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  1. I still feel like they could get back together. Yes, what he did was wrong but she forgave him and they're still friends. There was great chemistry between them and as long as he stays away from her production team i would like to see them back together.
  2. I made an unboxing video of the Metamorphosis coffee table book! Did you guys buy the book and what are your thoughts? 😀
  3. No i won't stop it. No one complained about her Dubai performance, and their laws are just as bad as the laws in SA.
  4. I don't remember any backlash after her Dubai World Cup performance in 2016. Except the European fans who were upset that that leg got postponed, yet she still performed in Dubai. And let's be honest, the United Arab Emirates are just as bad to women and gays as Saudi Arabia.
  5. Extra show on September 14th in Minnesota!
  6. Yeah but i don't see the residency being extended. There's already a high demand for Janet to tour abroad, and that demand will only get bigger once there's a new single and album release.
  7. Soooo... apparently this lightning-designer was mis-quoted. Still, I am pretty sure we'll get a (Metamorphosis?) World Tour in 2020 when JJ12 is out. 💁🏻‍♂️
  8. European folks can be "stiff", especially a UK audience at 5 P.M... Just because they weren't all singing along or dancing doesn't mean they didn't like it. Normally when I'm at a concert I can be quite stiff too. 💁🏻‍♂️ Not at a Janet concert though.
  9. Can somebody tell me which videos are actually available in the US and which are not? Curious.
  10. Cause you spoke with all the 20,000 people? I watched it too and I saw people dancing and enjoying themselves.
  11. Again, it wasn't Janets fault. She was singing just like normal.
  12. Its just an opinion. I actually liked her outfit she wore at Glastonbury & Montreux. And Janet was dancing. I saw her in Montreux and she DANCED. I saw the Glastonbury show later and yes, she danced less, but is that an issue? Does that make the show less good?
  13. It were just some pressed people on Twitter hating on her performance! Pretty much the same people who were hating some months ago when Jan was announced as one of the headliners. The Guardian gave her like 4 out of 5 stars (how about that?) AND the attending audience liked it.
  14. Exactly. I applaud Janets new team. Eversince 2017 they're really putting more effort into re-establishing her name and legacy. 2018 & 2019 are all about that. The worldwide Icon awards, the vinyl re-releases, new YouTube uploads & unblocking videos, Vegas residency. 2020 is all about the new music + world tour.
  15. Just imagine how high the views could've been if it wasn't for the 15 year radio and tv boycott... I wonder if it's really Janet's decision to block/unblock/upload videos though.
  16. Okay, I see your point but don't twist it. I'm saying Janet doesn't need to have 4 costume changes, she doesn't need "craziness", fireworks, etc. Just look at the Unbreakable Tour. It was pretty basic but it didn't matter because Janet simply mesmerizes audiences with her talent. That's what I'm trying to say. Awesome staging like in Vegas is super cool, but it's not necessarily needed. Just like she doesn't need to do all of that (all colors for example) in Europe. Yes, she is restoring her relationship with Europe now but it's not like she 'lost' fans because of her live skills. We experienced her first 3 tours so we know what she is capable to do. People might be scared to buy tickets cause they're afraid she might cancel, not because the show is too 'basic', a lack of colors or 'mediocre' And about the Rhythm Nation Tour. Using black was done on purpose. Yes, she progressed during the years in terms of the tours, but Rhythm Nation's color WAS black. 💁🏻‍♂️
  17. I'm gonna remind you that Glastonbury is a festival and Janet had a 50 minute slot. There's very little time to bring in her own staging like on SOTW. I honestly don't see the issue with the costume she wore. It's not like you could barely see her. Plus, Janet doesn't have to proof herself with big staging, colors and craziness on stage. Even though her relationship with Europe has become rocky in the last 18 years, the audiences here appreciative her and don't NEED to see her in colorful outfits and stuff. The Montreux show was pretty much the same (30 minutes longer though), but no one complained that we 'couldn't see her'. Now I'm writing this, I'm thinking about Janets Rhythm Nation Tour. Weren't her outfits there like.. almost all black? And wasn't the staging... black as well? No one complains about that tour and the color contrasts.
  18. What was it that Janet could've done better than normal?
  19. The point is that it was not Janet who had a bad night. It was out of her control.
  20. I stick to my words. She gave a great performance. Energetic, she danced, she was singing. There were issues, yes, but we as fans know what the show was supposed to sound like if the Glastonbury guys didn't screw up the sound. 💁🏻‍♂️
  21. It's sooo random. I mean, here in Europe Twenty Foreplay is available, just like Thats The Way Love Goes, Again, Any Time Any Place, Got Til It's Gone, Son Of A Gun & So Excited. All the others are missing. Even some older videos from the A&M days are missing. Nasty, Let's Wait Awhile, Alright, Love Will Never Do (Without You).
  22. THAT'S the issue! People try to focus on the bad stuff. "Bad" stuff actually, because the Glastonbury show wasn't bad. Yeah, people couldn't really hear Janet but that was not her fault. SHE gave a great show, just like her dancers. And the people in the audience seemed to enjoy it.
  23. Not in Europe... Still some Virgin videos are missing. If, You Want This.. I don't know which videos have just become available in the US?
  24. I'm not letting you say this. Glastonbury was a great show but there happened to be technical issues which weren't her fault. The Montreux show was very succesful: it was sold out (the €600 balcony tickets too as well) and the show was really good.
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