vocals on Made For Now so they could pretty much be part of the album. Plus, last year Janet said she already had enough material for a full album, but I'm sure the project got pushed back when she was offered to do Vegas. I just hope Bruno and Jan are doing a duet. Or maybe it already has been recorded.
  13. THANK YOU. Plus, Janet would have 2 diamond albums as well, but she needs to certify her albums. @Jay1230937
  14. Please stop acting like it's a fact that it's trash: it's just your opinion. I know a lot of Janet fans that love JALW and the Damita Jo album. Even compared to the 1986-2001 music, it's no trash in my opinion. "Lazy writing" is irrelevant: most critics were positive and it was a catchy pop/rock song. Radio listeners don't care about lyrics; they want a catchy song. I understand though that FANS expect songs with deeper meaning from Janet.
  15. As you use the word "trash" a lot, I'm asking you: what is trash? Because to me, a trashy song is a terribly bad song i can't even listen to. JALW is totally different than anything Janet had ever done before and maybe that's why you don't like it (I could totally understand that), but calling it "trash" is far fetched. How come the song did surprisingly well outside the US? If it such a trashy song, how come that most critics were positive?
  16. First off, I'm comparing JALW to AFY because both had some sexual references and only one song got blacklisted. I'm gonna be clear: I also feel that AFY is better than JALW but the single deserved to be a bigger hit. In terms of radio spins: I stated that some people on this site wrote that JALW was all over radio and was being played more than AFY. Just take a look at Wikipedia. The JALW-page is full of sources claiming the upcoming success of the single when it leaked in January of 2004 and it was rushed to radio early February. You're not telling me that all these important media were completely wrong about the song. These people know what they talk about. PLUS, JALW peaked at #3 or so in Canada. It was top 10 in several European countries and #1 in Japan for five weeks! How come the single was such a big success there yet YOU claim it got exactly what it deserved in the US? (Only peaking at #45)
  17. A tv performance is not gonna make the masses buy your album or single. Your single needs to be on the radio everywhere, just like during the All For You era. Btw, didn't people say here that JALW actually WAS on the radio everywhere until it got removed from the playlists? And that it was even being played more than when the All For You single came out? Yes, JALW is a non-typical Janet song but it was fun and it was perfect for that time (and apparently, radio felt the same way!). And you want me to talk about how it was Janets fault... Okay. Let's be real here: Janet had sexual lyrics on the All For You single ("nice package", "ride it tonight"), yet it topped the chart for seven weeks. All For You is filled with sexual songs. Just like Damita Jo is filled with sexual songs. Thats why the single releases were the more innocent songs.πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈShe made sexual songs since '93. So, no I'm not blaming Janet or Jimmy or Terry for what they created.
  18. Again, tv appearances don't make big numbers of people buying your album and singles. Your music videos need to be on TV, the singles need to be on the radio. Regular people hear the music there on a daily basis, they like it, they buy it. Thats how it works. Now, think about how JALW was projected to be a big success. If that single (despite of your personal opinions) and the next singles weren't blacklisted it were gonna be top ten hits for sure. The music was still good. The music fits perfect in 2004.
  19. It helps but radio and tv is like 95% of promotion. If they don't play the music, you're not getting a #1 song. Huffington Post published an article last year on how Les Moonves instructed Viacom to ban ALL Janet's music, including the new singles. Like I told you before, the singles were projected to become hits. Then Moonves f***ed things up and too much damage was done (tv appearances were not gonna get Janet a top ten hit later that year).
  20. Yes, she had interviews and stuff, but non-fans are not going to buy your album or singles unless they hear it on the radio frequently
  21. Please tell me you're kidding. They sabotaged everything after February 2004.
  22. Still blocked in Europe....
  23. It's just your opinion dude. You can't say that it's trash and that that is a fact. You clearly dislike Damita Jo which is fine, but you can't say the fact that it failed on the charts and sales-wise is because it's 'trash'. There's actual trashy music out there that is #1 all over the world. πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
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