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  1. I believe it's coming. Tickets for Asia go on sale in January but I don't believe those two shows are the only ones to be officially announced by her team next month.
  2. I'm expecting the album to be announced in January/February with a release for the Spring. And international dates.
  3. Truth is that while her team is still promoting MFN Janet is finishing the EP/album. It's a matter of time til there will be an official announcement. And around the same time the international leg will be announced. Outside Organisation is already working on the European tour, so. ??‍♂️
  4. Well... Janet was suppose to play these big venues in 2016 and Unbreakable wasn't a big production either. It's no issue.
  5. True, but as fans we kinda knew that she was coming because she said so in August & September and several fan groups shared that quote. And the official announcement should be coming from LiveNation and the promoters.
  6. Yes, she can. If the rumors are true and Janet is touring in February I would say 'tour smaller venues'. Just in case. But if she's taking about 6 months to sell tickets first and then tour I would say: do the same kind of venues you were planning for Unbreakable. The 2016 tour had very little promotion but sold well. Janet has a good team right now. Promotion for the upcoming album will be better than with the Unbreakable album.
  7. In fact, the Netherlands haven't seen Janet here since The Velvet Rope... Which is 20 years ago! I'm from the Netherlands by the way. But, here's the thing: Janet kicked off that tour in Europe. She was huuuuge in Europe back in the day. Due to circumstances (All For You being cancelled due to 9/11; Unbreakable being cancelled because of her pregnancy) she hasn't been her for a dammn long time. Okay, Number Ones back in '11. But there wasn't big promotion for that tour and it was basically just for the die-hard fans. I think that's the reason. When Unbreakable was postponed she tweeted that she was gonna reschedule; two months ago Jan spoke about touring Europe with SOTW. She definitely wants to do it.
  8. It's several sources, but this one in particular works at a European label and apparently they received a list of dates. Thats just one source of course but there are more. The big question here is WHEN the announcement will take place.
  9. Her team totally wasted a great oppurtunity, but... I'm hearing that dates are still in the process of being finalized. Most European shows for Unbreakable (20 I believe) sold FINE and that without big promotion. Janet could announce the European leg like in a few weeks but deciding to go to smaller venues. Or she is waiting to release her new album first early 2019 and then touring.
  10. I loooooved her performance and I'm over with the fans complaining. Her outfit was so different than at the Jimmy Fallon show but that's good. Only thing I need right now are the European dates. She shouldnt wait any longer. But I believe they will come this week or next week.
  11. Of course. She should do interviews as well but for now the EMAs are a great way to kick off promotion. Considering that the tour will officially be announced really soon.
  12. What she needs is promotion. And performing at the EMAs is literally the smartest thing for her to do. Millions of people are watching. There wasn't big promotion like this with the Number Ones Tour or Unbreakable Tour. Jan could sell out bigger venues with this kind of promotion.
  13. Because she is touring here in February? Yes. If Janet was taking about 6 months to sell tickets she could've go with bigger venues. But hey, it's Janet. She might announce some bigger venues as well.
  14. Well, I remember most dates of the Unbreakable Tour sold well in Europe. And that without any radio/tv promotion! She might play some smaller venues here and there (because apparently the tour is kicking off in February and enough tickets need to be sold) but she could and should easily do at least 10-15 shows.
  15. Several sources also speak about upcoming European dates. It will happen very soon.
  16. European dates are being released right after I've been hearing. Probably Monday/Tuesday. It's the only logical thing as well. EMAs reach hundreds of millions of viewers and Europe is watching. ?
  17. I dream about Janet quite frequently. Since she postponed the European leg of Unbreakable I dream about seeing her at least once a month. Not kidding. Best dreams were when the lights went out at the venue and the crowd starting SCREAMING like crazy (the moment the show starts). That's always the moment I wake up... Lol.
  18. Jan is definitely doing an album. I think. Nothing's gonna be released this year. Early 2019 it is!
  19. Weren't those final dates in September/October just part of SOTW2? I mean, it were just a few more shows. Europe will be SOTW3.
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