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  1. It's still on her website but the shipping is so expensive.. i migjt wait until it's back in stock on some other European site but don't know if I should take that risk?
  2. Just ordered them all! Only need to buy the red translucent version of Control.
  3. I know that and she doesn't NEED a title. That's not the point. I think it's great that when people think of Janet Jackson, they don't think of "Michael Jacksons sister" or any of that stuff. Older generations know Janets impact, but people tend to forget and tend to down-play her achievements. So, just leaning on the name Janet Jackson is great for us fans, but giving her an (unofficial) big title wouldn't hurt.
  4. Well, she would DESERVE it. And let's be honest, a lot of stan-groups gave titles to their favorite artists, and some of those titles really became a thing and are used by more and more people everyday. I think it would be truly great to give Janet a title (even though she probably wouldn't care). Let's show the ignorant folks that Janet's impact and legacy is massive and that that goes along with a much deserved title. 👑
  5. I like Empress Of Pop and a lot of fans are using it. Look at the hashtag on Instagram: most of the posts are about Janet so yeah. 💁🏻‍♂️ It's a good title.
  6. They should've released 'HeartBeat Love' with Pitbull in 2010. THAT would've been a hit!
  7. I guess we're getting that Bruno Mars duet for the next album, and he's doing well on the charts. So I can totally see a worldwide success with that song (if it's planned to be a single).
  8. There's no officials numbers released, but I guessed it was like 4,000 people. Then I read that someone asked the crew about the sales and this person told him about 3,000 tickets were sold. It was at the same venue Janet was supposed to play in 2016. At the time when it was just postponed i asked whether the postponement had anything to do with poor sales, but both the venue as our local Ticketmaster told me the postponement had nothing to do with sales. In fact, they told me the sales were pretty decent.
  9. I think her name alone and a new album is enough promo. She might need to do some televised interviews though. For instance, Mariah Carey performed in a 17,000 seat-venue last night in Europe in support of her last album. She did no big promo, and the singles did nothing on the charts. She only sold about 3,000 tickets and had to change the whole seating-plan to make it look like it had great attendance. Janet could easily play in some smaller venues here and there to avoid low ticket sales. Festivals are nice, but I assume that's just a one-time thing this Summer.
  10. What she needs to do is release the album and then tour worldwide in promotion of the album. With Unbreakable, Janet was supposed to play in pretty big venues over here. Some were selling, some weren't. She could scale down to smaller venues (5,000 - 12,000 seats) here and there. The reason she never took SOTW to Europe was simply because there was nothing new to promote (except for maybe Made For Now). Asia is J's 2nd biggest market so those tickets pretty much sell themselves. Once JJ12 is out there will be promotion for a worldwide tour. Mark these words.
  11. I hoped she would perform at the North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam... I contacted the organization and they told me there was contact between them and Janets team. However, these two festivals are Janets way of showing us her love. It's the start of re-establishing her relationship with the European fans. Next year, when the new album is out, she will definitely go on a new world tour (incl. Europe), so she needs this promotion.
  12. It's about PERSONAL favorites. 💁🏻‍♂️
  13. As we're awaiting J's 12th studio album, let's make personal tracklists of our 12 ultimate Janet songs. @JanetJacksonUK posted this on Twitter, but I thought it would be nice to discuss our lists here too! This is my tracklist: Come On Get Up The Pleasure Principle China Love Feels So Right Moist The Body That Loves You Come Back To Me Lonely Anything If It Takes All Night Someone To Call My Lover Better Days
  14. Rhythm Nation 1814, janet., The Velvet Rope & All For You will all be re-released on vinyl on July 26th!!! https://www.amazon.com/s?k=janet+vinyl&i=popular&s=date-desc-rank&qid=1559933739&ref=sr_st_date-desc-rank
  15. Both choreo's are really good. I learned both and gotta say: DRM was harder to learn. Maybe because of the little flooreography that's in it. It's pretty much a tie 2 be honest.
  16. Better song: All For You Better music video: All For You Better choreography: Doesn't Really Matter Better wardrobe: All For You Better dancers: Doesn't Really Matter Better smile: both videos
  17. Control: The Pleasure Principle Rhythm Nation 1814: Rhythm Nation janet: If The Velvet Rope: Got Til It's Gone All For You: Someone To Call My Lover Damita Jo: Just A Little While 20 Y.O.: So Excited Discipline: Rock With U Unbreakable: Dammn Baby
  18. The lyric not being present in the booklet doesn't mean she doesn't say it 🙂. there are more missing words in booklets that definitely can be heard on CD. 💁🏻‍♂️
  19. Huh? She had #1 studio albums in the US in 6 decades?
  20. I think she pushed back the album when she was made the offer to perform in Vegas. It's still coming. I think there is going to be a special Rhythm Nation 30th anniversary release in September, and the album early 2020 + world tour.
  21. Yeah that was a bit messy. I don't see her chance the 2nd leg's setlist. Maybe outfits here and there though.
  22. Janet is not playing any new music during the residency nor is she releasing something anytime that soon. The setlist can be found in the tourbook. Apparently she is gonna perform 'Love 2 Love'. Or did i miss that song last weekend?👀 New music will be played on her next world tour. 👊🏼
  23. There were these 'throwback' hours were they would play MJ, Madonna, Mariah, Whitney. Like everyone, except Janet.
  24. They're so full of sh**. Never have i EVER seen a Janet Jackson music video on MTV / VH1 eversince, let's say 2009 (when I was 13 years old).
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