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  1. Now, as this is called an "era"; I don't think it's just going to be a 3 month-run. I think the new album will be called Metamorphosis as well. She might play more shows in the US later this year, but we definitely need her to do a WORLD TOUR. Starting in Europe. The Metamorphosis World Tour. Yeah. I like it. 😃
  2. I'm living for the comment section! Janet is #1 🔥
  3. With Glastonbury being announced, shouldn't a full European leg be the only LOGICAL thing for Janet? She has a huuuuge gap in her tour schedule (late May til late July). I just don't see Janet leaving Vegas to fly to the other side of the world just for Glastonbury while she could easily perform like 10, 15 or 20 shows in Europe then?💁🏻‍♂️
  4. She has 9 weeks off in between two shows. Glastonbury is happening, says Dj Aktive. No news on more European dates but it only makes sense if she's doing an entire leg between late May - Late July.
  5. She better uses July to play Europe(an) festivals.
  6. Damita Jo would've been just as successful as All For You if it wasn't for Viacom banning Jan. There would've been at least one #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100.
  7. Yeah, and those numbers are now 10 years old plus they haven't been updated in a long long time. 🙄
  8. But aren't these old numbers? Wikipedia and other sources has said that Damita Jo sold nearly 4 million copies for YEARS. 9 million copies for All For You seem legit, although I wouldn't be surprised if those sales have past the 10 million mark.
  9. I want her to continue world tours! No residencies! She doesn't need to do it. She can take her time like with SOTW.
  10. Unbreakable Tour entrance was pretty awesome. Best opener to me though was All For You.
  11. My dad always sends me audio clips whenever Janet is on the radio in the Netherlands. 😊 And I must say, Janets music is being played more frequently since 2015/2016 over here. I actually looked it up, and Janet is being played by big radio stations wayyyy more than, for instance, Mariah Carey.
  12. Absolutely! Personally, I'd prefer regular shows because there's only real fans there plus I have a guaranteed spot right in front of Janet. But I would get it if it's only gonna be festivals. Commercially it would be smart. Glastonbury is probably the biggest and most well-known festival of Europe. Plus there are more big festivals and there's always a lot of media and tv/radio coverage for it. I hope it's gonna be a mix of like 5/7 festivals and 10 regular shows.
  13. Dj Aktive has confirmed the Glastonbury festival on his social media. Also, an entire European leg will take place this Summer. The 3-year wait is finally over!!! 😭😭😭
  14. OKAAAYYY then!!! This should mean an entire European tour will be planned for June/July? And shouldn't these shows be announced very very soon as well? 👀
  15. Okay, that's a nice theory. However, I think she is sticking to SOTW but with changes and songs of the new album in upcoming legs. Janet already made name with this particular tour and there is a lot of footage Livenation can use to promote it globally. I think Jan and team are just waiting until the album is out. The album will be the most important promotion.
  16. OMG!! You and I have the same mind! I pictured the exact same thing. In fact, I pictured the music videos and choreography of a lot of songs that should've had a music video...
  17. Yes! People don't get that it takes time to film over a long period of time + the whole editing process. I think they started filming right before the SOTW kicked off. They filmed parts of the rehearsals, shows and interviewed fans outside the venues. I think the camera crew followed Janet and Randy in October 2017 when they went to 2300 Jackson Street and that high school. Plus they filmed recording sessions for the new album so I think this doc is gonna drop later this year (after the album and continuation of the tour).
  18. If Janet and her team are smart they will include Made For Now on the album! You know, just like Doesn't Really Matter was put on All For You a year later. It will definitely help selling due to its international success. I hope Janet will release the album in May. Single release in March.
  19. No one really wanted an EP anyway. I think I can speak on behalf of all the fans when I say that we prefer Janet taking like 6 months more to release an entire album instead of just 6-7 songs.
  20. RIGHT??! I'm really excited. 2019 is gonna be a great Janet year. Rock Hall induction, new album, more international tour dates. Dammn!!
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