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  1. Thats definitely the plan! She's restoring her relationship with the fans worldwide (a smart move) before the 2020 album and world tour.🙏🏻
  2. Agreed. Isn't there a solo version without Daddy?
  3. All the songs you mentioned are from the prime years 1986-2001. Considering she's 50+ now and managed to have a #1 song in Mexico and a Billboard Chart is reason to put it on the album.
  4. Just the fact that it was such a hit in Mexico should be enough reason to include it on the album. Mexico is going to buy the album. 😁💁🏻‍♂️
  5. It went to #1 on two charts, song has quite some streams, video quite some views. Yep, it should definitely be on the album. 😉
  6. It is a famous song that got exposure. It should be the bonus track. 😁
  7. Unbreakable has 16 songs. 💁🏻‍♂️
  8. I loved how she changed the lyrics a bit for SOTW. "Strong and powerful QUEEN of the sky".
  9. What's wrong with that?? I remember Janet saying last year she had enough material for a complete album and well, THATS been a year.... I bet this Bruno duet also might be recorded by now 👀
  10. It went to #1 in Mexico, #1 Billboard Dance Club Chart, 65m views on YT, reviews were great. People LOVE this song.
  11. Oh no! I hope Made For Now will actually be on the album. Once the album is out MFN will be about 1.5 year old but it needs to be on it. It's definitely gonna help selling the album as it was pretty succesful.
  12. Yep that's definitely true. And it's pretty funny how a simple e-mail can make big things happen. A few months ago i contacted UMG as well and told them that RN is turning 30 in september and that a reissue with bonus tracks, demo's and a dvd of the tour would be the perfect moment. I also posted it on Twitter and UMe actually 'liked' the tweet. They basically only like tweets by official accounts of other labels and artists so yeah, let's see what happens next month. 🙏🏻🤣
  13. Feedback. Luv. Rock With U. All catchy tracks radio would've played. Feedback made it to #19 for a reason. Imagine if some younger, non-blacklisted artist would've released those tracks.
  14. Agreed. I LOVE Discipline and its futuristic sound. Any other artist would've had success with it. Just overal I think 20 Y.O. is a lil better
  15. Lol yeah. I was just gonna say "well, if you pay", but i just couldn't say it 😂👀
  16. Dvd or Netflix special. Some kind of release. 😉 Oh hey, they're professionally filming the Minnesota show!
  17. She's warming up the world for her new album and world tour. People been asking me: "ugh, she's only giving us 1 show after she postponed the entire leg in 2016?" and I'm like "RELAX". Janet and her team are just being very smart right now. 2018 was all about the icon awards and re-establishing her name and legacy and 2019 is a continuation of that. The re-releases of her 1986-2001 albums on vinyl, the Vegas residency, the worldwide festivals... She's able to restore her relationship with the fans overseas and even gaining new fans. Then, in 2020 she can make a major comeback and tour the world with a proper world tour.
  18. Well, she's not obligated to. Right? Actually, I listened to 20 Y.O. a couple of times this week, and it's a fun album. It's a good album to dance to and overall, I think it's better than Discipline (but not better than Damita Jo).
  19. YASS! I would love to see it. Actually, when I saw her in Montreux and was in her dressing room, Jan told me and the others that were with me we should definitely come to Vegas to see Metamorphosis. We were like "yeah sure lets do it!", but it's way too expensive for us... A DVD release would be amazing but that's not happening i guess
  20. He only said Janet sent him a song. He didn't say anything about what kind of song.
  21. Totally agree! I'm happy Janet takes about 3 to 4 years for an album. On the other hand, when 20 Y.O. came out, she actually said there was nothing in particular she wanted to talk about. "I don't wanna be serious, I wanna have fun". And that was okay.
  22. She's doing 5 shows in Australia and 1 in New Zealand on Sunday, Nov. 17
  23. Yep. Announcement 2 hours from now. Its already Friday morning in Australia!
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