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  1. That's the weird part... Some Virgin videos are actually on her official account like Any Time Any Place and Got Til It's Gone (and now TTWLG, Again, Whoops Now and What'll I Do).
  2. ......Yet I didn't hear anyone complain there about the song choices (except for you guys, lol). People online thought she was miming, but i haven't heard people say she was singing songs they didn't know? People at Glastonbury seemed to enjoy the show.
  3. So.... I've been hearing That's The Way Love Goes and Whoops Now are FINALLY available in the US?
  4. THANK YOU. Finally someone who gets it! You know, when i was supposed to see the Unbreakable Tour in Europe (it was supposed to be my first show) i didn't care she only wore the white or black outfit. I just loved to see HER perform. Same like at the Montreux Jazz Festival. She only wore one costume and it was okay!!! No one complained and everyone loved the show.
  5. It's not neccesary. If you're just coming for the costume changes and big production you should wonder why you bought the ticket in the first place. I understand that some people think costume changes are important, but in the end it's all about the artist singing & performing. Janet doesn't NEED to wear several outfits.
  6. Plus, I don't understand why some fans are so obsessed with Janet wearing just 1 outfit for a show. What's the problem? You came to see Janet perform, sing and dance.
  7. People don't understand she was booked for 50 minutes (like a lot of performers there). The Montreux show was pretty much a complete show (about 80 mins).
  8. It was, but because there were sound issues. Kylie Minogue seemed to have issues with the sound as well. Montreux was great. The energy was ON, Janet sounded really good (she was absolutely singing live) and the venue was sold out. I'm sure Janets team and Livenation felt like the European festivals were successful in terms of attendance, so a European leg of her upcoming Metamorphosis World Tour (?👀) is very likely to happen as well.
  9. ...which is not true. Britney brought her Piece Of Me residency to Europe and I also thought Asia. And there were other artists too.
  10. But... nothing seems to make sense lately so why wouldn't this happen? Metamorphosis could actually be the album title. Better get used to it. 😅
  11. I've been thinking this all along. Metamorphosis might be the new album title (release early 2020) and then turn into the Metamorphosis World Tour. 🙄
  12. I just can't believe I'm in Janets Instagram post. 😭 So nice to have an actual video of us with Janet.
  13. I read Janet the 2nd part of this letter. While reading, I looked at her face. It was so surreal that Janet was listening to ME talk!
  14. In Montreux there were only real fans! Our tickets said "JANET JACKSON" so we were very excited and really happy to see her.
  15. Yes it was! He told an anecdote about when Janet was like 12 years old when he met her. He was sitting on the side of the stage during the show and next to him was Shania Twain.
  16. It's not trash. Just because R. Kelly produced doesn't mean it's automatically trash. I actually (still) enjoy this version. 💁🏻‍♂️
  17. I hope now ALL her videos will become available worldwide or will be uploaded. In the Netherlands we're still missing videos such as Nasty, Alright, Love Will Never Do, If, Because Of Love, Runaway, Together Again (her biggest hit here...), I Get Lonely, Go Deep, Every Time, Doesn't Really Matter, All For You, Someone To Call My Lover, the entire Damita Jo era, Call On Me. It's nice to see that Again & That's The Way Love Goes are available now. Where were these videos available ever since 2010?! Only half a million views!
  18. Janet Jackson 's 'What'll I Do' & 'Whoops Now' music videos were just uploaded on the official YouTube page in HD! 💻 Also, 'That's The Way Love Goes' & 'Again' seem to be available in Europe for the 1st time EVER (also in HD)! Now we need ALL Janets videos to be uploaded and available EVERYWHERE!
  19. https://thesoundofvinyl.com/search.html?term=Janet+jackson
  20. You can truly see the videos look better now they're remastered!! What we TRULY need though are ALL her music videos available on her official page. It's CRAAAZY and frustrating that more than half of her videos are nowhere to be found.
  21. Already did yesterday.
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